sed.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
" Language:	sed
" Maintainer:	Haakon Riiser <>
" URL:
" Last Change:	2005 Dec 15

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
    syn clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")

syn match sedError	"\S"

syn match sedWhitespace "\s\+" contained
syn match sedSemicolon	";"
syn match sedAddress	"[[:digit:]$]"
syn match sedAddress	"\d\+\~\d\+"
syn region sedAddress   matchgroup=Special start="[{,;]\s*/\(\\/\)\="lc=1 skip="[^\\]\(\\\\\)*\\/" end="/I\=" contains=sedTab,sedRegexpMeta
syn region sedAddress   matchgroup=Special start="^\s*/\(\\/\)\=" skip="[^\\]\(\\\\\)*\\/" end="/I\=" contains=sedTab,sedRegexpMeta
syn match sedComment	"^\s*#.*$"
syn match sedFunction	"[dDgGhHlnNpPqQx=]\s*\($\|;\)" contains=sedSemicolon,sedWhitespace
syn match sedLabel	":[^;]*"
syn match sedLineCont	"^\(\\\\\)*\\$" contained
syn match sedLineCont	"[^\\]\(\\\\\)*\\$"ms=e contained
syn match sedSpecial	"[{},!]"
if exists("highlight_sedtabs")
    syn match sedTab	"\t" contained

" Append/Change/Insert
syn region sedACI	matchgroup=sedFunction start="[aci]\\$" matchgroup=NONE end="^.*$" contains=sedLineCont,sedTab

syn region sedBranch	matchgroup=sedFunction start="[bt]" matchgroup=sedSemicolon end=";\|$" contains=sedWhitespace
syn region sedRW	matchgroup=sedFunction start="[rw]" matchgroup=sedSemicolon end=";\|$" contains=sedWhitespace

" Substitution/transform with various delimiters
syn region sedFlagwrite	    matchgroup=sedFlag start="w" matchgroup=sedSemicolon end=";\|$" contains=sedWhitespace contained
syn match sedFlag	    "[[:digit:]gpI]*w\=" contains=sedFlagwrite contained
syn match sedRegexpMeta	    "[.*^$]" contained
syn match sedRegexpMeta	    "\\." contains=sedTab contained
syn match sedRegexpMeta	    "\[.\{-}\]" contains=sedTab contained
syn match sedRegexpMeta	    "\\{\d\*,\d*\\}" contained
syn match sedRegexpMeta	    "\\(.\{-}\\)" contains=sedTab contained
syn match sedReplaceMeta    "&\|\\\($\|.\)" contains=sedTab contained

" Metacharacters: $ * . \ ^ [ ~
" @ is used as delimiter and treated on its own below
let __at = char2nr("@")
let __sed_i = char2nr(" ")
if has("ebcdic")
    let __sed_last = 255
    let __sed_last = 126
let __sed_metacharacters = '$*.\^[~'
while __sed_i <= __sed_last
    let __sed_delimiter = escape(nr2char(__sed_i), __sed_metacharacters)
	if __sed_i != __at
	    exe 'syn region sedAddress matchgroup=Special start=@\\'.__sed_delimiter.'\(\\'.__sed_delimiter.'\)\=@ skip=@[^\\]\(\\\\\)*\\'.__sed_delimiter.'@ end=@'.__sed_delimiter.'I\=@ contains=sedTab'
	    exe 'syn region sedRegexp'.__sed_i  'matchgroup=Special start=@'.__sed_delimiter.'\(\\\\\|\\'.__sed_delimiter.'\)*@ skip=@[^\\'.__sed_delimiter.']\(\\\\\)*\\'.__sed_delimiter.'@ end=@'.__sed_delimiter.'@me=e-1 contains=sedTab,sedRegexpMeta keepend contained nextgroup=sedReplacement'.__sed_i
	    exe 'syn region sedReplacement'.__sed_i 'matchgroup=Special start=@'.__sed_delimiter.'\(\\\\\|\\'.__sed_delimiter.'\)*@ skip=@[^\\'.__sed_delimiter.']\(\\\\\)*\\'.__sed_delimiter.'@ end=@'.__sed_delimiter.'@ contains=sedTab,sedReplaceMeta keepend contained nextgroup=sedFlag'
    let __sed_i = __sed_i + 1
syn region sedAddress matchgroup=Special start=+\\@\(\\@\)\=+ skip=+[^\\]\(\\\\\)*\\@+ end=+@I\=+ contains=sedTab,sedRegexpMeta
syn region sedRegexp64 matchgroup=Special start=+@\(\\\\\|\\@\)*+ skip=+[^\\@]\(\\\\\)*\\@+ end=+@+me=e-1 contains=sedTab,sedRegexpMeta keepend contained nextgroup=sedReplacement64
syn region sedReplacement64 matchgroup=Special start=+@\(\\\\\|\\@\)*+ skip=+[^\\@]\(\\\\\)*\\@+ end=+@+ contains=sedTab,sedReplaceMeta keepend contained nextgroup=sedFlag

" Since the syntax for the substituion command is very similar to the
" syntax for the transform command, I use the same pattern matching
" for both commands.  There is one problem -- the transform command
" (y) does not allow any flags.  To save memory, I ignore this problem.
syn match sedST	"[sy]" nextgroup=sedRegexp\d\+

if version >= 508 || !exists("did_sed_syntax_inits")
    if version < 508
	let did_sed_syntax_inits = 1
	command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
	command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>

    HiLink sedAddress		Macro
    HiLink sedACI		NONE
    HiLink sedBranch		Label
    HiLink sedComment		Comment
    HiLink sedDelete		Function
    HiLink sedError		Error
    HiLink sedFlag		Type
    HiLink sedFlagwrite		Constant
    HiLink sedFunction		Function
    HiLink sedLabel		Label
    HiLink sedLineCont		Special
    HiLink sedPutHoldspc	Function
    HiLink sedReplaceMeta	Special
    HiLink sedRegexpMeta	Special
    HiLink sedRW		Constant
    HiLink sedSemicolon		Special
    HiLink sedST		Function
    HiLink sedSpecial		Special
    HiLink sedWhitespace	NONE
    if exists("highlight_sedtabs")
	HiLink sedTab		Todo
    let __sed_i = 32
    while __sed_i <= 126
	exe "HiLink sedRegexp".__sed_i		"Macro"
	exe "HiLink sedReplacement".__sed_i	"NONE"
	let __sed_i = __sed_i + 1

    delcommand HiLink

unlet __sed_i __sed_delimiter __sed_metacharacters

let b:current_syntax = "sed"

" vim: sts=4 sw=4 ts=8