progress.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
" Language:		Progress 4GL
" Filename extensions:	*.p (collides with Pascal),
"			*.i (collides with assembler)
"			*.w (collides with cweb)
" Maintainer:		Philip Uren		<> Remove "SPAX" spam block
" Contributors:         Chris Ruprecht		<> (Chris, where are you now?)
"			Mikhail Kuperblum	<>
"			John Florian		<>
" Last Change:		Wed Apr 12 08:55:35 EST 2006
" $Id: progress.vim,v 1.3 2006/04/12 21:48:47 vimboss Exp $

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
	syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")

if version >= 600
  setlocal iskeyword=@,48-57,_,-,!,#,$,%
  set iskeyword=@,48-57,_,-,!,#,$,%

" The Progress editor doesn't cope with tabs very well.
set expandtab

syn case ignore

" Progress Blocks of code and mismatched "end." errors.
syn match	ProgressEndError	"\<end\>"
syn region	ProgressDoBlock		transparent matchgroup=ProgressDo start="\<do\>" matchgroup=ProgressDo end="\<end\>" contains=ALLBUT,ProgressProcedure,ProgressFunction
syn region	ProgressForBlock	transparent matchgroup=ProgressFor start="\<for\>" matchgroup=ProgressFor end="\<end\>" contains=ALLBUT,ProgressProcedure,ProgressFunction
syn region	ProgressRepeatBlock	transparent matchgroup=ProgressRepeat start="\<repeat\>" matchgroup=ProgressRepeat end="\<end\>" contains=ALLBUT,ProgressProcedure,ProgressFunction
syn region	ProgressCaseBlock	transparent matchgroup=ProgressCase start="\<case\>" matchgroup=ProgressCase end="\<end\scase\>\|\<end\>" contains=ALLBUT,ProgressProcedure,ProgressFunction

" These are Progress reserved words,
" and they could go in ProgressReserved,
" but I found it more helpful to highlight them in a different color.
syn keyword	ProgressConditional	if else then when otherwise
syn keyword	ProgressFor		each where

" Make those TODO and debugging notes stand out!
syn keyword	ProgressTodo		contained	TODO BUG FIX
syn keyword	ProgressDebug		contained	DEBUG
syn keyword	ProgressDebug		debugger
syn match  	ProgressTodo            contained	"NEED[S]*\s\s*WORK"

" If you like to highlight the whole line of
" the start and end of procedures
" to make the whole block of code stand out:
syn match	ProgressProcedure	"^\s*procedure.*"
syn match	ProgressProcedure	"^\s*end\s\s*procedure.*"
syn match	ProgressFunction	"^\s*function.*"
syn match	ProgressFunction	"^\s*end\s\s*function.*"
" ... otherwise use this:
" syn keyword ProgressFunction	procedure function

syn keyword	ProgressReserved	accum[ulate] active-window add alias all alter ambig[uous] analyz[e] and any apply as asc[ending] assign at attr[-space]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	authorization auto-ret[urn] avail[able] back[ground] before-h[ide] begins bell between blank break btos by call can-do can-find
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	center[ed] character check chr clear clipboard col colon color col[umn] column-lab[el] col[umns] compiler connected control count-of
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	cpstream create ctos current current-changed current-lang[uage] current-window current_date curs[or] database dataservers
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	dbcodepage dbcollation dbname dbrest[rictions] dbtaskid dbtype dbvers[ion] dde deblank debug-list debugger decimal decimals declare
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	def default default-noxl[ate] default-window def[ine] delete delimiter desc[ending] dict[ionary] disable discon[nect] disp
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	disp[lay] distinct dos down drop editing enable encode entry error-stat[us] escape etime except exclusive
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	exclusive[-lock] exclusive-web-us[er] exists export false fetch field field[s] file-info[rmation] fill find find-case-sensitive
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	find-global find-next-occurrence find-prev-occurrence find-select find-wrap-around first first-of focus font form form[at]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	fram[e] frame-col frame-db frame-down frame-field frame-file frame-inde[x] frame-line frame-name frame-row frame-val[ue]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	from from-c[hars] from-p[ixels] gateway[s] get-byte get-codepage[s] get-coll[ations] get-key-val[ue] getbyte global go-on
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	go-pend[ing] grant graphic-e[dge] group having header help hide import in index indicator input input-o[utput] insert
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	integer into is is-attr[-space] join kblabel key-code key-func[tion] key-label keycode keyfunc[tion] keylabel keys keyword label
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	last last-even[t] last-key last-of lastkey ldbname leave library like line-count[er] listi[ng] locked lookup machine-class
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	map member message message-lines mouse mpe new next next-prompt no no-attr[-space] no-error no-f[ill] no-help no-hide no-label[s]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	no-lock no-map no-mes[sage] no-pause no-prefe[tch] no-undo no-val[idate] no-wait not null num-ali[ases] num-dbs num-entries
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	of off old on open opsys option or os-append os-command os-copy os-create-dir os-delete os-dir os-drive[s] os-error os-rename
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	os2 os400 output overlay page page-bot[tom] page-num[ber] page-top param[eter] pause pdbname persist[ent] pixels
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	preproc[ess] privileges proc-ha[ndle] proc-st[atus] process program-name Progress prompt prompt[-for] promsgs propath provers[ion]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	put put-byte put-key-val[ue] putbyte query query-tuning quit r-index rcode-informatio[n] readkey recid record-len[gth] rect[angle]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	release reposition retain retry return return-val[ue] revert revoke run save schema screen screen-io screen-lines
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	scroll sdbname search seek select self session set setuser[id] share[-lock] shared show-stat[s] skip some space status stream
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	stream-io string-xref system-dialog table term term[inal] text text-cursor text-seg[-growth] this-procedure time title
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	to today top-only trans trans[action] trigger triggers trim true underl[ine] undo unform[atted] union unique unix up update
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	use-index use-revvideo use-underline user user[id] using v6frame value values variable view view-as vms wait-for web-con[text]
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	window window-maxim[ized] window-minim[ized] window-normal with work-tab[le] workfile write xcode xref yes _cbit
syn keyword	ProgressReserved	_control _list _memory _msg _pcontrol _serial[-num] _trace 

