Apple16X50Serial-24 APSL  
AppleAPIC-13 APSL  
AppleFileSystemDriver-13 APSL  
AppleHWSensor-192 APSL  
AppleIntelPIIXATA-250.0.4 APSL  
AppleKeyswitch-105.3.4 APSL  
AppleRAID-4.0.6 APSL  
AppleRTL8139Ethernet-153 APSL  
AppleTalk-95 APSL  
AppleUSBCDCDriver-4002.4.1 APSL  
AppleUSBIrDA-145.2.4 APSL  
BerkeleyDB-18 Sleepycat  
BootCache-64 APSL  
CF-550 APSL  
CPAN-27 Artistic   GPL  
CPANInternal-62 Artistic   GPL  
CarbonHeaders-18.1 APSL  
ChatServer-326 BSD   GPL   JOSL   LGPL  
Chess-110.0.6 GPL  
CommonCrypto-36064 APSL   BSD  
CoreOSMakefiles-61 APSL  
CrackLib-36064 Other
Csu-79 APSL  
CyrusIMAP-188 BSD  
DSPasswordServerPlugin-281 APSL   BSD  
DSTools-134 APSL  
DirectoryService-621 APSL  
DiskArbitration-213 APSL  
FastCGI-4 Other
ICU-400.37 MIT  
IOATAFamily-250.0.6 APSL  
IOATAPIProtocolTransport-250.0.6 APSL  
IOAudioFamily-170.4.16 APSL  
IOBDStorageFamily-10 APSL  
IOCDStorageFamily-47 APSL  
IODVDStorageFamily-30 APSL  
IOFWDVComponents-199.4.1 APSL  
IOFireWireAVC-406.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireFamily-417.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireIP-203.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireSBP2-405.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport-200.0.11 APSL  
IOGraphics-330 APSL  
IOHIDFamily-301.2 APSL  
IOKitTools-78 APSL  
IOKitUser-502 APSL  
IONetworkingFamily-62 APSL  
IOPCIFamily-113 APSL  
IOSCSIParallelFamily-200.1.1 APSL  
IOSerialFamily-55 APSL  
IOStorageFamily-116 APSL  
IOUSBFamily-378.4.3 APSL  
IOUSBMassStorageClass-250.1.9 APSL  
JavaScriptCore-6531.5 BSD   LGPL  
JavaScriptGlue-6531.5 BSD  
KerberosHelper-62 APSL  
KerberosLibraries-81.46 MIT  
Libc-583 APSL   BSD   MIT  
Libcpp_kext-8 GPL  
Libinfo-324 APSL   BSD  
Libm-315 APSL  
Libnotify-53 APSL  
Librpcsvc-18 APSL   SunRPC  
Libsystem-123 APSL  
Liby-16 BSD  
MySQL-49 GPL    
OpenAL-37 LGPL  
OpenBSM-21 APSL   BSD  
OpenDirectory-57 APSL  
OpenLDAP-143 Other
OpenPAM-11 BSD  
OpenSSH-142 BSD  
OpenSSL096-15 BSD  
OpenSSL097-16 BSD  
OpenSSL098-27 BSD  
PowerManagement-209.1 APSL  
PyRSS2Gen-5 BSD  
RubyCocoa-67 LGPL   Ruby  
RubyGems-17 LGPL   Ruby  
RubyOnRails-28 BSD   GPL   Ruby  
SQLite-74 Public Domain  
Security-36910 APSL  
SecurityTokend-36808 APSL  
SecurityTool-36576 APSL   MPL  
SmartCardServices-36160 APSL   LGPL  
SpamAssassin-144 Apache  
SquirrelMail-32 GPL  
SystemStubs-6 APSL  
TargetConfig-12.1 APSL  
TimeZoneData-19 Other
Tokend-36720 APSL  
Twisted-9 MIT  
UserNotification-22 APSL  
WebCore-6531.9 BSD   LGPL  
WebKit-6531.9 BSD   LGPL  
X11apps-30 MIT  
X11fonts-10.1 MIT  
X11libs-40 MIT  
X11misc-10.1 MIT  
X11proto-40 MIT  
X11server-85 MIT  
adv_cmds-138.1 APSL   BSD  
amavisd-114 GPL  
apache-746 Apache  
apache_mod_bonjour-12 APSL   BSD  
apache_mod_fastcgi-4 Other
