MBCLanguageModel.h   [plain text]

	File:		MBCLanguageModel.h
	Contains:	Build and interpret speech recognition language model
	Version:	1.0
	Copyright:	 2003 by Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved.

	File Ownership:

		DRI:				Matthias Neeracher    x43683


		(MN)	Matthias Neeracher

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		$Log: MBCLanguageModel.h,v $
		Revision 1.1  2003/07/14 23:22:50  neerache
		Move to much smarter speech recognition model

#import "MBCMoveGenerator.h"

#import <Carbon/Carbon.h>

 * An MBCLanguageModel builds a speech recognition language model from a 
 * collection of legal moves, and derives the move from a recognition
 * result.
@interface MBCLanguageModel : NSObject {
	SRRecognitionSystem	fSystem;
	SRLanguageObject 	fToModel;
	SRLanguageObject 	fPromotionModel;
	MBCMoveCollection *	fMoves;
	BOOL				fDumpModels;

- (id) initWithRecognitionSystem:(SRRecognitionSystem)system;
- (void) buildLanguageModel:(SRLanguageModel)model 
				  fromMoves:(MBCMoveCollection *)moves
- (MBCMove *) recognizedMove:(SRRecognitionResult)result;


// Local Variables:
// mode:ObjC
// End: