natural.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
" Language:	NATURAL
" Version:
" Maintainer:	Marko von Oppen <>
" Last Changed:	2008-07-29 01:40:52
" Support:

" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when this syntax file was already loaded
if v:version < 600
  syntax clear
  set iskeyword+=-,*,#,+,_,/
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
  setlocal iskeyword+=-,*,#,+,_,/

" NATURAL is case insensitive
syntax case ignore

" preprocessor
syn keyword naturalInclude	include nextgroup=naturalObjName skipwhite

" define data
syn keyword naturalKeyword	define data end-define
syn keyword naturalKeyword	independent global parameter local redefine view
syn keyword naturalKeyword	const[ant] init initial

" loops
syn keyword naturalLoop		read end-read end-work find end-find histogram end-histogram
syn keyword naturalLoop		end-all sort end-sort sorted descending ascending
syn keyword naturalRepeat	repeat end-repeat while until for step end-for
syn keyword naturalKeyword	in file with field starting from ending at thru by isn where
syn keyword naturalError	on error end-error
syn keyword naturalKeyword	accept reject end-enddata number unique retain as release
syn keyword naturalKeyword	start end-start break end-break physical page top sequence
syn keyword naturalKeyword	end-toppage end-endpage end-endfile before processing
syn keyword naturalKeyword	end-before

" conditionals
syn keyword naturalConditional	if then else end-if end-norec
syn keyword naturalConditional	decide end-decide value when condition none any

" assignment / calculation
syn keyword naturalKeyword	reset assign move left right justified compress to into edited
syn keyword naturalKeyword	add subtract multiply divide compute name
syn keyword naturalKeyword	all giving remainder rounded leaving space numeric
syn keyword naturalKeyword	examine full replace giving separate delimiter modified
syn keyword naturalKeyword	suspend identical suppress

" program flow
syn keyword naturalFlow		callnat fetch return enter escape bottom top stack formatted
syn keyword naturalFlow		command call
syn keyword naturalflow		end-subroutine routine

" file operations
syn keyword naturalKeyword	update store get delete end transaction work once close

" other keywords
syn keyword naturalKeyword	first every of no record[s] found ignore immediate
syn keyword naturalKeyword	set settime key control stop terminate

" in-/output
syn keyword naturalKeyword	write display input reinput notitle nohdr map newpage
syn keyword naturalKeyword	alarm text help eject index window base size
syn keyword naturalKeyword	format printer skip lines

" functions
syn keyword naturalKeyword	abs atn cos exp frac int log sgn sin sqrt tan val old
syn keyword naturalKeyword	pos

" report mode keywords
syn keyword naturalRMKeyword	same loop obtain indexed do doend

" Subroutine name
syn keyword naturalFlow		perform subroutine nextgroup=naturalFunction skipwhite
syn match   naturalFunction	"\<[a-z][-_a-z0-9]*\>"

syn keyword naturalFlow		using nextgroup=naturalKeyword,naturalObjName skipwhite
syn match   naturalObjName	"\<[a-z][-_a-z0-9]\{,7}\>"

" Labels
syn match   naturalLabel	"\<[+#a-z][-_#a-z0-9]*\."
syn match   naturalRef		"\<[+#a-z][-_#a-z0-9]*\>\.\<[+#a-z][*]\=[-_#a-z0-9]*\>"

" mark keyword special handling
syn keyword naturalKeyword	mark nextgroup=naturalMark skipwhite
syn match   naturalMark		"\<\*[a-z][-_#.a-z0-9]*\>"

" System variables
syn match   naturalSysVar	"\<\*[a-z][-a-z0-9]*\>"

"integer number, or floating point number without a dot.
syn match   naturalNumber	"\<-\=\d\+\>"
"floating point number, with dot
syn match   naturalNumber	"\<-\=\d\+\.\d\+\>"
"floating point number, starting with a dot
syn match   naturalNumber	"\.\d\+"

" Formats in write statement
syn match   naturalFormat	"\<\d\+[TX]\>"

