AUTHORS   [plain text]

The main culprits for this release are:

  Ryan Eatmon       <>
    - Much of the early work on jadc2s, which fed into the design of SX
      and the components. Also the startup script, and some excellent
      design work which helped to set the long term goals for the
      project (router meshing, distributed components, etc).

  Jeremie Miller    <>
    - Getting the project off the ground in the first place. MIO, much
      of the SM core (formerly jadlsm), most of the utilties (which came
      from the 1.4 server), and of course the NAD subsystem, which is
      the boon and the bane of a j2 developers' life ;)

  Thomas Muldowney  <>
    - The original Autotools-based build system, some early jadc2s work
      (rate limiting), utilities, and lots of good testing and debugging

  Robert Norris     <>
    - Overall system design, pretty much all the other code, and the
      current coordinator for this whole mess.

  Stephen Marquard  <>
    - Uber bug fixer and the main dev keeping this project alive

Other people who chipped in:

  Casey Crabb           <>
    - Original DB4.1 support
    - Original private XML storage module

  Matthias Wimmer       <>
    - IPv6 support
    - Misc bugfixes and testing

  William Uther         <>
    - Base64 passwords for pipe-auth

  Wim Lewis             <>
    - SX partial write support
    - Numerous fixes for BSD

  Mike Prince           <>
    - SQL templates for MySQL/PostgreSQL authreg modules

  Jamin W. Collins      <>
    - Command line parsing fixes

  Jacek Konieczny       <>
    - Misc bugfixes

  maqi                  <>
    - Doxygen bootstrapping

  Karsten Huneycutt     <>
    - Patch to get PAM working on non-Linux systems

  Shane DeRidder        <>
    - Patch for configurable syslog facility

  Magnus Henoch         <>
    - Patch for proper router connect retry on OpenBSD

  Dudley Carr           <>
    - Patches to bring mod_privacy in line with XMPP-IM

  Patrick Bihan-Faou    <>
    - Patch to use PAM account management functions

  Peter Hinz            <>
    - Original Win32 port
    - Misc bugfixes

  Karsten Petersen      <>
    - Misc bugfixes, leak fixes and cleanups

  Etan Reisner          <>
    - Patch to configure c2s to require TLS before auth
  Albert Chin           <>
    - Various fixes to get things running on Solaris, AIX & Tru64

Thanks also go to the testers and bug reporters out there - you know who
you are. Special thanks in this capacity to Justin Kirby, whose many
failed efforts to compile j2 helped get much of the build system to
where it is today.

If you're have questions or problems, please check the README file for
places you can go for help. Expect to be ignored if you contact the
authors directly.