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GIT v1.6.0.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.6.0.1

* Installation on platforms that needs .exe suffix to git-* programs were
  broken in

* Installation on filesystems without symbolic links support did not
  work well.

* In-tree documentations and test scripts now use "git foo" form to set a
  better example, instead of the "git-foo" form (which is an acceptable
  form if you have "PATH=$(git --exec-path):$PATH" in your script)

* Many commands did not use the correct working tree location when used
  with GIT_WORK_TREE environment settings.

* Some systems need to use compatibility fnmatch and regex libraries
  independent from each other; the compat/ area has been reorganized to
  allow this.

* "git apply --unidiff-zero" incorrectly applied a -U0 patch that inserts
  a new line before the second line.

* "git blame -c" did not exactly work like "git annotate" when range
  boundaries are involved.

* "git checkout file" when file is still unmerged checked out contents from
  a random high order stage, which was confusing.

* "git clone $there $here/" with extra trailing slashes after explicit
  local directory name $here did not work as expected.

* "git diff" on tracked contents with CRLF line endings did not drive "less"
  intelligently when showing added or removed lines.

* "git diff --dirstat -M" did not add changes in subdirectories up
  correctly for renamed paths.

* "git diff --cumulative" did not imply "--dirstat".

* "git for-each-ref refs/heads/" did not work as expected.

* "git gui" allowed users to feed patch without any context to be applied.

* "git gui" botched parsing "diff" output when a line that begins with two
  dashes and a space gets removed or a line that begins with two pluses
  and a space gets added.

* "git gui" translation updates and i18n fixes.

* "git index-pack" is more careful against disk corruption while completing
  a thin pack.

* "git log -i --grep=pattern" did not ignore case; neither "git log -E
  --grep=pattern" triggered extended regexp.

* "git log --pretty="%ad" --date=short" did not use short format when
  showing the timestamp.

* "git log --author=author" match incorrectly matched with the
  timestamp part of "author " line in commit objects.

* "git log -F --author=author" did not work at all.

* Build procedure for "git shell" that used stub versions of some
  functions and globals was not understood by linkers on some platforms.

* "git stash" was fooled by a stat-dirty but otherwise unmodified paths
  and refused to work until the user refreshed the index.

* "git svn" was broken on Perl before 5.8 with recent fixes to reduce
  use of temporary files.

* "git verify-pack -v" did not work correctly when given more than one

Also contains many documentation updates.