apache_mod_hfs_apple-9 APSL  
apache_mod_perl-103 Apache  
apache_mod_php-53 PHP  
apr-23 Apache  
architecture-258 APSL  
autoconf-15 GPL  
autofs-154 APSL   CDDL  
automake-8 GPL  
awk-14 Other
bash-80 GPL  
basic_cmds-49 BSD  
bc-21 GPL  
bind9-31 BSD  
bison-13 GPL  
bison1-1 GPL  
bless-70 APSL  
bootp-198 APSL  
bootstrap_cmds-72 APSL  
bsdmake-24 BSD  
bzip2-20 BSD  
cctools-750 APSL   GPL  
cddafs-240.0.9 APSL  
clamav-125 Other
clang-23 LLVM  
configd-289 APSL  
copyfile-66 APSL  
cron-35 Other
crontabs-43 Other
cscope-15 Other
cups-218 Other
curl-57 MIT  
cvs-42 GPL  
cxxfilt-9 GPL   LGPL  
developer_cmds-52.1 BSD  
diffstat-5 Other
diskdev_cmds-491 APSL   BSD  
disklabel-2 APSL  
distcc-1607 GPL  
doc_cmds-47 BSD  
dtrace-78 APSL   CDDL  
dyld-132.13 APSL  
eap8021x-100 APSL  
efax-35 GPL  
emacs-78.2 GPL  
enscript-15 GPL  
expat-9 MIT  
fetchmail-30 GPL  
file-36 BSD  
file_cmds-202.2 BSD  
files-553 APSL  
flex-24.1 Other
freeradius-25 GPL   LGPL  
gcc-5646 GPL  
gcc_select-70 BSD  
gdb-1344 GPL  
glibtool-14 GPL  
gm4-13 GPL  
gnudiff-13 GPL  
gnumake-126.2 GPL  
gnuserv-7 GPL  
gnutar-450 GPL  
gnuzip-28 GPL  
gperf-6 GPL  
gpt-7 BSD  
graphviz-1009 AT&T  
grep-26 GPL  
groff-32 GPL  
gssd-31 APSL  
headerdoc-8.7.15 APSL  
hfs-183 APSL  
hunspell-4 MPL  
iodbc-36 BSD   LGPL  
ipsec-92 BSD  
ipv6configuration-31 APSL  
kext_tools-177 APSL  
keymgr-22 GPL  
ksh-16.1 CPL  
launchd-328 Apache  
ld64-95.2.12 APSL  
less-21.3 BSD   GPL  
libarchive-13.1 BSD  
libauto-141 Apache  
libclosure-38 MIT  
libdispatch-84.5 Apache  
libedit-12.1 BSD  
libevent-1 BSD  
libffi-15 MIT  
libfs-9 APSL  
libgcc-13 GPL  
libiconv-26 LGPL  
libmd-3 Other
libpcap-20 BSD  
libresolv-38 Other
libsecurity_agent-36399 APSL  
libsecurity_apple_csp-36859 APSL   BSD  
libsecurity_apple_cspdl-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_apple_file_dl-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_apple_x509_cl-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_apple_x509_tp-36737 APSL  
libsecurity_asn1-36064 APSL   MPL  
libsecurity_authorization-36329 APSL  
libsecurity_cdsa_client-36213 APSL  
libsecurity_cdsa_plugin-36327 APSL  
libsecurity_cdsa_utilities-36658 APSL  
libsecurity_cdsa_utils-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_checkpw-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_cms-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_codesigning-36885 APSL  
libsecurity_cssm-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_dotmacdl-36606 APSL  
libsecurity_filedb-36725 APSL  
libsecurity_filevault-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_keychain-36940 APSL  
libsecurity_ldap_dl-36927 APSL  
libsecurity_manifest-36064 APSL  
libsecurity_mds-36495 APSL  
libsecurity_ocspd-35752 APSL  