" String and Character contstants
syn match   naturalString	"H'\x\+'"
syn region  naturalString	start=+"+ end=+"+
syn region  naturalString	start=+'+ end=+'+

" Type definition
syn match   naturalAttribute	"\<[-a-z][a-z]=[-a-z0-9_\.,]\+\>"
syn match   naturalType		contained "\<[ABINP]\d\+\(,\d\+\)\=\>"
syn match   naturalType		contained "\<[CL]\>"

" "TODO" / other comments
syn keyword naturalTodo		contained todo test
syn match   naturalCommentMark	contained "[a-z][^ \t/:|]*\(\s[^ \t/:'"|]\+\)*:\s"he=e-1

" comments
syn region  naturalComment	start="/\*" end="$" contains=naturalTodo,naturalLineRef,naturalCommentMark
syn region  naturalComment	start="^\*[ *]" end="$" contains=naturalTodo,naturalLineRef,naturalCommentMark
syn region  naturalComment	start="^\d\{4} \*[\ \*]"lc=5 end="$" contains=naturalTodo,naturalLineRef,naturalCommentMark
syn match   naturalComment	"^\*$"
syn match   naturalComment	"^\d\{4} \*$"lc=5
" /* is legal syntax in parentheses e.g. "#ident(label./*)"
syn region  naturalPComment	contained start="/\*\s*[^),]"  end="$" contains=naturalTodo,naturalLineRef,naturalCommentMark

" operators
syn keyword naturalOperator	and or not eq ne gt lt ge le mask scan modified

" constants
syn keyword naturalBoolean	true false
syn match   naturalLineNo	"^\d\{4}"

" identifiers
syn match   naturalIdent	"\<[+#a-z][-_#a-z0-9]*\>[^\.']"me=e-1
syn match   naturalIdent	"\<[+#a-z][-_#a-z0-9]*$"
syn match   naturalLegalIdent	"[+#a-z][-_#a-z0-9]*/[-_#a-z0-9]*"

" parentheses
syn region  naturalPar		matchgroup=naturalParGui start="(" end=")" contains=naturalLabel,naturalRef,naturalOperator,@naturalConstant,naturalType,naturalSysVar,naturalPar,naturalLineNo,naturalPComment
syn match   naturalLineRef	"(\d\{4})"

" build syntax groups
syntax cluster naturalConstant	contains=naturalString,naturalNumber,naturalAttribute,naturalBoolean

" folding
if v:version >= 600
  set foldignore=*

if v:version >= 508 || !exists("did_natural_syntax_inits")
  if v:version < 508
    let did_natural_syntax_inits = 1
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
  " The default methods for highlighting.  Can be overridden later

  " Constants
  HiLink naturalFormat		Constant
  HiLink naturalAttribute	Constant
  HiLink naturalNumber		Number
  HiLink naturalString		String
  HiLink naturalBoolean		Boolean

  " All kinds of keywords
  HiLink naturalConditional	Conditional
  HiLink naturalRepeat		Repeat
  HiLink naturalLoop		Repeat
  HiLink naturalFlow		Keyword
  HiLink naturalError		Keyword
  HiLink naturalKeyword		Keyword
  HiLink naturalOperator	Operator
  HiLink naturalParGui		Operator

  " Labels
  HiLink naturalLabel		Label
  HiLink naturalRefLabel	Label

  " Comments
  HiLink naturalPComment	Comment
  HiLink naturalComment		Comment
  HiLink naturalTodo		Todo
  HiLink naturalCommentMark	PreProc

  HiLink naturalInclude		Include
  HiLink naturalSysVar		Identifier
  HiLink naturalLineNo		LineNr
  HiLink naturalLineRef		Error
  HiLink naturalSpecial		Special
  HiLink naturalComKey		Todo

  " illegal things
  HiLink naturalRMKeyword	Error
  HiLink naturalLegalIdent	Error

  HiLink naturalType		Type
  HiLink naturalFunction	Function
  HiLink naturalObjName		PreProc

  delcommand HiLink

let b:current_syntax = "natural"

" vim:set ts=8 sw=8 noet ft=vim: