jabber_autobuddy.8   [plain text]

.Dd June 29, 2006
.Os "Mac OS X Server"
.Nm jabber_autobuddy
.Nd Perform buddy/contact management for jabberd
.Nm jabber_autobuddy
.Ar [options] <command> [command arguments]
jabber_autobuddy is not intended to be invoked by users directly.  It is a utility for managing buddies/contacts for jabberd by directly modifying the service's SQLite database tables.  The primary use of the tool is to make all jabber users a "buddy" of every other jabber user, which is not ideal for a system with a large number of users.  See the list of commands for a description of each supported operation.  The JID specified in the commands is of format <username>@<hostname>.  Logging goes to syslog.
.Bl -tag -width indent
.It Fl "D"
Debug mode/verbose output sent to standard error.
.It Fl "v, h, ?"
Display usage information.
.Bl -tag -width indent
.It Fl "i JID"
Initialize given JID in database.  This is required before using other commands.
.It Fl "a JID"
Add JID to the buddy list of all other initialized users.
.It Fl "r JID"
Delete JID from all buddy lists.
.It Fl "d JID"
Delete all data owned by JID, and remove JID from all buddy lists.
.It Fl "m"
Make all initialized users buddies of each other.