Apple16X50Serial-13 APSL  
Apple3Com3C90x-7 APSL  
AppleADBButtons-250.0.1 APSL  
AppleADBDisplay-103.0.1 APSL  
AppleADBKeyboard-236.0.3 APSL  
AppleADBMouse-209.0.3 APSL  
AppleBMacEthernet-113.4.1 APSL  
AppleCore99NVRAM-1.1 APSL  
AppleCore99PE-121.0.2 APSL  
AppleCuda-102.3.1 APSL  
AppleGMACEthernet-131.2.1 APSL  
AppleGenericPCATA-4 APSL  
AppleGracklePCI-1.2 APSL  
AppleHeathrow-121.0.1 APSL  
AppleI2C-340.0.3 APSL  
AppleI2S-100.0.2 APSL  
AppleI386PCI-6 APSL  
AppleIntel8255x-13 APSL  
AppleIntelAC97Driver-6 APSL  
AppleIntelPIIXATA-12 APSL  
AppleK2SATA-100.3.3 APSL  
AppleK2SATARoot-100.1.7 APSL  
AppleKauaiATA-102.3.1 APSL  
AppleKeyLargo-141.0.1 APSL  
AppleKiwiATA-102.3.1 APSL  
AppleKiwiRoot-102.3.1 APSL  
AppleMESH-112.3.1 APSL  
AppleMPIC-1.2.3 APSL  
AppleMacRISC2PE-142.2.3 APSL  
AppleMacRISC4PE-102.2.1 APSL  
AppleMacRiscPCI-2.0.0 APSL  
AppleMediaBay-1.0.1 APSL  
AppleOnboardAudio-205.2.14 APSL  
ApplePCCardATA-103.3.1 APSL  
ApplePS2Controller-4 APSL  
ApplePS2Keyboard-6.5 APSL  
ApplePS2Mouse-7 APSL  
ApplePS2Trackpad-3 APSL  
AppleRAID-1.3.4 APSL  
AppleRS232Serial-121.2.2 APSL  
AppleSCCSerial-126.4.0 APSL  
AppleSym8xx-120.0.2 APSL  
AppleTalk-81 APSL  
AppleUSBIrDA-131.2.2 APSL  
AppleVIA-1.2 APSL  
BerkeleyDB-6 Sleepycat  
BootCache-16.1 APSL  
BootX-59 APSL  
CF-299 APSL  
CMD646ATA-107.3.1 APSL  
CoreOSMakefiles-22 APSL  
Csu-46 APSL  
CyrusIMAP-124 Other
DSAgent-32 APSL  
DSNISPlugin-13 APSL  
DSNSLPlugins-79 APSL  
DSPasswordServerPlugin-68 APSL  
DirectoryService-255 APSL  
DiskArbitration-129 APSL  
HeathrowATA-108.3.1 APSL  
ICU-3.13 MIT  
IOADBFamily-2 APSL  
IOATABlockStorage-130.3.1 APSL  
IOATAFamily-155.3.1 APSL  
IOATAPIProtocolTransport-130.0.2 APSL  
IOAudioFamily-140.2.9 APSL  
IOCDStorageFamily-25 APSL  
IODVDStorageFamily-14 APSL  
IOFWDVComponents-153.4.1 APSL  
IOFireWireAVC-152.4.1 APSL  
IOFireWireFamily-170.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireIP-120.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireSBP2-151.4.0 APSL  
IOFireWireSerialBusProtocolTransport-130.2.7 APSL  
IOGraphics-123 APSL  
IOHIDFamily-86 APSL  
IOKitTools-38 APSL  
IOKitUser-174 APSL  
IONetworkingFamily-15 APSL  
IOPCCardFamily-38 APSL   GPL   MPL  
IOPCIFamily-21 APSL  
IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily-130.3.8 APSL  
IOSCSIParallelFamily-130.3.1 APSL  
IOSerialFamily-20 APSL  
IOStorageFamily-44 APSL  
IOUSBFamily-205.3.5 APSL  
IOUSBMassStorageClass-130.2.1 APSL  
IPFirewall-17 APSL  
JBoss-731 GPL  
JavaScriptCore-96 BSD   LGPL  
Kerberos-47 MIT  
KeyLargoATA-110.3.1 APSL  
Libc-320 APSL  
Libinfo-173 APSL  
Libkvm-19 APSL  
Libm-47 APSL  
Libnotify-11 APSL  
Librpcsvc-13 APSL  
Libstreams-23 APSL  
Libsystem-71 APSL  
Libwrappers-9 Other
Liby-10 BSD  
MySQL-16 GPL  
NKEMgr-5.3 APSL  
OpenLDAP-37 Other
OpenSSH-39 BSD  
OpenSSL-22 BSD  
OpenSSL096-2 BSD  
PowerManagement-49 APSL  
Security-163 APSL  
SecurityNssAsn1-11 Other
SecurityNssPkcs12-6 APSL  
SecurityNssSmime-10 Other
SecurityTool-7 APSL  
SharedIP-42 APSL  
SmartCardServices-15 APSL  
Startup-177 APSL  
UserNotification-15 APSL  
WebCore-106 BSD   LGPL  
adv_cmds-63 APSL   BSD  
am_utils-8 BSD  
apache-670 Apache  
apache2-11 Apache  
apache_mod_dav-9 Other