libsecurity_pkcs12-35752 APSL  
libsecurity_sd_cspdl-35752 APSL  
libsecurity_smime-36873 APSL   MPL  
libsecurity_ssl-36800 APSL  
libsecurity_utilities-36984 APSL  
libsecurityd-36988 APSL  
libstdcxx-39 GPL  
libtelnet-8 BSD   MIT  
libutil-20 BSD  
libxml2-21 MIT  
libxslt-10.1 MIT  
llvmCore-2118 LLVM  
llvmgcc42-2118 GPL  
lsof-41 Other
lukemftp-12 BSD  
lukemftpd-41 BSD  
mDNSResponder-212.1 Apache   BSD  
mail_cmds-24 BSD  
mailman-132 GPL  
man-14 GPL  
memcached-6 BSD  
misc_cmds-27 BSD  
modemccl-24 APSL  
msdosfs-163 APSL   BSD  
nano-5 GPL  
nasm-13 LGPL  
ncurses-27 MIT  
neon-11 LGPL  
net_snmp-127 BSD  
netcat-7 BSD  
netinfo-382 APSL   SunRPC  
network_cmds-325 APSL   BSD  
notify-23 APSL  
ntfs-64 APSL   BSD  
ntp-45.1 Other
objc4-437 APSL  
openmpi-8 BSD  
pam_modules-76 APSL   BSD  
passwordserver_sasl-159 Other
patch_cmds-11 GPL  
pb_makefiles-1001 APSL  
pcre-4.1 BSD  
pdisk-7 Other
perl-63 Artistic   GPL  
portmap-39 BSD   SunRPC  
postfix-197 BSD   IBM   TLS  
ppp-412 APSL   BSD   MIT  
procmail-12 Artistic   GPL  
pyOpenSSL-3 LGPL  
pyobjc-26 MIT  
python-44 Python  
python23-18 Python  
python_dateutil-2 Python  
python_modules-21 Other
rcs-14 GPL  
remote_cmds-22 APSL   BSD  
removefile-17 MIT  
rsync-37.3 GPL   MIT  
ruby-75 GPL   LGPL   Ruby  
ruby_dnssd-6 Ruby  
ruby_libxml-8 MIT  
samba-235 GPL  
screen-16 GPL  
security_authtrampoline-36090 APSL  
security_certificates-36878 Other
security_certtool-36090 APSL  
security_crlrefresh-36090 APSL  
security_dotmac_tp-36564 APSL  
security_ocspd-36090 APSL  
security_systemkeychain-36515 APSL  
securityd-36975 APSL  
shell_cmds-149 BSD  
smb-431 APSL   BSD  
srm-6 MIT  
subversion-33 BSD  
sudo-46 BSD   MIT  
svk-13 Artistic   BSD   GPL   MIT  
swig-4 MIT  
syslog-97.1 APSL  
system_cmds-496 APSL   BSD  
system_config-49 APSL  
tcl-87 Tcl  
tcp_wrappers-19 Other
tcpdump-27 BSD  
tcsh-63.1 BSD  
texi2html-5 GPL  
texinfo-17.1 GPL  
text_cmds-71 BSD  
tidy-15.3 W3C  
top-67 APSL   BSD  
usertemplate-71 APSL  
uucp-11 GPL  
vim-43 Other
webdavfs-291 APSL  
wxWidgets-13 LGPL  
xar-36 BSD  
xelf-1 Other
xnu-1456.1.26 APSL   BSD    
zip-11.1 Other
zlib-22 zlib  
zsh-53 Other
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  2. To determine the specific license terms that apply to a project, look at the project source code license headers and the actual license included with the project.
  3. Please be advised that unless your final product is also open source, incorporating open source software containing encryption into your product may make it subject to U.S. and local country import/export laws. Please consult with your government agencies prior to exporting your product. Information about U.S. encryption export regulations can be found at the Bureau of Industry and Security