ChangeLog   [plain text]


20031114	DS: Bumped version for release.
20031113 (rc4)	DS: Fix for mishandling Route packets (Thanks Peter Millard)
		DS: Fix to Makefile to support cygwin (Thanks Frank Seesink)
20031111 (rc3)	DS: Removed leak from con_room_sendwalk (Thanks Paul)
		DS: Reworked affiliation checks to remove jid_user
20031105 (rc2)	DS: Fixed a bug where chat would only be translated
		DS: Fixed bug in room iq:time response
20031102 (rc1)	DS: Changed history to reduce running memory usage a little
		DS: Fixed persistent room creation by sadmin when using dynamic
20031101	DS: Disabled user reg completely until after v0.6.0 is released
		DS: Fixed several memory leaks in roster handler
20031026	DS: Fixed a potential key corruption in the roster code
20031025	DS: Auto-voice members connecting to a moderated room
		DS: Changed how strings in cnr are allocated
		DS: Cleanup of xdb list get
20031024	DS: Found and fixed bug in XHTML log creation
		DS: Cleanup of xdb_set calls
20031023	DS: Disabled IQ:Register support for now
		DS: Removed suspect free() from conf.c:204
20031022	DS: Fixed a memory leak in 0 history setups
20031020	DS: Fixed packet error handler issue (Thanks Paul Curtis & 
                    Peter Millard)
20031018	DS: Compile fixes for FreeBSD v4.8
20031017	DS: More sanity checking of data in functions
		DS: Added room support for iq:last, iq:time & vCard
20031015	DS: Fixed bug in role revoking.
		DS: Fixed double free in iq:last
		DS: Tidied up xdata form titles
		DS: Added in escaping and translation of html for xml/xhtml logs
20031013	DS: Fixed room destroy segfault
		DS: Reworked a 'walk and remove' situation
		DS: Write out config + lists on shutdown (Thanks Paul Curtis)
		DS: Fixed a corruption bug in the affiliate handler
		DS: Added in shutdown failsafe to prevent multiple tidyup
20031012	DS: Moved ns #def's to seperate file
		DS: Blocked message from outsiders
		DS: Added patches for JCR support (Thanks Paul Curtis)
		DS: Added bug fixes to room removal (Thanks Paul Curtis)
20031011	DS: Fixed headers
		DS: Cleaned up documentation
20031009	DS: Changed Configure form to match JEP (Titles and vars)
20031008	DS: Added dependancy on glib-2.0
		DS: Replaced htb with GHashTable
20030922	DS: Found and fixed a possible memleak in conference.c
20030919	DS: Added mutex locking into update and packet handlers
		DS: Fixed handling of '0' sized history
		DS: Fixed XHTML logging - username and brackets
20030504	DS: Commit created changes (this time)


20030422	DS: Updated FAQ with recent questions
		DS: Repaired Room Destroy code
		DS: Fixed XDB handling of room description config.
		DS: Added debug code to output malloc sizes
20030318	DS: Added <defaults/> flag as per request
20030316	DS: Fixed bug in invite handler


20030313	DS: Fixed xmlnode being freed early in invites
20030311	DS: Fixed double free in conference.c
		DS: Added ability for sadmin to enter a pw protected room
		DS: Fixed support for messages to legacy clients
20030310	DS: Applied delivery queue to messages sent to room


20030309	DS: Cleanup of xmlnode alloc/dealloc
		DS: Fixed bug in admin handler (deallocating jp->x by accident)
		DS: Testing new delivery trick
20030308	DS: Found memory loss by forgetting to free j_strdup

v0.4 (Internal release only)