" Strings. Handles embedded quotes.
" Note that, for some reason, Progress doesn't use the backslash, "\"
" as the escape character; it uses tilde, "~".
syn region	ProgressString		matchgroup=ProgressQuote	start=+"+ end=+"+	skip=+\~'\|\~\~+
syn region	ProgressString		matchgroup=ProgressQuote	start=+'+ end=+'+	skip=+\~'\|\~\~+

syn match	ProgressIdentifier	"\<[a-zA-Z_%#]+\>()"

" syn match	ProgressDelimiter	"()"

syn match	ProgressMatrixDelimiter	"[][]"
" If you prefer you can highlight the range
"syn match	ProgressMatrixDelimiter	"[\d\+\.\.\d\+]"

syn match	ProgressNumber		"\<\-\=\d\+\(u\=l\=\|lu\|f\)\>"
syn match	ProgressByte		"\$[0-9a-fA-F]\+"

" More values: Logicals, and Progress's unknown value, ?.
syn match	ProgressNumber		"?"
syn keyword	ProgressNumber		true false yes no

" If you don't like tabs:
syn match	ProgressShowTab		"\t"

" If you don't like white space on the end of lines:
" syn match	ProgressSpaceError	"\s\+$"

syn region	ProgressComment		start="/\*" end="\*/" contains=ProgressComment,ProgressTodo,ProgressDebug
syn region	ProgressInclude		start="^[ 	]*[{][^&]" end="[}]" contains=ProgressPreProc,ProgressOperator,ProgressString,ProgressComment
syn region	ProgressPreProc		start="&" end="\>" contained

" This next line works reasonably well.
" syn match	ProgressOperator        "[!;|)(:.><+*=-]"
" Progress allows a '-' to be part of an identifier.  To be considered
" the subtraction/negation operation operator it needs a non-word
" character on either side.  Also valid are cases where the minus
" operation appears at the beginning or end of a line.
" This next line trips up on "no-undo" etc.
" syn match	ProgressOperator	"[!;|)(:.><+*=]\|\W-\W\|^-\W\|\W-$"
syn match	ProgressOperator	"[!;|)(:.><+*=]\|\s-\s\|^-\s\|\s-$"

