INSTALL   [plain text]


  Python 2.2 or later.

  SSL/TLS: PyOpenSSL 0.5.1 or later (
  Serial: PySerial (
  SSH: PyCrypto (, recommended version at least 1.9a6)
       PyPAM (optional -
        GMPy (optional -
        PyShadow (optional -
  On Windows win32all is recommended (or ActivePython)


  * Debian 
    packages are available with these sources - for woody:

      deb ./

    and for sarge/sid:

      deb ./

    Sid and sarge both have Twisted as well, but not necessarily the latest

  * FreeBSD, Gentoo 
    Twisted is in their package repositories.

  * Mac OS X 
    packages and dependences can be obtained from:
  * Win32 
    EXEs are available from, as well as tarballs
    for other platforms. 
  * Other
    As with other Python packages, the standard way of installing from source 

      python install
  * RPM (Redhat, Mandrake, SuSE, etc)
    For RPM based platforms there is a spec file in the admin/ folder in the