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GIT v1.5.6.2 Release Notes


 * "git-shell" accepts requests without a dash between "git" and
   subcommand name (e.g. "git upload-pack") which the newer client will
   start to make sometime in the future.

Fixes since v1.5.6.1

* "git clone" from a remote that is named with url.insteadOf setting in
  $HOME/.gitconfig did not work well.

* "git describe --long --tags" segfaulted when the described revision was
  tagged with a lightweight tag.

* "git diff --check" did not report the result via its exit status

* When remote side used to have branch 'foo' and git-fetch finds that now
  it has branch 'foo/bar', it refuses to lose the existing remote tracking
  branch and its reflog.  The error message has been improved to suggest
  pruning the remote if the user wants to proceed and get the latest set
  of branches from the remote, including such 'foo/bar'.

* "git reset file" should mean the same thing as "git reset HEAD file",
  but we required disambiguating -- even when "file" is not ambiguous.

* "git show" segfaulted when an annotated tag that points at another
  annotated tag was given to it.

* Optimization for a large import via "git-svn" introduced in v1.5.6 had a
  serious memory and temporary file leak, which made it unusable for
  moderately large import.

* "git-svn" mangled remote nickname used in the configuration file