test25.in   [plain text]

Test for jumping to a tag with 'hidden' set, with symbolic link in path of tag.
This only works for Unix, because of the symbolic link.

:so small.vim
:set hidden
:" Create a link from test25.dir to the current directory.
:!rm -f test25.dir
:!ln -s . test25.dir
:" Create tags.text, with the current directory name inserted.
/tags line
:r !pwd
hP:.w! tags.test
:" Try jumping to a tag in the current file, but with a path that contains a
:" symbolic link.  When wrong, this will give the ATTENTION message.  The next
:" space will then be eaten by hit-return, instead of moving the cursor to 'd'.
:set tags=tags.test
G x:.w! test.out
:!rm -f test25.dir tags.test

tags line:
SECTION_OFF	/test25.dir/test25.in	/^#define  SECTION_OFF  3$/

#define  SECTION_OFF  3
#define  NUM_SECTIONS 3