CREDITS   [plain text]

CREDITS FOR DateTime::Format::Builder 0.78

Dave Rolsky (DROLSKY) for kickstarting the DateTime project,
writing DateTime::Format::ICal and
DateTime::Format::MySQL, and some much needed review.

Joshua Hoblitt (JHOBLITT) for the concept, some of the API,
impetus for writing the multilength code (both one length with
multiple parsers and single parser with multiple lengths),
blame for the Regex custom constructor code,
spotting a bug in Dispatch,
and more much needed review.

Kellan Elliott-McCrea (KELLAN) for even more review,
suggestions, DateTime::Format::W3CDTF and the encouragement to
rewrite these docs almost 100%!

Claus Färber (CFAERBER) for having me get around to
fixing the auto-constructor writing, providing the
'args'/'self' patch, and suggesting the multi-callbacks.

Rick Measham (RICKM) for DateTime::Format::Strptime
which Builder now supports.

Matthew McGillis for pointing out that on_fail overriding
should be simpler.

Simon Cozens (SIMON) for saying it was cool.