chardata.h   [plain text]

/* chardata.h

   Interface to some helper routines used to accumulate and check text
   and attribute content.

#define XML_CHARDATA_H 1

#include "expat.h"                      /* need XML_Char */

typedef struct {
    int count;                          /* # of chars, < 0 if not set */
    XML_Char data[1024];
} CharData;

void CharData_Init(CharData *storage);

void CharData_AppendString(CharData *storage, const char *s);

void CharData_AppendXMLChars(CharData *storage, const XML_Char *s, int len);

int CharData_CheckString(CharData *storage, const char *s);

int CharData_CheckXMLChars(CharData *storage, const XML_Char *s);

#endif  /* XML_CHARDATA_H */