cf.vim   [plain text]

" Vim syntax file
"    Language: ColdFusion
"  Maintainer: Toby Woodwark (
" Last Change: 2007 Nov 19
"   Filenames: *.cfc *.cfm
"     Version: Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7
"       Usage: Note that ColdFusion has its own comment syntax
"              i.e. <!--- --->

" For version 5.x, clear all syntax items.
" For version 6.x+, quit if a syntax file is already loaded.
if version < 600
  syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")

" Use all the stuff from the HTML syntax file.
" TODO remove this; CFML is not a superset of HTML
if version < 600
  source <sfile>:p:h/html.vim
  runtime! syntax/html.vim

syn sync fromstart
syn sync maxlines=200
syn case ignore

" Scopes and keywords.
syn keyword cfScope contained cgi cffile cookie request caller this thistag
syn keyword cfScope contained cfcatch variables application server session client form url attributes
syn keyword cfScope contained arguments
syn keyword cfBool contained yes no true false

" Operator strings.
syn keyword cfOperator contained xor eqv and or lt le lte gt ge gte equal eq neq not is mod contains
syn match cfOperatorMatch contained "\<does\_s\+not\_s\+contain\>"
syn match cfOperatorMatch contained "\<\(greater\|less\)\_s\+than\(\_s\+or\_s\+equal\_s\+to\)\?\>"
syn match cfOperatorMatch contained "[\+\-\*\/\\\^\&][\+\-\*\/\\\^\&]\@!"
syn cluster cfOperatorCluster contains=cfOperator,cfOperatorMatch

" Tag names.
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfabort cfapplet cfapplication cfargument cfassociate
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfbreak cfcache cfcalendar cfcase cfcatch
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfchart cfchartdata cfchartseries cfcol cfcollection
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfcomponent cfcontent cfcookie cfdefaultcase cfdirectory
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfdocument cfdocumentitem cfdocumentsection cfdump cfelse
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfelseif cferror cfexecute cfexit cffile cfflush cfform
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfformgroup cfformitem cfftp cffunction cfgraph cfgraphdata
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfgrid cfgridcolumn cfgridrow cfgridupdate cfheader
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfhtmlhead cfhttp cfhttpparam cfif cfimport
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfinclude cfindex cfinput cfinsert cfinvoke cfinvokeargument
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfldap cflocation cflock cflog cflogin cfloginuser cflogout
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfloop cfmail cfmailparam cfmailpart cfmodule
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfNTauthenticate cfobject cfobjectcache cfoutput cfparam
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfpop cfprocessingdirective cfprocparam cfprocresult
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfproperty cfquery cfqueryparam cfregistry cfreport
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfreportparam cfrethrow cfreturn cfsavecontent cfschedule
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfscript cfsearch cfselect cfservlet cfservletparam cfset
syn keyword cfTagName contained cfsetting cfsilent cfslider cfstoredproc cfswitch cftable
syn keyword cfTagName contained cftextarea cftextinput cfthrow cftimer cftrace cftransaction
syn keyword cfTagName contained cftree cftreeitem cftry cfupdate cfwddx cfxml

