ChangeLog   [plain text]

Revision history for Perl module Tree::DAG_Node.

2007-12-02  David Hand

	* release 1.06 -- new maintainer.  No code changes.

2004-12-29  Sean M. Burke

	* release 1.05 -- just repackaging.  No code changes.

2001-02-23  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.04 -- bugfix: notes a bug in
	depth_under that apparently always makes it return 0.  Fixed.

2000-05-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.03 -- superficial changes:

	* Minor doc spiffing-up.
	* Noting my new email address.

	* In order to keep its symbol table clean, DAG_Node no longer
	imports routines from Carp and UNIVERSAL.  Should have no effect
	on existing code.

	* I went and commented out all the places where I have asserts for
	non-cyclicity.  I once had the idea that DAG_Node could be a base
	class for graphs that /could/ allow cyclicity, or something like
	that, so those assertions would apply for methods that work only
	for acyclic networks.  But, in time, I realized that almost
	everything in DAG_Node would have to have such assertions.  Moral
	of the story: DAG_Node has nearly no code that it could share with
	a class for anything but DAGs.  And since DAG_Node does everything it
	can to /keep/ you from making cyclicities, there's no point in
	constantly having assertions of noncyclicity (especially when
	these assertions are rather expensive to check).

2000-03-05  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.02 -- minor bugfixes:

	* Fixed a typo in the docs: corrected one "right_sisters" to

	* Initialized a variable to '' to avoid warnings under -w.
	Thanks to Gilles Lamiral.

1999-05-14  Sean M. Burke

        * Releass 1.01 -- major additions:
	Scads of new methods.  Still (as far as I know) backward
	compatible with all previous versions.  Some minor changes in
	coding, not affecting the interface.

	Hopefully more friendly to users that use -w (warnings).

	Cautionary tale: I started making big changes to this right around
	mid-November 1998.  But I kept thinking "oh, ONE MORE change and
	then I'll release it."  Famous last words!  Other things came up,
	I forgot what was new and what was different in this module
	(which is why you don't see a detailed list of differences here),
	altho apparently somehow I managed to document all the new

1998-11-03  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.75 -- minor changes:

	New methods new_daughter, new_daughter_left.

	$obj->new constructor syntax now documented.
	Internal accesses to "daughter" and "mother" attribs
	are now direct, for efficiency's sake.

	Minor improvements to the docs.

1998-10-28  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.74 -- whoops, forgot to bundle the README.
	No change in the module.

1998-10-27  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.73 -- first release version.