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Git v1.7.5.2 Release Notes

The release notes to forgot to mention:

 * "git stash -p --no-keep-index" and "git stash --no-keep-index -p" now
   mean the same thing.

 * "git upload-pack" (hence "git push" over git native protocol) had a
   subtle race condition that could lead to a deadlock.

Fixes since v1.7.5.1

 * "git add -p" did not work correctly when a hunk is split and then
   one of them was given to the editor.

 * "git add -u" did not resolve a conflict where our history deleted and
   their history modified the same file, and the working tree resolved to
   keep a file.

 * "git cvsimport" did not know that CVSNT stores its password file in a
   location different from the traditional CVS.

 * "git diff-files" did not show the mode information from the working
   tree side of an unmerged path correctly.

 * "git diff -M --cached" used to use unmerged path as a possible rename
   source candidate, which made no sense.

 * The option name parser in "git fast-import" used prefix matches for
   some options where it shouldn't, and accepted non-existent options,
   e.g. "--relative-marksmith" or "--forceps".

 * "git format-patch" did not quote RFC822 special characters in the
   email address (e.g From: Junio C. Hamano <jch@example.com>, not
   From: "Junio C. Hamano" <jch@example.com>).

 * "git format-patch" when run with "--quiet" option used to produce a
   nonsense result that consists of alternating empty output.

 * In "git merge", per-branch branch.<name>.mergeoptions configuration
   variables did not override the fallback default merge.<option>
   configuration variables such as merge.ff, merge.log, etc.

 * "git merge-one-file" did not honor GIT_WORK_TREE settings when
   handling a "both sides added, differently" conflict.

 * "git mergetool" did not handle conflicted submoudules gracefully.

 * "git-p4" (in contrib) used a wrong base image while merge a file that
   was added on both branches differently.

 * "git rebase -i -p" failed to preserve the history when there is a
   redundant merge created with the --no-ff option.

And other minor fixes and documentation updates.