" Tag parameters.
syn keyword cfArg contained abort accept access accessible action addnewline addtoken
syn keyword cfArg contained agentname align appendkey appletsource application
syn keyword cfArg contained applicationtimeout applicationtoken archive
syn keyword cfArg contained argumentcollection arguments asciiextensionlist
syn keyword cfArg contained attachmentpath attributecollection attributes autowidth
syn keyword cfArg contained backgroundvisible basetag bcc bgcolor bind bindingname
syn keyword cfArg contained blockfactor body bold border branch cachedafter cachedwithin
syn keyword cfArg contained casesensitive category categorytree cc cfsqltype charset
syn keyword cfArg contained chartheight chartwidth checked class clientmanagement
syn keyword cfArg contained clientstorage codebase colheaderalign colheaderbold
syn keyword cfArg contained colheaderfont colheaderfontsize colheaderitalic colheaders
syn keyword cfArg contained colheadertextcolor collection colorlist colspacing columns
syn keyword cfArg contained completepath component condition connection contentid
syn keyword cfArg contained context contextbytes contexthighlightbegin
syn keyword cfArg contained contexthighlightend contextpassages cookiedomain criteria
syn keyword cfArg contained custom1 custom2 custom3 custom4 data dataalign
syn keyword cfArg contained databackgroundcolor datacollection datasource daynames
syn keyword cfArg contained dbname dbserver dbtype dbvarname debug default delete
syn keyword cfArg contained deletebutton deletefile delimiter delimiters description
syn keyword cfArg contained destination detail directory disabled display displayname
syn keyword cfArg contained disposition dn domain editable enablecab enablecfoutputonly
syn keyword cfArg contained enabled encoded encryption enctype enddate endrange endtime
syn keyword cfArg contained entry errorcode exception existing expand expires expireurl
syn keyword cfArg contained expression extendedinfo extends extensions external
syn keyword cfArg contained failifexists failto file filefield filename filter
syn keyword cfArg contained firstdayofweek firstrowasheaders fixnewline font fontbold
syn keyword cfArg contained fontembed fontitalic fontsize foregroundcolor format
syn keyword cfArg contained formfields formula from generateuniquefilenames getasbinary
syn keyword cfArg contained grid griddataalign gridlines groovecolor group
syn keyword cfArg contained groupcasesensitive header headeralign headerbold headerfont
syn keyword cfArg contained headerfontsize headeritalic headerlines headertextcolor
syn keyword cfArg contained height highlighthref hint href hrefkey hscroll hspace html
syn keyword cfArg contained htmltable id idletimeout img imgopen imgstyle index inline
syn keyword cfArg contained input insert insertbutton interval isolation italic item
syn keyword cfArg contained itemcolumn key keyonly label labelformat language list
syn keyword cfArg contained listgroups locale localfile log loginstorage lookandfeel
syn keyword cfArg contained mailerid mailto marginbottom marginleft marginright
syn keyword cfArg contained margintop markersize markerstyle mask max maxlength maxrows
syn keyword cfArg contained message messagenumber method mimeattach mimetype min mode
syn keyword cfArg contained modifytype monthnames multipart multiple name nameconflict
syn keyword cfArg contained namespace new newdirectory notsupported null numberformat
syn keyword cfArg contained object omit onblur onchange onclick onerror onfocus
syn keyword cfArg contained onkeydown onkeyup onload onmousedown onmouseup onreset
syn keyword cfArg contained onsubmit onvalidate operation orderby orientation output
syn keyword cfArg contained outputfile overwrite ownerpassword pageencoding pageheight
syn keyword cfArg contained pagetype pagewidth paintstyle param_1 param_2 param_3
syn keyword cfArg contained param_4 param_5 param_6 param_7 param_8 param_9 parent
syn keyword cfArg contained parrent passive passthrough password path pattern
syn keyword cfArg contained permissions picturebar pieslicestyle port porttypename
syn keyword cfArg contained prefix preloader preservedata previouscriteria procedure
syn keyword cfArg contained protocol provider providerdsn proxybypass proxypassword
syn keyword cfArg contained proxyport proxyserver proxyuser publish query queryasroot
syn keyword cfArg contained queryposition range rebind recurse redirect referral
syn keyword cfArg contained refreshlabel remotefile replyto report requesttimeout
syn keyword cfArg contained required reset resoleurl resolveurl result resultset
syn keyword cfArg contained retrycount returnasbinary returncode returntype
syn keyword cfArg contained returnvariable roles rotated rowheaderalign rowheaderbold
syn keyword cfArg contained rowheaderfont rowheaderfontsize rowheaderitalic rowheaders
syn keyword cfArg contained rowheadertextcolor rowheaderwidth rowheight scale scalefrom
syn keyword cfArg contained scaleto scope scriptprotect scriptsrc secure securitycontext
syn keyword cfArg contained select selectcolor selected selecteddate selectedindex
syn keyword cfArg contained selectmode separator seriescolor serieslabel seriesplacement
syn keyword cfArg contained server serviceport serviceportname sessionmanagement
syn keyword cfArg contained sessiontimeout setclientcookies setcookie setdomaincookies
syn keyword cfArg contained show3d showborder showdebugoutput showerror showlegend
syn keyword cfArg contained showmarkers showxgridlines showygridlines size skin sort
syn keyword cfArg contained sortascendingbutton sortcontrol sortdescendingbutton
syn keyword cfArg contained sortxaxis source spoolenable sql src srcfile start startdate
syn keyword cfArg contained startrange startrow starttime status statuscode statustext
syn keyword cfArg contained step stoponerror style subject suggestions
syn keyword cfArg contained suppresswhitespace tablename tableowner tablequalifier
syn keyword cfArg contained taglib target task template text textcolor textqualifier
syn keyword cfArg contained throwonerror throwonerror throwonfailure throwontimeout
syn keyword cfArg contained timeout timespan tipbgcolor tipstyle title to tooltip
syn keyword cfArg contained toplevelvariable transfermode type uid unit url urlpath
syn keyword cfArg contained useragent username userpassword usetimezoneinfo validate
syn keyword cfArg contained validateat value valuecolumn values valuesdelimiter
syn keyword cfArg contained valuesdisplay var variable vertical visible vscroll vspace
syn keyword cfArg contained webservice width wmode wraptext wsdlfile xaxistitle
syn keyword cfArg contained xaxistype xoffset yaxistitle yaxistype yoffset

