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GIT v1.5.3.6 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.3.5

 * git-cvsexportcommit handles root commits better.

 * git-svn dcommit used to clobber when sending a series of

 * git-svn dcommit failed after attempting to rebase when
   started with a dirty index; now it stops upfront.

 * git-grep sometimes refused to work when your index was

 * "git-grep -A1 -B2" acted as if it was told to run "git -A1 -B21".

 * git-hash-object did not honor configuration variables, such as

 * git-index-pack choked on a huge pack on 32-bit machines, even when
   large file offsets are supported.

 * atom feeds from git-web said "10" for the month of November.

 * a memory leak in commit walker was plugged.

 * When git-send-email inserted the original author's From:
   address in body, it did not mark the message with
   Content-type: as needed.

 * git-revert and git-cherry-pick incorrectly refused to start
   when the work tree was dirty.

 * git-clean did not honor core.excludesfile configuration.

 * git-add mishandled ".gitignore" files when applying them to

 * While importing a too branchy history, git-fastimport did not
   honor delta depth limit properly.

 * Support for zlib implementations that lack ZLIB_VERNUM and definition
   of deflateBound() has been added.

 * Quite a lot of documentation clarifications.