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Git v1.7.11.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.11.3

 * "$GIT_DIR/COMMIT_EDITMSG" file that is used to hold the commit log
   message user edits was not documented.

 * The advise() function did not use varargs correctly to format
   its message.

 * When "git am" failed, old timers knew to check .git/rebase-apply/patch
   to see what went wrong, but we never told the users about it.

 * "git commit-tree" learned a more natural "-p <parent> <tree>" order
   of arguments long time ago, but recently forgot it by mistake.

 * "git diff --no-ext-diff" did not output anything for a typechange
   filepair when GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF is in effect.

 * In 1.7.9 era, we taught "git rebase" about the raw timestamp format
   but we did not teach the same trick to "filter-branch", which rolled
   a similar logic on its own.

 * When "git submodule add" clones a submodule repository, it can get
   confused where to store the resulting submodule repository in the
   superproject's .git/ directory when there is a symbolic link in the
   path to the current directory.

Also contains minor typofixes and documentation updates.