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Git v1.6.6.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.6

 * "git blame" did not work well when commit lacked the author name.

 * "git branch -a name" wasn't diagnosed as an error.

 * "git count-objects" did not handle packfiles that are bigger than 4G on
   platforms with 32-bit off_t.

 * "git checkout -m other" while on a branch that does not have any commit
   segfaulted, instead of failing.

 * "git fast-import" choked when fed a tag that do not point at a

 * "git grep" finding from work tree files could have fed garbage to
   the underlying regexec(3).

 * "git grep -L" didn't show empty files (they should never match, and
   they should always appear in -L output as unmatching).

 * "git rebase -i" did not abort cleanly if it failed to launch the editor.

 * "git reset --hard" did not work correctly when GIT_WORK_TREE environment
   variable is used to point at the root of the true work tree.

 * http-backend was not listed in the command list in the documentation.

 * Building on FreeBSD (both 7 and 8) needs OLD_ICONV set in the Makefile

 * "git checkout -m some-branch" while on an unborn branch crashed.

Other minor documentation updates are included.