apache_mod_hfs_apple-5 APSL  
apache_mod_perl-5 Apache  
apache_mod_php-12 PHP  
apache_mod_rendezvous_apple-8 Other
apache_mod_ssl-13 BSD  
architecture-237 APSL  
at_cmds-46 APSL  
autoconf-11 GPL  
automake-5 GPL  
automount-81 APSL  
awk-2 Other
bash-29 GPL  
basic_cmds-38 BSD   PICO  
bc-10 GPL  
bind9-7 BSD  
bison-6 GPL  
bless-11 APSL  
boot-111 APSL  
bootp-110 APSL  
bootstrap_cmds-44 APSL  
bsdmake-11 BSD  
bsdmanpages-40 Other
bzip2-3 BSD  
cctools-495 APSL  
cddafs-211.0.7 APSL  
configd-84 APSL  
configd_plugins-75 APSL  
cron-7 Other
crontabs-12 Other
cscope-6 Other
cups-58 LGPL (with exception)  
curl-15 MIT   MPL  
cvs-30 GPL  
developer_cmds-28 BSD  
diffstat-1 Other
diskdev_cmds-277 APSL  
distcc-17 GPL  
doc_cmds-36 BSD  
drvAppleCMD646Root-103.3.1 APSL  
efax-12 GPL  
emacs-56 GPL  
enscript-9 GPL  
expect-1 Public Domain  
extenTools-17.3 APSL  
fetchmail-9 GPL (with exception)  
file-1 Other
file_cmds-82 APSL  
files-436 APSL  
flex-11 BSD  
gas-495 Other
gcc-1495 GPL (with exception)  
gcc_legacy-938 GPL (with exception)  
gcc_os-1256 GPL (with exception)  
gcc_select-22.33 APSL  
gccfast-1614 GPL (with exception)  
gdb-292 GPL  
gimp_print-5 GPL  
glibtool-7.2 GPL  
gm4-9 GPL  
gnudiff-10.2 GPL  
gnumake-108 GPL  
gnuserv-2 GPL  
gnutar-421 GPL  
gnuzip-13 GPL  
gperf-1 GPL  
grep-7 GPL  
groff-19 GPL  
headerdoc-7.4.8 APSL  
hfs-145 APSL  
iodbc-19 GPL  
isoutil-28 APSL  
jam-238 Other
kext_tools-42 APSL  
keymgr-3 GPL (with exception)  
less-10 GPL  
libedit-3 Other
libiconv-9 LGPL  
libpcap-9 BSD  
libtelnet-5 BSD  
libxml2-4 MIT  
lsof-12 Other
lukemftp-3 BSD  
lukemftpd-8 BSD  
mDNSResponder-58 APSL  
mail_cmds-15 BSD  
mailman-105 GPL  
misc_cmds-11 BSD  
msdosfs-48 APSL  
ncurses-8.1 MIT  
net_snmp-10 BSD  
netcat-4 Other
netinfo-324 APSL  
network_cmds-176 APSL  
ntfs-8 BSD  
ntp-16 Other
objc4-235 APSL  
pam-12 BSD  
pam_modules-13 BSD  
passwordserver_sasl-14 Other
patch_cmds-9 GPL  
pb_makefiles-118 APSL  
pbx_jamfiles-237 APSL  
perl-25.2 Artistic   GPL  
portmap-10 BSD  
postfix-129 IBM  
ppp-142 APSL  
procmail-4 Artistic   GPL  
project_makefiles-125 APSL  
python-7 Python  
rcs-11 GPL  
rsync-11 GPL  
ruby-12 GPL  
samba-48 GPL  
screen-5 GPL  
shell_cmds-53 BSD  
smb-115 APSL   BSD  
srm-2 MIT  
sudo-12 BSD  
system_cmds-279 APSL   BSD  
system_config-48 APSL  
tcl-14 Tcl  
tcp_wrappers-10 Other
tcpdump-7 BSD  
tcsh-44 BSD  
texi2html-1.3 Other
texinfo-9 GPL  
text_cmds-30 APSL   BSD  
top-9 APSL  
usertemplate-40 APSL  
vim-10 Public Domain  
volfs-24 APSL  
webdavfs-148 APSL  
xinetd-26 Other
xnu-517 APSL  
yacc-6 BSD  
zlib-12 zlib  
zsh-34 MIT  
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  2. To determine the specific license terms that apply to a project, look at the project source code license headers and the actual license included with the project.
  3. Please be advised that unless your final product is also open source, incorporating open source software containing encryption into your product may make it subject to U.S. and local country import/export laws. Please consult with your government agencies prior to exporting your product. Information about U.S. encryption export regulations can be found at the Bureau of Industry and Security