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2005-03-31 jabberd 2.0s7
    * I have been using ChangeLog to record this info - justin
    * See the wiki at for real news

2004-06-25  jabberd 2.0s3

    * Fixed several memory leaks and overruns <>
    * Fixed XMPP session replacement [rob]
    * Added support for Win32 platforms <> [rob]
    * Added support for requiring SSL/TLS before auth <>
    * Added support for LDAPv3 (including channel encryption) [rob]
    * Added workaround to make large presence broadcasts more efficient [rob]
    * Generate random dialback key if none provided [rob]
    * Rewrote configure script (+ many code tweaks to support this) [rob]
    * Remove build requirement for Libidn and OpenSSL [rob]
    * Removed bundled Libidn due to licensing issues [rob]
    * Bugfixes: 3059, 3174, 3343, 3368, 3480, 3481, 3594

2004-02-10  jabberd 2.0s2

    * Brought privacy lists into line with latest spec <>
    * Fixed registration bug & password changing security hole [rob]
    * Fixed DIGEST-MD5 "qop" attribute handling [rob]
    * Fixed a number of c2s/s2s I/O race conditions [rob]
    * Fixed keepalives (now work with SSL/TLS connections) [rob]
    * Fixed build against OpenLDAP 2.2 [rob]
    * Updated presence broadcast semantics [rob]
    * Added calls to PAM account management functions <>
    * Added handling for zero-length LDAP passwords [rob]
    * Added checks for Berkeley DB 4.2 [rob]
    * Added check for vsyslog() and workaround code for systems that don't have it (eg HP-UX) [rob]
    * Removed -R flags from link directives [rob]

2003-12-28  jabberd 2.0s1

2003-12-10  jabberd 2.0rc2

2003-11-17  jabberd 2.0rc1

2003-11-03  jabberd 2.0b3

    * Support for multiple SRV lookups [rob]
    * c2s/sm detect when the other is unavailable, and kills sessions appropriately [rob]
    * Optional logging to stdout [rob]

2003-10-08  jabberd 2.0b2

    * 1.4 migration tool [rob]
    * Configurable router reconnect [rob]
    * Lots of memory corruption and other bugs fixed [rob]

2003-09-03  jabberd 2.0b1

    * Offline message event (JEP-0022) support [rob]
    * Message expiration (JEP-0023) support [rob]
    * Libidn updated to 0.2.1 [rob]
    * SQL templates for MySQL/PostgreSQL authreg modules <>
    * Static builds (experimental) [rob]
    * Optionally allow in-band password changes instead of full account creation [rob]
    * Allow multiple s2s instances [mawis]
    * Optionally restrict available authentication mechanisms [rob]
    * SASL ANONYMOUS support [rob]

2003-08-04  jabberd 2.0.0-a6

    * XMPP privacy list support [rob]
    * Stringprep cache (= significant performance increase) [rob]
    * Internal SASL implementation (no dependency on Cyrus-SASL) [rob]
    * Removed c2s external password synchronisation (not needed without Cyrus-SASL) [rob]
    * s2s keepalives [rob]
    * s2s queue expiry [rob]
    * s2s invalid expiry [rob]
    * XMPP-compliant presence tracker [rob]
    * PID files [rob]
    * Component packet throttling [rob]
    * Broadcast packets [rob]
    * Roster templates [rob]

2003-06-19  jabberd 2.0.0-a5

    * Build system overhaul [rob]
    * Query-based storage layer [rob]
    * PostgreSQL storage and authentication [rob]
    * MySQL storage and authentication [rob]
    * PAM authentication [rob]
    * Incremental roster database updates [rob]
    * c2s idle connection checks [rob]
    * c2s keepalives [rob]
    * c2s external password synchronisation [rob]
    * Disco identity configuration [rob]
    * Disco item publish [rob]
    * XMPP-style errors [rob]
    * XMPP-style session start [rob]

2003-03-21  jabberd 2.0.0-a4

    * Rewritten streams library [rob]
    * STARTTLS and SASL updated to xmpp-core-05 [rob]
    * JID preparation (xmpp-core section 3) [rob]
    * New component routing protocol [rob]
    * External s2s component [rob]
    * Components can encrypt router session [rob]
    * Name aliases (supports 1.4 uplink components) [rob]
    * Component access controls [rob]
    * SM version signature [rob]
    * configure can take alternate paths for external libs [rob]
    * LDAP authentication module [rob]
    * Expat updated to 1.95.6 [rob]
    * Facilities for packet logging components [rob]

2002-12-20  jabberd 2.0.0-a3

    * Component presence & service discovery [rob]
    * Pipe authenticator [rob]
    * SIGHUP reopens logfiles [rob]
    * Access control for priviliged operations [rob]
    * Support for module multiplexors (eg mod_perl) [rob]
    * Broadcast messages (announce, motd, etc) [rob]
    * Resend messages for SM to admins [rob]
    * IPv6 support [mawis]

2002-11-22  jabberd 2.0.0-a2

    * Reconnect code added to resolver, c2s, and sm.  [reatmon]
    * jabber:iq:privacy (JEP-0016) support [rob]
    * jabber:iq:private (JEP-0049) support [rob]
    * Message echo support [rob]
    * jabberd wrapper script [reatmon]
    * New c2s/sm command protocol [rob]
    * Transaction/recovery support for Berkeley DB modules [rob]

2002-11-07  jabberd 2.0.0-a1
    * Core IM support in sm (messages, presence, rosters, s10ns) [rob]
    * Config files for c2s/resolver/router [rob]
    * c2s auth/reg subsystem [rob]
    * IP-based access controls [rob]
    * Connection rate limiting [rob]
    * Karma (byterate limiting) [rob]
    * vCard support [rob]
    * Basic README [rob]
    * Upgrade to Expat 1.95.5 [rob]
    * Autotools-based build system [temas]
    * Debug clean ups [reatmon]