syn keyword	ProgressOperator	<= <> >= abs[olute] accelerator across add-first add-last advise alert-box allow-replication ansi-only anywhere append appl-alert[-boxes] application as-cursor ask-overwrite
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	attach[ment] auto-end-key auto-endkey auto-go auto-ind[ent] auto-resize auto-z[ap] available-formats ave[rage] avg backward[s] base-key batch[-mode] bgc[olor] binary
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	bind-where block-iteration-display border-bottom border-bottom-ch[ars] border-bottom-pi[xels] border-left border-left-char[s] border-left-pixe[ls] border-right border-right-cha[rs]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	border-right-pix[els] border-t[op] border-t[op-chars] border-top-pixel[s] both bottom box box-select[able] browse browse-header buffer buffer-chars buffer-lines
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	button button[s] byte cache cache-size can-query can-set cancel-break cancel-button caps careful-paint case-sensitive cdecl char[acter] character_length charset
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	checked choose clear-select[ion] close code codepage codepage-convert col-of colon-align[ed] color-table column-bgc[olor] column-dcolor column-fgc[olor] column-font
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	column-label-bgc[olor] column-label-dcolor column-label-fgc[olor] column-label-font column-of column-pfc[olor] column-sc[rolling] combo-box command compile complete
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	connect constrained contents context context-pop[up] control-containe[r] c[ontrol-form] convert-to-offse[t] convert count cpcase cpcoll cpint[ernal] cplog
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	cpprint cprcodein cprcodeout cpterm crc-val[ue] c[reate-control] create-result-list-entry create-test-file current-column current-environm[ent] current-iteration
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	current-result-row current-row-modified current-value cursor-char cursor-line cursor-offset data-entry-retur[n] data-t[ype] date date-f[ormat] day db-references
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	dcolor dde-error dde-i[d] dde-item dde-name dde-topic debu[g] dec[imal] default-b[utton] default-extensio[n] defer-lob-fetch define defined delete-char delete-current-row
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	delete-line delete-selected-row delete-selected-rows deselect-focused-row deselect-rows deselect-selected-row d[esign-mode] dialog-box dialog-help dir disabled display-message
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	display-t[ype] double drag-enabled drop-down drop-down-list dump dynamic echo edge edge[-chars] edge-p[ixels] editor empty end-key endkey entered eq error error-col[umn]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	error-row event-t[ype] event[s] exclusive-id execute exp expand extended extent external extract fetch-selected-row fgc[olor] file file-name file-off[set] file-type
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	filename fill-in filled filters first-child first-column first-proc[edure] first-tab-i[tem] fixed-only float focused-row font-based-layout font-table force-file
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	fore[ground] form-input forward[s] frame-spa[cing] frame-x frame-y frequency from-cur[rent] full-height full-height-char[s] full-height-pixe[ls] full-pathn[ame]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	full-width full-width[-chars] full-width-pixel[s] ge get get-blue[-value] g[et-char-property] get-double get-dynamic get-file get-float get-green[-value]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	get-iteration get-license get-long get-message get-number get-pointer-value get-red[-value] get-repositioned-row get-selected-wid[get] get-short get-signature get-size
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	get-string get-tab-item get-text-height get-text-height-char[s] get-text-height-pixe[ls] get-text-width get-text-width-c[hars] get-text-width-pixel[s] get-unsigned-short
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	grayed grid-factor-horizont[al] grid-factor-vert[ical] grid-set grid-snap grid-unit-height grid-unit-height-cha[rs] grid-unit-height-pix[els] grid-unit-width grid-unit-width-char[s]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	grid-unit-width-pixe[ls] grid-visible gt handle height height[-chars] height-p[ixels] help-con[text] helpfile-n[ame] hidden hint hori[zontal] hwnd image image-down
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	image-insensitive image-size image-size-c[hars] image-size-pixel[s] image-up immediate-display index-hint indexed-reposition info[rmation] init init[ial] initial-dir
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	initial-filter initiate inner inner-chars inner-lines insert-b[acktab] insert-file insert-row insert-string insert-t[ab] int[eger] internal-entries is-lead-byte
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	is-row-selected is-selected item items-per-row join-by-sqldb keep-frame-z-ord[er] keep-messages keep-tab-order key keyword-all label-bgc[olor] label-dc[olor] label-fgc[olor]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	label-font label-pfc[olor] labels language[s] large large-to-small last-child last-tab-i[tem] last-proce[dure] lc le leading left left-align[ed] left-trim length
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	line list-events list-items list-query-attrs list-set-attrs list-widgets load l[oad-control] load-icon load-image load-image-down load-image-insensitive load-image-up
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	load-mouse-point[er] load-small-icon log logical lookahead lower lt manual-highlight margin-extra margin-height margin-height-ch[ars] margin-height-pi[xels] margin-width
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	margin-width-cha[rs] margin-width-pix[els] matches max max-chars max-data-guess max-height max-height[-chars] max-height-pixel[s] max-rows max-size max-val[ue] max-width
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	max-width[-chars] max-width-p[ixels] maximize max[imum] memory menu menu-bar menu-item menu-k[ey] menu-m[ouse] menubar message-area message-area-font message-line
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	min min-height min-height[-chars] min-height-pixel[s] min-size min-val[ue] min-width min-width[-chars] min-width-p[ixels] min[imum] mod modified mod[ulo] month mouse-p[ointer]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	movable move-after-tab-i[tem] move-before-tab-[item] move-col[umn] move-to-b[ottom] move-to-eof move-to-t[op] multiple multiple-key multitasking-interval must-exist
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	name native ne new-row next-col[umn] next-sibling next-tab-ite[m] next-value no-apply no-assign no-bind-where no-box no-column-scroll[ing] no-convert no-current-value
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	no-debug no-drag no-echo no-index-hint no-join-by-sqldb no-lookahead no-row-markers no-scrolling no-separate-connection no-separators no-und[erline] no-word-wrap
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	none num-but[tons] num-col[umns] num-copies num-formats num-items num-iterations num-lines num-locked-colum[ns] num-messages num-results num-selected num-selected-rows
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	num-selected-widgets num-tabs num-to-retain numeric numeric-f[ormat] octet_length ok ok-cancel on-frame[-border] ordered-join ordinal orientation os-getenv outer
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	outer-join override owner page-size page-wid[th] paged parent partial-key pascal pathname pfc[olor] pinnable pixels-per-colum[n] pixels-per-row popup-m[enu] popup-o[nly]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	position precision presel[ect] prev prev-col[umn] prev-sibling prev-tab-i[tem] primary printer-control-handle printer-setup private-d[ata] profiler Progress-s[ource]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	publish put-double put-float put-long put-short put-string put-unsigned-short query-off-end question radio-buttons radio-set random raw raw-transfer read-file read-only
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	real recursive refresh refreshable replace replace-selection-text replication-create replication-delete replication-write request resiza[ble] resize retry-cancel
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	return-ins[erted] return-to-start-di[r] reverse-from right right-align[ed] right-trim round row row-ma[rkers] row-of rowid rule rule-row rule-y save-as save-file
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	screen-val[ue] scroll-bars scroll-delta scroll-horiz-value scroll-offset scroll-to-current-row scroll-to-i[tem] scroll-to-selected-row scroll-vert-value scrollable
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	scrollbar-horizo[ntal] scrollbar-vertic[al] scrolled-row-positio[n] scrolling se-check-pools se-enable-of[f] se-enable-on se-num-pools se-use-messa[ge] section select-focused-row
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	select-next-row select-prev-row select-repositioned-row select-row selectable selected selected-items selection-end selection-list selection-start selection-text
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	send sensitive separate-connection separators set-blue[-value] set-break set-cell-focus set-contents set-dynamic set-green[-value] set-leakpoint set-pointer-valu[e]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	s[et-property] set-red[-value] set-repositioned-row set-selection set-size set-wait[-state] side-lab side-lab[e] side-lab[el] side-label-handl[e] side-lab[els] silent
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	simple single size size-c[hars] size-p[ixels] slider smallint sort source source-procedure sql sqrt start status-area status-area-font status-bar stdcall stenciled stop stoppe[d]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	stored-proc[edure] string sub-ave[rage] sub-count sub-max[imum] sub-me[nu] sub-menu-help sub-min[imum] sub-total subscribe subst[itute] substr[ing] subtype sum super suppress-warning[s]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	system-alert-box[es] system-help tab-position tabbable target target-procedure temp-dir[ectory] temp-table terminate text-selected three-d through thru tic-marks time-source title-bgc[olor]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	title-dc[olor] title-fgc[olor] title-fo[nt] to-rowid toggle-box tool-bar top topic total trailing trunc[ate] type unbuff[ered] unique-id unload unsubscribe upper use use-dic[t-exps]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	use-filename use-text v6display valid-event valid-handle validate validate-condition validate-message var[iable] vert[ical] virtual-height virtual-height-c[hars]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	virtual-height-pixel[s] virtual-width virtual-width-ch[ars] virtual-width-pi[xels] visible wait warning weekday widget widget-e[nter] widget-h[andle] widget-l[eave]
syn keyword	ProgressOperator	widget-pool width width[-chars] width-p[ixels] window-name window-sta[te] window-sys[tem] word-wrap x-of y-of year yes-no yes-no-cancel _dcm

