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Git v1.6.5.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.5.3

 * "git help" (without argument) used to check if you are in a directory
   under git control. There was no breakage in behaviour per-se, but this
   was unnecessary.

 * "git prune-packed" gave progress output even when its standard error is
   not connected to a terminal; this caused cron jobs that run it to
   produce crufts.

 * "git pack-objects --all-progress" is an option to ask progress output
   from write-object phase _if_ progress output were to be produced, and
   shouldn't have forced the progress output.

 * "git apply -p<n> --directory=<elsewhere>" did not work well for a
   non-default value of n.

 * "git merge foo HEAD" was misparsed as an old-style invocation of the
   command and produced a confusing error message.  As it does not specify
   any other branch to merge, it shouldn't be mistaken as such.  We will
   remove the old style "git merge <message> HEAD <commit>..."  syntax in
   future versions, but not in this release,

 * "git merge -m <message> <branch>..." added the standard merge message
   on its own after user-supplied message, which should have overridden the
   standard one.

Other minor documentation updates are included.