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GIT v1.5.6.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.6

* Last minute change broke loose object creation on AIX.

* (performance fix) We used to make $GIT_DIR absolute path early in the
  programs but keeping it relative to the current directory internally
  gives 1-3 per-cent performance boost.

* bash completion knows the new --graph option to git-log family.

* git-diff -c/--cc showed unnecessary "deletion" lines at the context

* git-for-each-ref ignored %(object) and %(type) requests for tag

* git-merge usage had a typo.

* Rebuilding of git-svn metainfo database did not take rewriteRoot
  option into account.

* Running "git-rebase --continue/--skip/--abort" before starting a
  rebase gave nonsense error messages.