AppleCore99NVRAM-1.0d1 APSL  
AppleCore99PE-1.0d11 APSL  
AppleHeathrow-1.0.0d7 APSL  
AppleKeyLargo-1.0d6 APSL  
AppleMESH-1.0d1 APSL  
AppleMPIC-1.0 APSL  
AppleMacRISC2PE-1.0d12 APSL  
AppleTalk-59 APSL  
BootX-34 APSL  
Chess-45 Other
CoreOSMakefiles-18 APSL  
Csu-36 APSL  
DiskArbitration-20 APSL  
IOAudioFamily-14.8 APSL  
IOHIDFamily-6 APSL  
IOKitTools-16 APSL  
IOKitUser-52 APSL  
IOSerialFamily-6 APSL  
Libc-166 APSL  
Libcompat-14.1 APSL  
Libcurses-24 APSL  
Libinfo-78 APSL  
Libkvm-15.1 APSL  
Librpcsvc-11 APSL  
Libstreams-22 APSL  
Libsystem-50 APSL  
Liby-10 Other
OpenSSH-7.1 Other
OpenSSL-5 Other
SharedIP-20 APSL  
Startup-60 APSL  
UserNotification-11 APSL  
adv_cmds-35 APSL  
apache-643 Other
apache_mod_dav-7 Other
apache_mod_php-4.3 Other
apache_mod_ssl-4 Other
architecture-229 APSL  
at_cmds-38 APSL  
autoconf-8 Other
automount-15 APSL  
awk-1.2 Other
basic_cmds-27 Other
bc-8 Other
bind-5 Other
binutils-20 Other
bison-5.1 Other
boot-80.1 APSL  
bootp-54 APSL  
bootstrap_cmds-24 APSL  
bsdmake-7 Other
cc-798 Other
cctools-358 APSL  
configd-24 APSL  
configd_plugins-22 APSL  
cron-2 Other
cvs-19 Other
developer_cmds-16 Other
diffstat-1 Other
diskdev_cmds-143 APSL  
doc_cmds-22 Other
emacs-39 Other
enscript-7 Other
extenTools-17.3 APSL  
fetchmail-2 Other
file_cmds-45 APSL  
files-363 APSL  
flex-7 Other
gcc-926 Other
gdb-186.1 Other
gm4-6 Other
gnudiff-10 Other
gnumake-104 Other
gnutar-410.1 Other
gnuzip-11 Other
grep-6.1 Other
groff-10 Other
headerdoc-4 APSL  
hfs-106 APSL  
isoutil-16.1 APSL  
jam-52 Other
keymaps-31 APSL  
less-3 Other
libtelnet-1 Other
m4-4 Other
mail_cmds-10 Other
man-145 Other
misc_cmds-6 Other
ncftp-6 Other
netinfo-208 APSL  
network_cmds-76 APSL  
ntp-12 Other
objc4-208 APSL  
patch_cmds-7 Other
pb_makefiles-114.2 APSL  
pbx_jamfiles-56 APSL  
perl-17 Other
ppp-37 APSL  
procmail-1.2 Other
project_makefiles-124.4 APSL  
rcs-10 Other
rsync-5.1 Other
sendmail-26.2 Other
shell_cmds-17.1 Other
sudo-3 Other
system_cmds-175 APSL  
tcl-3.1 Other
tcp_wrappers-4 Other
tcsh-23 Other
texi2html-1.3 Other
text_cmds-8.3 APSL  
usertemplate-2.1 APSL  
usrtemplate-10 APSL  
vi-5.1 Other
volfs-21 APSL  
wget-5 Other
xnu-123.5 APSL  
yacc-4 Other
zlib-4 Other
zsh-27 Other
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  3. Please be advised that unless your final product is also open source, incorporating open source software containing encryption into your product may make it subject to U.S. and local country import/export laws. Please consult with your government agencies prior to exporting your product. Information about U.S. encryption export regulations can be found at the Bureau of Industry and Security