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GIT v1.5.6.5 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.6.4

* "git cvsimport" used to spit out "UNKNOWN LINE..." diagnostics to stdout.

* "git commit -F filename" and "git tag -F filename" run from subdirectories
  did not read the right file.

* "git init --template=" with blank "template" parameter linked files
  under root directories to .git, which was a total nonsense.  Instead, it
  means "I do not want to use anything from the template directory".

* "git diff-tree" and other diff plumbing ignored diff.renamelimit configuration
  variable when the user explicitly asked for rename detection.

* "git name-rev --name-only" did not work when "--stdin" option was in effect.

* "git show-branch" mishandled its 8th branch.

* Addition of "git update-index --ignore-submodules" that happened during
  1.5.6 cycle broke "git update-index --ignore-missing".

* "git send-email" did not parse charset from an existing Content-type:
  header properly.

Contains other various documentation fixes.