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Revision history for Class-Std

0.0.1  Mon Feb  7 08:50:48 2005
       Initial release.

0.0.2  Wed May 25 22:29:20 2005

    - Full documentation
    - First public release

0.0.3  Sun Aug  7 04:17:42 2005

    - Removed t/lazy.t

    - Fixed bug in initializing attributes with false values
      (thanks chromatic!)

    - Fixed bugs in CUMULATIVE methods (thanks Dan!)

    - Added much better handling of defaults (thanks Dan!)

    - Added :RESTRICTED and :PRIVATE methods (thanks for the idea Paul)

    - Patched coercions to allow them to act polymorphically (thanks Andrew!)

0.0.4  Sun Aug  7 04:19:22 2005
       No changes logged

0.0.7  Fri Feb 17 15:46:36 2006

    - Fixed raw << and >> in regex, which were causing problems (thanks Steve)

    - Changed generation of overloaded operators to work around limitations
      of string eval in 5.6.0 and 5.8.0 (thanks James and Steve and Peter)

    - Fixed subtle bug in :default('val') parsing (thanks Kiffin)

    - Added :name<foo>, which is equivalent to all three of
      :get<foo> :set<foo> :init_arg<foo> (thanks Ben)

    - Added START blocks (thanks Ben)

    - Fixed UNIVERSAL::can method to handle bizarre edge cases (thanks LMEYER)

    - Fixed MODIFY_X_ATTRIBUTE to fallback on any attribute handler in the
      new class (which must be defined before using Class::Std)


    - Fixed numerous doc nits

    - Documented limitations in :ATTR syntax and threaded operation

    - Documented alternative modules

    - Added Class::Std::initialize() and ctor mods to work around CHECK block
      problems in mod_perl and run-time loading.

0.0.8  Mon Feb 20 07:04:13 2006

    - Removed spurious use of Smart::Comments (thanks Patrick)