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To Do list for Net::DNS

  While taking over Net::DNS maintenance I've also inhereted this TODO list.
  I have not yet "updated" the TODO list to reflect my feeling of priority 
  with these items. 

  Olaf March 2005

* Work on

  - Show more info about the query when $res->debug(1).

  - Work on a way to use the same socket for background queries.

  - Document $res->errorstring messages.

  - Work on efficiency of IO::Socket handling.

  - Implement AA ONLY queries.  Here's a code fragment to set the
    nameserver list to the hosts returned in the authority section:

	  $res->nameservers(map  { $_->nsdname }
	                    grep { $_->type eq "NS" }

  - Need more tests

  - Proper identification of the set of nameservers to query in
    and Using the registy is highly unreliable. Also see ticket 11931.

* Get rid of .* in; write more tests for

* Allow Net::DNS::RR::LOC->latlon to set the lat/lon.

* Work on the dynamic update code.  Some things remaining to do:

  - Append the default zone in update packets if the name doesn't
    contain a dot.  Does this break people's code?

  - Do sanity checking on user-created RR objects.  Update the BUGS
    section in when this is complete.

  - Allow yxrrset & friends to take an RR object as an argument.

  - Do more sanity checking on yxrrset & friends.

  - Add an "update" method to the resolver class to send the update
    packet to the zone's authoritative nameservers (see also RFC
    2136, Section 4).
* Improve the error handling and reporting.  Some things to do:

  - Make sure empty RDATA sections don't cause the program to print
    the obnoxious "no such method" warning.

  - Set a more descriptive error if a zone transfer fails, especially
    if the nameserver isn't authoritative (current code returns NOERROR
    if the nameserver answered but wasn't authoritative).

  - Consider documenting the use of "eval" to avoid a fatal error
    in certain places.  Idea by Dirk Herr-Hoyman.

* Restructure some of the code.  Some things to look at:

  - Net::DNS::Resolver->send (needs to be broken into smaller pieces).

* Add more RR types.  Currently unimplemented are:

    MD		RFC 1035 (obsolete)
    MF		RFC 1035 (obsolete)
    WKS		RFC 1035
    NSAP_PTR	RFC 1348 (deprecated)
    GPOS	RFC 1712 (withdrawn)
    ATMA	???

* Check the EID, NIMLOC, and NULL RR handling.

* Add test cases for NULL, EID, and NIMLOC to private zone data.
  NULL isn't allowed in master files per RFC 1035, Section 3.3.10;
  BIND 8.1-REL doesn't appear to implement EID or NIMLOC (perhaps
  via dynamic update?).

* Write some front-end methods to do CNAME translations automagically.

* Do more study of resolver behavior as recommended in RFCs 1035, 1123,
  and 2136.

* Check code for conformance to the guidelines listed in The Perl 5 Module
  List.  Check style & efficiency according to the perlstyle manpage and
  the Camel.

* Consider rewriting the packet-parsing code in C for increased speed,
  or possibly going back to using Dave Shield's resparse library.

* And a number of things listed on the request tracker

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