AppleOnboardAudio.h   [plain text]

 *  AppleOnboardAudio.h
 *  AppleOnboardAudio
 *  Created by cerveau on Mon Jun 04 2001.
 *  Copyright (c) 2001 Apple Computer Inc. All rights reserved.


#include <IOKit/IOInterruptEventSource.h>
#include <IOKit/IOUserClient.h>

#include "AudioHardwareCommon.h"
#include "AudioHardwareConstants.h"
#include "AudioDeviceTreeParser.h"
#include "AudioHardwareOutput.h"
#include "AudioHardwareInput.h"
#include "AudioHardwarePower.h"
#include "AppleDBDMAAudioDMAEngine.h"

enum {
    kOutMute = 0,
    kOutVolLeft = 1,
    kOutVolRight = 2,
    kPassThruToggle = 3,
    kInGainLeft = 4,
    kInGainRight = 5,
    kInputSelector = 6,

#define kPowerDownDelayTime 30000000000ULL

class IOAudioControl;

class AppleOnboardAudio : public IOAudioDevice
    friend class AudioHardwareOutput;
    friend class AudioHardwareInput;
    friend class AudioHardwareDetect;
    friend class AudioHardwareMux;
    friend class AudioPowerObject;
	friend class AOAUserClient;

        //general controls : these are the default controls attached to a DMA audio engine
    IOAudioToggleControl *		outMute;
    IOAudioToggleControl *		playthruToggle;
    IOAudioLevelControl *		outVolLeft;
    IOAudioLevelControl *		outVolRight;
    IOAudioLevelControl *		inGainLeft;
    IOAudioLevelControl *		inGainRight;
    IOAudioSelectorControl *	inputSelector;
        //globals for the driver
    bool						gIsMute;			// global mute (that is on all the ports)
    bool						gIsPlayThroughActive;		// playthrough mode is on
    UInt32      				gVolLeft;
    UInt32      				gVolRight;
    UInt32      				gGainLeft;
    UInt32      				gGainRight;
    bool 						gHasModemSound;
    bool 						gIsModemSoundActive;
    UInt32						gLastInputSourceBeforeModem;
    bool						gExpertMode;			//when off we are in a OS 9 like config. On we 
    UInt32						fMaxVolume;
    UInt32						fMinVolume;
	IOAudioDevicePowerState		fNewPowerState;
	IOAudioDevicePowerState		ourPowerState;
	Boolean						shuttingDown;
	IONotifier *				powerHandler;
	IOTimerEventSource *		idleTimer;

            //we keep the engines around to have a cleaner initHardware
    AppleDBDMAAudioDMAEngine 	*driverDMAEngine;

        //Port Handler like info
    OSArray	*AudioDetects;
    OSArray	*AudioOutputs;
    OSArray	*AudioInputs;
    OSArray	*AudioSoftDSPFeatures;
        //Other objects
    AudioDeviceTreeParser 	*theAudioDeviceTreeParser;
    AudioPowerObject		*theAudioPowerObject;
        //Dynamic variable that handle the connected devices
    sndHWDeviceSpec currentDevices;
    bool 	fCPUNeedsPhaseInversion;	//true if this CPU's channels are out-of-phase

            //Classical Unix funxtions
    virtual bool init(OSDictionary *properties);
    virtual void free();
    virtual IOService* probe(IOService *provider, SInt32*);
	virtual void handleClose (IOService * forClient, IOOptionBits options);
    virtual bool handleOpen (IOService * forClient, IOOptionBits options, void * arg );

    bool     getMuteState();
    void     setMuteState(bool newMuteState);
            //Usefule getter
    virtual OSArray *getDetectArray();
            //IOAudioDevice subclass
    virtual bool initHardware(IOService *provider);
    virtual IOReturn createDefaultsPorts();
	virtual IORegistryEntry * FindEntryByNameAndProperty (const IORegistryEntry * start, const char * name, const char * key, UInt32 value);

    static IOReturn volumeLeftChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *volumeControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn volumeLeftChanged(IOAudioControl *volumeControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    static IOReturn volumeRightChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *volumeControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn volumeRightChanged(IOAudioControl *volumeControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    static IOReturn outputMuteChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *muteControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn outputMuteChanged(IOAudioControl *muteControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);

    static IOReturn gainLeftChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *gainControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn gainLeftChanged(IOAudioControl *gainControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);

    static IOReturn gainRightChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *gainControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn gainRightChanged(IOAudioControl *gainControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    static IOReturn passThruChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *passThruControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn passThruChanged(IOAudioControl *passThruControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);

    static IOReturn inputSelectorChangeHandler(IOService *target, IOAudioControl *inputSelector, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);
    virtual IOReturn inputSelectorChanged(IOAudioControl *passThruControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue);

    virtual IOReturn performPowerStateChange(IOAudioDevicePowerState oldPowerState, IOAudioDevicePowerState newPowerState,
                                                                                            UInt32 *microsecondsUntilComplete);

    virtual IOReturn setModemSound(bool state);
    virtual IOReturn callPlatformFunction( const OSSymbol * functionName,bool waitForFunction,
            void *param1, void *param2, void *param3, void *param4 );
#if 0
	virtual IOReturn	newUserClient( task_t 			inOwningTask,
							void *			inSecurityID,
							UInt32 			inType,
							IOUserClient **	outHandler );

