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GIT v1.6.0.5 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.0.4

* "git checkout" used to crash when your HEAD was pointing at a deleted

* "git checkout" from an un-checked-out state did not allow switching out
  of the current branch.

* "git diff" always allowed GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF and --no-ext-diff was no-op for
  the command.

* Giving 3 or more tree-ish to "git diff" is supposed to show the combined
  diff from second and subsequent trees to the first one, but the order was
  screwed up.

* "git fast-export" did not export all tags.

* "git ls-files --with-tree=<tree>" did not work with options other
  than -c, most notably with -m.

* "git pack-objects" did not make its best effort to honor --max-pack-size
  option when a single first object already busted the given limit and
  placed many objects in a single pack.

* "git-p4" fast import frontend was too eager to trigger its keyword expansion
  logic, even on a keyword-looking string that does not have closing '$' on the
  same line.

* "git push $there" when the remote $there is defined in $GIT_DIR/branches/$there
  behaves more like what cg-push from Cogito used to work.

* when giving up resolving a conflicted merge, "git reset --hard" failed
  to remove new paths from the working tree.

* "git tag" did not complain when given mutually incompatible set of options.

* The message constructed in the internal editor was discarded when "git
  tag -s" failed to sign the message, which was often caused by the user
  not configuring GPG correctly.

* "make check" cannot be run without sparse; people may have meant to say
  "make test" instead, so suggest that.

* Internal diff machinery had a corner case performance bug that choked on
  a large file with many repeated contents.

* "git repack" used to grab objects out of packs marked with .keep
  into a new pack.

* Many unsafe call to sprintf() style varargs functions are corrected.

* Also contains quite a few documentation updates.