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Git v1.7.11.3 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.11.3

 * The error message from "git push $there :bogo" (and its equivalent
   "git push $there --delete bogo") mentioned that we tried and failed
   to guess what ref is being deleted based on the LHS of the refspec,
   which we don't.

 * A handful of files and directories we create had tighter than
   necessary permission bits when the user wanted to have group
   writability (e.g. by setting "umask 002").

 * "commit --amend" used to refuse amending a commit with an empty log
   message, with or without "--allow-empty-message".

 * "git commit --amend --only --" was meant to allow "Clever" people to
   rewrite the commit message without making any change even when they
   have already changes for the next commit added to their index, but
   it never worked as advertised since it was introduced in 1.3.0 era.

 * Even though the index can record pathnames longer than 1<<12 bytes,
   in some places we were not comparing them in full, potentially
   replacing index entries instead of adding.

 * "git show"'s auto-walking behaviour was an unreliable and
   unpredictable hack; it now behaves just like "git log" does when it

 * "git diff", "git status" and anything that internally uses the
   comparison machinery was utterly broken when the difference
   involved a file with "-" as its name.  This was due to the way "git
   diff --no-index" was incorrectly bolted on to the system, making
   any comparison that involves a file "-" at the root level
   incorrectly read from the standard input.

 * We did not have test to make sure "git rebase" without extra options
   filters out an empty commit in the original history.

 * "git fast-export" produced an input stream for fast-import without
   properly quoting pathnames when they contain SPs in them.

 * "git checkout --detach", when you are still on an unborn branch,
   should be forbidden, but it wasn't.

 * Some implementations of Perl terminates "lines" with CRLF even when
   the script is operating on just a sequence of bytes.  Make sure to
   use "$PERL_PATH", the version of Perl the user told Git to use, in
   our tests to avoid unnecessary breakages in tests.

Also contains minor typofixes and documentation updates.