20030227	DS: Added <persistent/> flag to config
		DS: Fixed xdb room removal code, to remove from rooms.xml
20030224	DS: Tidied up number of new pools created
		DS: Correctly cleanup structs on shutdown
20030221	DS: Fixed room config code
		DS: Added loading room->public #1487 (thanks 
		DS: Allowed moderator with no affil to use certain commands.
		    #1530 (thanks 
20030220	DS: Re-enabled all of browsing code, now jep-compliant
20030216	DS: Re-enabled browsing for list of rooms, now jep-compliant
		DS: Fixed htb_free routine to remove coredump
		DS: Fixed a memory leak in room creation/deletion
20030213	DS: Changed memory allocation method in several places to use
		    a local pool, rather than an existing pool, so can free 
		    memory usage sooner.
		DS: Temporarily removed browse code until I can rework it as
		    a configurable option
20030211	DS: Modified Browse and Disco requests as per request
20030206	DS: Modified how time is handled to request fewer system
		DS: Reworked to only require one main heartbeat
20030131	DS: Cleaning the hashtable functions 
20030129	DS: Isolated and fixed register issue. Also found and repaired
		    three other potential crashes, all related.
		DS: Fixed handling for service registration
20030128	DS: Added a fix into conference error handler
20030120	DS: Added case normalisation for all jid checks/handling
                    For user@server - resource is case sensitive
		DS: Added debug code into hash
		DS: Fixed debug code in hash code
20030119	DS: Resync'd disco code to match JEP
20030103	DS: Removed form field variable dependancy from x:data handler
		DS: Fixed room log closing
		DS: Added additional debugging to hashtable system.
20021215	DS: Removed and replaced all xhash references.
20021211	DS: Added checking for maxhash variable
20021119	DS: Fixed roommaker script to generate correct rooms.xml
		DS: Added topic saving to persistent rooms
		DS: Allow sadmins to override dynamic tag
20021117	DS: Changed field to 'name' in service registration
		DS: Reworked legacy code to work correctly
20021115	DS: Added 'creator' and handling code so room creator is
		    always admin
		DS: Changed 'Locked' room so owner can re-enter
20021114	DS: Fixed kick presence code and fixed kick message for legacy
		DS: Added disco#info item for legacy rooms
		DS: Fixed xhtml log format
		DS: Fixed /me handling for plain text format logs
		DS: Rewrote Legacy client handler
		DS: Added 'room unlocked' message when room is configured
		DS: Locked room building until rooms loaded from xdb
		DS: Support for "wildcard" affiliation lists (except owner)
20021113	DS: Changed error for 'room locked' to 404 as per JEP
		DS: Unconfigured rooms don't show up under disco/browse
20021112	DS: Added roommaker script to scripts
20021111	DS: Added code to work around xdb_file missing file warnings
		DS: Fixed version numbering in ChangeLog
		DS: Added scripts directory for administration scripts
		DS: Sync'd disco#info support with JEP
		DS: Added hooks for iq:register in rooms. Generates 405 as per
		    JEP. May flesh out at a later date.
20021110	DS: Fixed bug in presence handler
		DS: Added multiple sadmin support
		DS: Added Owner list support
20021109	DS: Found segfault in presence handler. Fixed.
20021108	DS: Adding modification to presence handling code - please
20021107	DS: Modified leave message to remove extra space as per
		DS: Added hooks for disco#items
		DS: Added sadmin override to room creation lock
		DS: Modified enter code so self-presence is returned first
20021106	DS: Changed strftime %F to %Y-%m-%d in util.c to workaround
		    lack of support in FreeBSD < v4.6


20021104	DS: Added support for canceling configuration form
20021102	DS: Fixed extended presence format
20021031	DS: Fixed invitation support
		DS: Added sadmin support
20021028	DS: Added Disco support for main service
		DS: Added room affiliate list restore code
		DS: Added basic Disco support for existing rooms
		DS: Changed to
		DS: Added restart to room logging on rebuilding of a
		    persistent room
		DS: Added <roomlock/> option to disallow any new rooms
		DS: Added <dynamic/> option to only allow non-persistent rooms
		DS: Modified subject code to not remove old history entries if
		    the user disconnects. (per request)
20021027	DS: Fixed iq pnp parser to reject role+affiliation changes
		DS: Fixed Kick/Ban status codes
20021026	DS: Fixed x:data text-multi handler
		DS: Fixed banned private messages
20021025	DS: Fixed logupdate crash bug
20021024	DS: Fixed created flag and room locks
		DS: Added MUC protocol message to non-compliant clients
		DS: persistant rooms are now loaded.
20021023	DS: Added 'actor' support
		DS: Fixed admin/outcast checks (again)
		DS: Fixed error messages from parser
20021022	DS: Added initial work on persistant rooms via xdb
		DS: Added rest of destroy code to show alt and reason
		DS: Disallowed browsing member-only room roster if not a
		DS: Fixed invitation code to use jabber:x:conference, not
		DS: Fixed code to auto-boot demoted admin/member in a
		    member-only room.
		DS: Fixed invite to match JEP v0.16 specs
		DS: Automatically kick demoted members in a member-only room
20021021	DS: Finished role='none' support
		DS: Fixed ban and added recursion to change_role
20021020	DS: More work on roles/affiliations. only role='none' left to
20021018	DS: Started rewrite of the role system, to reflect JEP v0.14
20021017	DS: Added processing of iq get into parser
		DS: Changed 'destroy' to reflect JEP v0.13
		DS: Added NS tags
20021016	DS: Started work on major rewrite of the IQ system
		DS: Wrote IQ parser

