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GIT v1.6.3.3 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.3.2

 * "git archive" running on Cygwin can get stuck in an infinite loop.

 * "git daemon" did not correctly parse the initial line that carries
   virtual host request information.

 * "git diff --textconv" leaked memory badly when the textconv filter
   errored out.

 * The built-in regular expressions to pick function names to put on
   hunk header lines for java and objc were very inefficiently written.

 * in certain error situations git-fetch (and git-clone) on Windows didn't
   detect connection abort and ended up waiting indefinitely.

 * import-tars script (in contrib) did not import symbolic links correctly.

 * http.c used CURLOPT_SSLKEY even on libcURL version 7.9.2, even though
   it was only available starting 7.9.3.

 * low-level filelevel merge driver used return value from strdup()
   without checking if we ran out of memory.

 * "git rebase -i" left stray closing parenthesis in its reflog message.

 * "git remote show" did not show all the URLs associated with the named
   remote, even though "git remote -v" did.  Made them consistent by
   making the former show all URLs.

 * "whitespace" attribute that is set was meant to detect all errors known
   to git, but it told git to ignore trailing carriage-returns.

Includes other documentation fixes.