            //Do the link to the IOAudioFamily 
//    virtual bool createPorts(IOAudioEngine *outputDMAEngine, IOAudioEngine *inputDMAEngine);
  //  virtual IOReturn createDefaultsPorts();
            //These will help to create the port config through the OF Device Tree
    IOReturn configureDMAEngines(IOService *provider);
    IOReturn parseAndActivateInit(IOService *provider);
    IOReturn configureAudioDetects(IOService *provider);
    IOReturn configureAudioOutputs(IOService *provider);
    IOReturn configureAudioInputs(IOService *provider);
    IOReturn configurePowerObject(IOService *provider);

	static IOReturn sysPowerDownHandler (void * target, void * refCon, UInt32 messageType, IOService * provider, void * messageArgument, vm_size_t argSize);

    sndHWDeviceSpec getCurrentDevices();
    void setCurrentDevices(sndHWDeviceSpec devices);
    void changedDeviceHandler(UInt32 odevices);

	static void IdleSleepHandlerTimer (OSObject *owner, IOTimerEventSource *sender);
	void ScheduleIdle (void);

    virtual void setDeviceDetectionActive() = 0;
    virtual void setDeviceDetectionInActive() = 0;
    // The PRAM utility
	UInt32 PRAMToVolumeValue (void);
    UInt8 VolumeToPRAMValue (UInt32 leftVol, UInt32 rightVol);
    void WritePRAMVol (UInt32 volLeft, UInt32 volRight);
	UInt8 ReadPRAMVol (void);
            //Hardware specific functions : These are all virtual functions and we have to 
            //to the work here
    virtual void 		sndHWInitialize(IOService *provider) = 0;
	virtual void		sndHWPostDMAEngineInit (IOService *provider) = 0;
    virtual UInt32 		sndHWGetInSenseBits(void) = 0;
    virtual UInt32 		sndHWGetRegister(UInt32 regNum) = 0;
    virtual IOReturn   	sndHWSetRegister(UInt32 regNum, UInt32 value) = 0;

    virtual  IOReturn   sndHWSetPowerState(IOAudioDevicePowerState theState) = 0;
    virtual  UInt32		sndHWGetConnectedDevices(void) = 0;
    virtual  UInt32 	sndHWGetProgOutput() = 0;
    virtual  IOReturn   sndHWSetProgOutput(UInt32 outputBits) = 0;


            //activation functions
    virtual  UInt32	sndHWGetActiveOutputExclusive(void) = 0;
    virtual  IOReturn   sndHWSetActiveOutputExclusive(UInt32 outputPort ) = 0;
    virtual  UInt32 	sndHWGetActiveInputExclusive(void) = 0;
    virtual  IOReturn   sndHWSetActiveInputExclusive(UInt32 input )= 0;
            // control function
    virtual  bool   	sndHWGetSystemMute(void) = 0;
    virtual  IOReturn  	sndHWSetSystemMute(bool mutestate) = 0;
    virtual  bool   	sndHWSetSystemVolume(UInt32 leftVolume, UInt32 rightVolume) = 0;
    virtual  IOReturn   sndHWSetSystemVolume(UInt32 value) = 0;
    virtual  IOReturn	sndHWSetPlayThrough(bool playthroughstate) = 0;
    virtual	 IOReturn	sndHWSetSystemInputGain(UInt32 leftGain, UInt32 rightGain) = 0;
            //Power Management

    virtual UInt32 	sndHWGetType( void ) = 0;
    virtual UInt32	sndHWGetManufacturer( void ) = 0;


#if 0
class	AOAUserClient : public IOUserClient
    OSDeclareDefaultStructors( AOAUserClient )
		static const IOExternalMethod		sMethods[];
		static const IOItemCount			sMethodCount;
		AppleOnboardAudio *					mDriver;
		task_t								mClientTask;
		// Static member functions
		static AOAUserClient * Create( AppleOnboardAudio *inDriver, task_t task );
		// Creation/Deletion
		virtual bool		initWithDriver( AppleOnboardAudio *inDriver, task_t task );
		virtual void		free();
		// Public API's
		virtual IOReturn	Shutdown( void );
		// IOUserClient overrides
		virtual IOReturn			clientClose();
		virtual IOReturn			clientDied();
		virtual	IOExternalMethod *	getTargetAndMethodForIndex( IOService **outTarget, UInt32 inIndex );