minicheck.h   [plain text]

/* Miniature re-implementation of the "check" library.
 * This is intended to support just enough of check to run the Expat
 * tests.  This interface is based entirely on the portion of the
 * check library being used.
 * This is *source* compatible, but not necessary *link* compatible.

#define CK_NOFORK 0
#define CK_FORK   1

#define CK_SILENT  0
#define CK_NORMAL  1
#define CK_VERBOSE 2

#define START_TEST(testname) static void testname(void) {
#define END_TEST }

#define fail(msg)  _fail_unless(0, __FILE__, __LINE__, msg)

typedef void (*tcase_setup_function)(void);
typedef void (*tcase_teardown_function)(void);
typedef void (*tcase_test_function)(void);

typedef struct SRunner SRunner;
typedef struct Suite Suite;
typedef struct TCase TCase;

struct SRunner {
    Suite *suite;
    int forking;
    int nchecks;
    int nfailures;

struct Suite {
    char *name;
    TCase *tests;

struct TCase {
    char *name;
    tcase_setup_function setup;
    tcase_teardown_function teardown;
    tcase_test_function *tests;
    int ntests;
    int allocated;
    TCase *next_tcase;

 * Prototypes for the actual implementation.

void _fail_unless(int condition, const char *file, int line, char *msg);
Suite *suite_create(char *name);
TCase *tcase_create(char *name);
void suite_add_tcase(Suite *suite, TCase *tc);
void tcase_add_checked_fixture(TCase *,
void tcase_add_test(TCase *tc, tcase_test_function test);
SRunner *srunner_create(Suite *suite);
void srunner_set_fork_status(SRunner *runner, int forking);
void srunner_run_all(SRunner *runner, int verbosity);
int srunner_ntests_failed(SRunner *runner);
void srunner_free(SRunner *runner);