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# Twisted, the Framework of Your Internet
# Copyright (C) 2001 Matthew W. Lefkowitz
# This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

# failure detection
# voluntary delinking
# successor list
# HyperChord

import random
import sha
import socket
import struct
from twisted.spread import pb

NBIT = 160    # Size (in bits) of Chord identifiers
vNodes = 1    # sure hope you dont want more than 256.        

def between(n, a, b):
    """Check if n in interval(a, b) on the circle."""
    if   a == b: return n != a			# n is the only node not in (n, n)
    elif a < b: return n > a and n < b
    else: return n > a or n < b

def betweenL(n, a, b):
    """Check if n in interval[a, b) on the circle."""
    if a == b and n == a: return 1
    elif a < b: return n >= a and n < b
    else: return n >= a or n < b

def betweenR(n, a, b):
    """Check if n in interval(a, b] on the circle."""
    if a == b and n == a: return 1
    elif a < b: return n > a and n <= b
    else: return n > a or n <= b

class Node(pb.Copyable, pb.Perspective):
    """A node in a Chord network."""
    def __init__(self, address, perspectiveName, identityName, port=pb.portno):
        global vNodes
        pb.Perspective.__init__(self, perspectiveName, identityName) = + struct.pack('!h', port) + chr(vNodes)).digest()
        self.address = (address, port, vNodes)
        vNodes = vNodes + 1
        self.finger = [None] * (NBIT+1)
        self.lastFixed = 1  # Needed for fixFingers
        self.pred = None
    def getStateToCopyFor(self, persp):
            return {"id":, "address": self.address}

    def __repr__(self):
        return "<Node " + `` + ">"
    def join(self, n2):
        """Intialize finger tables of local node.
        n2 is a node already on the network or None if we're the first."""
        if n2:
            n2.findSuccessor( x, self=self: self.getNodeAt(x).addCallback(self._setFingerCallback, callbackArgs=(1,)))
            self.finger[1].notify(self.address, pbanswer=0)
            for i in range(1, NBIT):
                if betweenL(, self.start(i+1), 
                    self.finger[i+1] = self.finger[i]
                    n2.findSuccessor(self.start(i+1)).addCallback(lambda x, self=self, i=i: self.getNodeAt(x).addCallback(self._setFingerCallback, callbackArgs=(i+1,)))
            n2.notify(self.address, pbanswer=0)
            self.finger[1] = None
            self.pred = None

    def _setFingerCallback(self, x, i):
        self.finger[i] = x

    def _setPredCallback(self, n):
        #ALSO TOO FAR!
        self.pred = n

    def perspective_getSuccessor(self):
        return self.finger[1]
    def perspective_getPredecessor(self):
        return self.pred
    def perspective_findSuccessor(self, id):

    def findSuccessor_1(self, n2):
        n2.getSuccessor().addCallbacks(self.findSuccessor_2, callbackArgs=n2)
    def findSuccessor_2(self, address, n2):
        if address: 
            return address
            return n2.address
    def findPredecessor(self, id):
        if self.finger[1] is None:
            return self
        n2 = self
        return self.findPredecessor_1(n2, id)        
    def findPredecessor_1(self, n2, id):
        n2.getSuccessor().addCallback(self.findPredecessor_2, n2, id)
    def findPredecessor_2(self, n3, n2, id):
        if not betweenR(id,,
            n2.closestPrecedingFinger(id).addCallback(lambda a,  id=id, self=self: self.getNodeAt(a).addCallback(lambda n, id=id, self=self: self.findPredecessor_1(n, id)))
            return n2

    def perspective_closestPrecedingFinger(self, id):
        for i in xrange(NBIT, 0, -1):
            if not self.finger[i]: continue
            if between(self.finger[i].id,, id):
                return self.finger[i].address
        return self.address

    def getNodeAt(self, address):
        return pb.connect(address[0], address[1], "chord", "", "chord").addCallback(lambda n: n.getSelf())
    def getSelf(self):
        # necessary to produce proper Copyable behaviour
        return self
    def stabilise(self):
        """Verify our immediate successor and tell them about us.
        Called periodically."""

    def stabilise_1(self, p):
        if p != self.address:

    def fixFingers(self):
        """Refresh a random finger table entry.
        Called periodically."""
        i = random.randrange(1, len(self.finger)+1)
        self.finger[i] = self.findSuccessor(self.start(i))
    def perspective_notify(self, addr):        
        """n thinks it might be our predecessor."""

    def notify(self, n):   
        if (self.pred is self or self.pred is None or 
            self.pred = n
            n.notify(self.address, pbanswer=0)
        if self.finger[1] is None or between(,, self.finger[1].id):
            self.finger[1] = n
        for i in xrange(2, len(self.finger)):
            if self.finger[i] is None or betweenL(, self.start(i), self.finger[i].id):
                self.finger[i] = n

    def start(self, k):
        assert 1 <= k <= NBIT
        r = ( + 2L**(k-1)) % 2L**NBIT
        if r == 0:
            return 2L**NBIT
            return r

class ChordService(pb.Service):
    def __init__(self, address, port, serviceName, application=None):
        pb.Service.__init__(self, serviceName, application)
        self.address = address
        self.portno = port
    def createPerspective(self, name):
        p = Node(self.address, name, name, self.portno)
        self.perspectives[name] = p
        return p