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Git v1.7.5.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.5

 * When an object "$tree:$path" does not exist, if $path does exist in the
   subtree of $tree that corresponds to the subdirectory the user is in,
   git now suggests using "$tree:./$path" in addition to the advice to use
   the full path from the root of the working tree.

 * The "--date=relative" output format used to say "X years, 12 months"
   when it should have said "X+1 years".

 * The smart-HTTP transfer was broken in 1.7.5 when the client needs
   to issue a small POST (which uses content-length) and then a large
   POST (which uses chunked) back to back.

 * "git clean" used to fail on an empty directory that is not readable,
   even though rmdir(2) could remove such a directory.  Now we attempt it
   as the last resort.

 * The "--dirstat" option of "diff" family of commands used to totally
   ignore a change that only rearranged lines within a file.  Such a
   change now counts as at least a minimum but non zero change.

 * The "--dirstat" option of "diff" family of commands used to use the
   pathname in the original, instead of the pathname in the result,
   when renames are involved.

 * "git pack-object" did not take core.bigfilethreashold into account
   (unlike fast-import); now it does.

 * "git reflog" ignored options like "--format=.." on the command line.

 * "git stash apply" used to refuse to work if there was any change in
   the working tree, even when the change did not overlap with the change
   the stash recorded.

 * "git stash apply @{99999}" was not diagnosed as an error, even when you
   did not have that many stash entries.

 * An error message from "git send-email" to diagnose a broken SMTP
   connection configuration lacked a space between "hello=<smtp-domain>"
   and "port=<smtp-server-port>".

And other minor fixes and documentation updates.