Berkeley Yacc owes much to the unflagging efforts of Keith Bostic.
His badgering kept me working on it long after I was ready to quit.

     Berkeley Yacc is based on the excellent algorithm for computing LALR(1)
lookaheads developed by Tom Pennello and Frank DeRemer.  The algorithm is
described in their almost impenetrable article in TOPLAS 4,4.

     Finally, much of the credit for the latest version must go to those
who pointed out deficiencies of my earlier releases.  Among the most
prolific contributors were

	  Benson I. Margulies
	  Dave Gentzel
	  Antoine Verheijen
	  Peter S. Housel
	  Dale Smith
	  Ozan Yigit
	  John Campbell
	  Bill Sommerfeld
	  Paul Hilfinger
	  Gary Bridgewater
	  Dave Bakken
	  Dan Lanciani
	  Richard Sargent
	  Parag Patel