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Git Release Notes

 * The xfuncname pattern used by "git diff" and "git grep" to show the
   last notable line in context were broken for python and ruby for a long

 * "git merge" into an unborn branch removed an untracked file "foo" from
   the working tree when merged branch had "foo" (this fix was already in but was omitted from the release notes by mistake).

 * "git status -s" did not quote unprintable characters in paths as

 * "git am --abort" used to always reset to the commit at the beginning of
   the last "am" invocation that has stopped, losing any unrelated commits
   that may have been made since then.  Now it refrains from doing so and
   instead issues a warning.

 * "git blame" incorrectly reused bogusly cached result of textconv
   filter for files from the working tree.

 * "git commit" used to abort after the user edited the log message
   when the committer information was not correctly set up.  It now
   aborts before starting the editor.

 * "git commit --date=invalid" used to silently ignore the incorrectly
   specified date; it is now diagnosed as an error.

 * "git rebase --skip" to skip the last commit in a series used to fail
   to run post-rewrite hook and to copy notes from old commits that have
   successfully been rebased so far.  Now it do (backmerge ef88ad2).

 * "gitweb" tried to show a wrong feed logo when none was specified.