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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this compatible with existing clients which don't support the MUC 

A. Yes. MU-Conference is backwardly compatible with the Groupchat protocol 
   already in use in most clients. Note: there are a number of clients 
   currently in use which use an old protocol known as the 'conferencing'
   or iq-conference protocol. This was part of an investigation into a new
   conferencing protocol, but was never documented or made a standard. As
   far as things are concerned, at the time of writing this (Apr 2003), 
   there are two standard groupchat/conferencing protocols - GroupChat and
   MultiUser Chat (MUC)


Q. When I am trying to compile, it complains it can not find the 
   'platform-settings' file.

A. This is a file generated by the Jabberd configure program, when Jabberd
   is first compiled. This dependancy will be removed as soon as the 
   external component plans are complete (see later question)


Q. What happened to having predefined rooms in the jabber.xml configuration 

A. The new system uses the concept of 'Persistent Rooms' When a new room is 
   created and configured, you have the option to make the room persistent. 
   This saves all the room configuration and affliation lists into the spool of
   the hosting jabber server. All persistent rooms are then recreated 
   automatically whenever the service is restarted. These rooms will persist 
   until the owner destroys it.


Q. Why isn't this an external component?

A. This is planned for a later release. For anyone who doesn't understand, an 
   external component is a standalone program, which connects directly to the 
   main jabberd via TCP. It doesn't require loading inside a jabberd process.

   Update: This has been scheduled for the v0.6.0 release. Thanks to Paul Curtis   and the JCR.


Q. Why are my room logs not appearing?

A. Make sure that the directory exists, and that room logging is enabled for 
   that room.


Q. How are the strange filenames, used in the storage of persistent room 
   information, generated?

A. The filename is a SHA1 hex digest of the room jid. There is a utility in the
   scripts directory which takes a list of jids as the command line options, and
   returns the SHA1 hex digests.


Q. Is there any other dependancies?

A. Yes, MU-Conference, as of v0.6, now requires pkg_config and glib-2.0