v0.2 (Not formally released)

20021015	DS: Fixed several typos. Never comit when tired.
		DS: Started source cleanup
		DS: Added ability to ban private messages in a room
		DS: Added code to add anchors to html logs every 5 minutes
		DS: Added Registration system
20021014	DS: Send reason to room when kicked
		DS: Added permission check on kick
		DS: Added permission check on ban
		DS: Added room destroy code
		DS: Added room logging code
20021013	DS: Start of support for persistant admins
		DS: Updated debug messages
		DS: Fixed all xhash_put statements
20021012	DS: Fixed issue with xdata banning. Needed to encapsulate the
		    item tag
		DS: Added custom leave messages
		DS: Added NS tag to room browse
		DS: Fixed configure room support
20021011	DS: Added admin list code
		DS: Changed all *_GC_* references to *_MUC_*
		DS: Added Server admin - a user able to control any room
		DS: Added legacy flag for identifying old clients
20021010	DS: Fixed room subject permission check
		DS: Added support for disabling room join/rename/leave
		    messages (simply remove the text)
		DS: Added default role option for moderated rooms
20021009	DS: Added invitation list, handler and xdata handler
		DS: Added Room MOTD.
		DS: Allow owner to enter room even if not invited
		DS: Added more comments to various files
		DS: Added most of room logging handling
		DS: Namespace change to reflect JEP v0.7.5
		DS: Added room enter code to reflect JEP v0.7.6
20021008	DS: Added sending invitations. Invitations not currently
		DS: Modified browse code to support dynamic public/private
		    rooms. Private rooms are only seen if you are in the room
		    in question
		DS: Modified browse to show room size limits if in place
20021007	DS: Fixed security check on iq get using NS_GC_ADMIN
		DS: Added action code for text-multi fields on voice and ban.
20021006	DS: Changed member check so default role is member in
		    non-moderated rooms.
		DS: Added more comments to utils.c
		DS: Changed iq:negotate code to use <query> instead of <x>, as
		    per JEP v0.7.2, and extended with more possible features.
		DS: Added more options into room configuration for fine-tuning
		    the room
20021005	DS: Fixed bug in nick changing code
20021004	DS: Added room size limits. Need offical error code
                DS: Added support for password protected rooms, following the
		DS: Removed <whois/> support, due to JEP change
		DS: Changed nick renaming to reflect JEP v0.7.1
		DS: Added blocking of directed groupchat messages
		DS: Fixed Error message of illegal subject changes to match
20021003	DS: Managed to get basic ban/voice support going, both adding
                    and removing. Added new text-multi handling code, just
		    need to write the action code.
20021001	DS: Moved all str* references to j_str* for better NULL
		DS: Initial xdata handle installed for voice/ban
20020930	DS: Spent ages trying to fix a segfault. Found it, now need to
                    understand why it occured
20020928	DS: Added TODO file for project tracking
		DS: Added error checking to xdata parser (configuration)
20020927	DS: Added support for display of banned and voice (member) lists
		DS: Added basic support for adding/removing ban
20020926	DS: Changed login for initial support of jep
20020925	DS: Changed role names to reflect JEP changes
		DS: Fixed Segfault in configuration request. Admin and Member
		    status is removed on room exit
		DS: Added rename status code
		DS: Reworked extended presence addition code
20020924	DS: More x:data abstraction
		DS: Fixed allocation bug
		DS: Added more protocol from the JEP
		DS: Added whois support
20020922	DS: Added extended presence code
		DS: Added jabber:x:data form. Still need to write reply
20020920	DS: Added admin and voice hashes

v0.1 (never released)

20020918	DS: Removed all 'conference' protocol, and removed concept of legacy