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GIT v1.5.1.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.1.3

* Bugfixes

  - "git-http-fetch" did not work around a bug in libcurl
    earlier than 7.16 (curl_multi_remove_handle() was broken).

  - "git cvsserver" handles a file that was once removed and
    then added again correctly.

  - import-tars script (in contrib/) handles GNU tar archives
    that contain pathnames longer than 100 bytes (long-link
    extension) correctly.

  - xdelta test program did not build correctly.

  - gitweb sometimes tried incorrectly to apply function to
    decode utf8 twice, resulting in corrupt output.

  - "git blame -C" mishandled text at the end of a group of

  - "git log/rev-list --boundary" did not produce output
    correctly without --left-right option.

  - Many documentation updates.