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GIT v1.5.3.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.3.3

 * Change to "git-ls-files" in v1.5.3.3 that was introduced to support
   partial commit of removal better had a segfaulting bug, which was
   diagnosed and fixed by Keith and Carl.

 * Performance improvements for rename detection has been backported
   from the 'master' branch.

 * "git-for-each-ref --format='%(numparent)'" was not working
   correctly at all, and --format='%(parent)' was not working for
   merge commits.

 * Sample "post-receive-hook" incorrectly sent out push
   notification e-mails marked as "From: " the committer of the
   commit that happened to be at the tip of the branch that was
   pushed, not from the person who pushed.

 * "git-remote" did not exit non-zero status upon error.

 * "git-add -i" did not respond very well to EOF from tty nor
   bogus input.

 * "git-rebase -i" squash subcommand incorrectly made the
   author of later commit the author of resulting commit,
   instead of taking from the first one in the squashed series.

 * "git-stash apply --index" was not documented.

 * autoconfiguration learned that "ar" command is found as "gas" on
   some systems.