syn keyword	ProgressType		char[acter] int[eger] format
syn keyword	ProgressType		var[iable] log[ical] da[te]

syn sync lines=800

" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_progress_syntax_inits")
  if version < 508
	let did_progress_syntax_inits = 1
	command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
	command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>

  " The default methods for highlighting. Can be overridden later.
  HiLink ProgressByte			Number
  HiLink ProgressCase			Repeat
  HiLink ProgressComment		Comment
  HiLink ProgressConditional		Conditional
  HiLink ProgressDebug			Debug
  HiLink ProgressDo			Repeat
  HiLink ProgressEndError		Error
  HiLink ProgressFor			Repeat
  HiLink ProgressFunction		Procedure
  HiLink ProgressIdentifier		Identifier
  HiLink ProgressInclude		Include
  HiLink ProgressMatrixDelimiter	Identifier
  HiLink ProgressNumber			Number
  HiLink ProgressOperator		Operator
  HiLink ProgressPreProc		PreProc
  HiLink ProgressProcedure		Procedure
  HiLink ProgressQuote			Delimiter
  HiLink ProgressRepeat			Repeat
  HiLink ProgressReserved		Statement
  HiLink ProgressSpaceError		Error
  HiLink ProgressString			String
  HiLink ProgressTodo			Todo
  HiLink ProgressType			Statement
  HiLink ProgressShowTab		Error

  delcommand HiLink

let b:current_syntax = "progress"

" vim: ts=8 sw=8