ChangeLog   [plain text]

2003-03-16   Darren Duncan <>

	* Release 1.011.

	* This is a small maintenance release that is mainly for improving
	documentation.  Similar maintenance releases are being done with all of my
	distributions simultaneously.  A lot of it was formatting issues that were
	easy to miss before; the other bullet points below list the non-formatting
	issues.  These files had formatting fixes:, ChangeLog.

	* The distribution file layouts have also been standardized, with modules
	going in a "lib" folder and tests going in a "t" folder.  "" was
	changed to "t/File-VirtualPath.t" and "" was changed
	to "lib/File/".

	* Updated NAME in to match the official registered module

	* Updated all Copyright statements to a better (and longer) version, which
	is dated 1999-2003.  Your rights to use these modules haven't changed, but
	they may now be easier to understand.  These statements appear once in the
	ReadMe file at the bottom (under "AUTHOR"), and twice in each module (.pm
	file), a full version at the bottom (under "AUTHOR") and a shorter version
	at the top (in code comments).

	* Added the "use warnings" pragma at the top of all files beside "use
	strict"; every occurance of "use strict" gained a "use warnings" whether it
	was in the module proper or in its test script or in its SYNOPSIS.  This
	should save users from having to put -w on the command line for them.

	* Incremented the module $VERSION number by 0.001, and all test scripts to
	require the new version.  Also, where any of my modules use others of my
	modules, they now require the latest version as of this writing, for
	simplicity of maintenance.

	* Updated all test scripts to read $verbose from @ARGV (command line
	arguments), and other test script improvements.

	* Updated these sections of the ReadMe file: INSTALLATION.

2002-11-26   Darren Duncan <>

	* Release 1.01.

	* Minor bug fix release to remove any 'uninitialized value' warnings that 
	appear when running the test suite with the -w option (but the module had 
	correct output before).  Thanks to Baldvin Kovacs <> for 
	alerting me to the problem (and offering a patch to fix it).

	* Minor documentation update in the README file so that someone can get an 
	idea what this module does after looking only at the README.  This patch was 
	provided by Baldvin Kovacs.

2001-05-28   Darren Duncan <>

	* Release 1.0001.

	* This release fixes minor documentation bugs - mostly in the Synopsis 
	section and the ReadMe file.  Nothing was wrong with the code.

2001-04-15   Darren Duncan <>

	* Release 1.0.

	* This release is the first one following official registrations with 
	"The Perl 5 Module List".  The updated entry would look like this:

::VirtualPath     RdpO Portable abstraction of a file/dir/url path  DUNCAND

	* This release contains my "File::VirtualPath" module, which was previously a 
	part of the following distributions under the temporary names of 
	"CGI::WPM::Globals" (split off of) and "CGI::WPM::FileVirtualPath": 
		- "libdwg": v1.0 r2000-07-23, v1.11 r2000-08-23
		- "CGI-WebsiteGenerator": v0.3 r2000-09-04, v0.34 r2001-03-18
		- "CGI-WebsiteGenerator": v0.35 r2001-04-06, v0.36 r2001-04-10
		- "duncand-prerelease": v0.37 r2001-04-12

	* This module requires Perl version 5.004.

	* This release comes with the CPAN standard files "Makefile.PL", "", 
	and "MANIFEST", which were all created since the previous release.

	* A minor code change was made to the chdir() method telling it to 
	explicitely return the value of its last operation, even though Perl would 
	have done it implicitely; this makes it more readable.

2001-04-12   Darren Duncan <>

	* duncand-prerelease 0.37, the last version of any distribution to include
	CGI::WPM::FileVirtualPath, was released.

2001-04-06   Darren Duncan <>

	* CGI::WebsiteGenerator 0.35, the first version of any distribution to 
	include CGI::WPM::FileVirtualPath, was released.  It was split off of 

2000-07-23   Darren Duncan <>

	* libdwg 1.0, the first version of any distribution to include
	CGI::WPM::Globals, was released on CPAN.

2000-05-15   Darren Duncan <>

	* Completed primary development on this module.

2000-03-07   Darren Duncan <>

	* Began development on the final version of this module.

	* Module based on a template created by h2xs 1.18.

1999-07 thru 1999-12

	* Worked on second prototype of code that ended up in this module.

1999-02 thru 1999-05

	* Worked on first prototype of code that ended up in this module.