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GIT v1.5.2.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.2.3

 * Bugfixes

   - "git-gui" bugfixes, including a handful fixes to run it
     better on Cygwin/MSYS.

   - "git checkout" failed to switch back and forth between
     branches, one of which has "frotz -> xyzzy" symlink and
     file "xyzzy/filfre", while the other one has a file

   - "git prune" used to segfault upon seeing a commit that is
     referred to by a tree object (aka "subproject").

   - "git diff --name-status --no-index" mishandled an added file.

   - "git apply --reverse --whitespace=warn" still complained
     about whitespaces that a forward application would have

 * Documentation Fixes and Updates

   - A handful documentation updates.