muc-jcr.xml   [plain text]

       This is a config file for a copy of MU-Conference, compiled against 
       the Jabber Component Runtime (JCR). This is the same file that I use
       to connect to my development server, running jabberd2 beta2 

       In order to connect to a jabberd v1.4 server, simply change the 
       <name> value to muclinker, and make sure the muclinker section is in
       your main jabber.xml file, as per the MU-Conference README file.



    <conference xmlns="jabber:config:conference">
        <FN>Public Chatrooms</FN>
        <DESC>This service is for public chatrooms.</DESC>
        <join>has become available</join>
        <leave>has left</leave>
        <rename>is now known as</rename>