" ColdFusion Functions.
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ACos ASin Abs AddSOAPRequestHeader AddSOAPResponseHeader
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ArrayAppend ArrayAvg ArrayClear ArrayDeleteAt ArrayInsertAt
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ArrayIsEmpty ArrayLen ArrayMax ArrayMin ArrayNew
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ArrayPrepend ArrayResize ArraySet ArraySort ArraySum
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ArraySwap ArrayToList Asc Atn AuthenticatedContext
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained AuthenticatedUser BinaryDecode BinaryEncode BitAnd
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained BitMaskClear BitMaskRead BitMaskSet BitNot BitOr BitSHLN
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained BitSHRN BitXor CJustify Ceiling CharsetDecode CharsetEncode
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Chr Compare CompareNoCase Cos CreateDate CreateDateTime
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained CreateODBCDate CreateODBCDateTime CreateODBCTime
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained CreateObject CreateTime CreateTimeSpan CreateUUID DE DateAdd
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained DateCompare DateConvert DateDiff DateFormat DatePart Day
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained DayOfWeek DayOfWeekAsString DayOfYear DaysInMonth DaysInYear
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained DecimalFormat DecrementValue Decrypt DecryptBinary
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained DeleteClientVariable DirectoryExists DollarFormat Duplicate
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Encrypt EncryptBinary Evaluate Exp ExpandPath FileExists
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Find FindNoCase FindOneOf FirstDayOfMonth Fix FormatBaseN
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GenerateSecretKey GetAuthUser GetBaseTagData GetBaseTagList
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetBaseTemplatePath GetClientVariablesList GetContextRoot
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetCurrentTemplatePath GetDirectoryFromPath GetEncoding
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetException GetFileFromPath GetFunctionList
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetGatewayHelper GetHttpRequestData GetHttpTimeString
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetLocalHostIP
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetLocale GetLocaleDisplayName GetMetaData GetMetricData
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetPageContext GetProfileSections GetProfileString
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetSOAPRequest GetSOAPRequestHeader GetSOAPResponse
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetSOAPResponseHeader GetTempDirectory GetTempFile
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained GetTickCount GetTimeZoneInfo GetToken
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained HTMLCodeFormat HTMLEditFormat Hash Hour IIf IncrementValue
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained InputBaseN Insert Int IsArray IsAuthenticated IsAuthorized
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained IsBinary IsBoolean IsCustomFunction IsDate IsDebugMode
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained IsDefined
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained IsLeapYear IsLocalHost IsNumeric
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained IsNumericDate IsObject IsProtected IsQuery IsSOAPRequest
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained IsSimpleValue IsStruct IsUserInRole IsValid IsWDDX IsXML
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained IsXmlAttribute IsXmlDoc IsXmlElem IsXmlNode IsXmlRoot
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained JSStringFormat JavaCast LCase LJustify LSCurrencyFormat
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained LSDateFormat LSEuroCurrencyFormat LSIsCurrency LSIsDate
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained LSIsNumeric LSNumberFormat LSParseCurrency LSParseDateTime
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained LSParseEuroCurrency LSParseNumber LSTimeFormat LTrim Left
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Len ListAppend ListChangeDelims ListContains
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ListContainsNoCase ListDeleteAt ListFind ListFindNoCase
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ListFirst ListGetAt ListInsertAt ListLast ListLen
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ListPrepend ListQualify ListRest ListSetAt ListSort
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ListToArray ListValueCount ListValueCountNoCase Log Log10
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Max Mid Min Minute Month MonthAsString Now NumberFormat
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ParagraphFormat ParseDateTime Pi
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained PreserveSingleQuotes Quarter QueryAddColumn QueryAddRow
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained QueryNew QuerySetCell QuotedValueList REFind REFindNoCase
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained REReplace REReplaceNoCase RJustify RTrim Rand RandRange
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Randomize ReleaseComObject RemoveChars RepeatString Replace
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained ReplaceList ReplaceNoCase Reverse Right Round Second
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained SendGatewayMessage SetEncoding SetLocale SetProfileString
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained SetVariable Sgn Sin SpanExcluding SpanIncluding Sqr StripCR
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained StructAppend StructClear StructCopy StructCount StructDelete
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained StructFind StructFindKey StructFindValue StructGet
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained StructInsert StructIsEmpty StructKeyArray StructKeyExists
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained StructKeyList StructNew StructSort StructUpdate Tan
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained TimeFormat ToBase64 ToBinary ToScript ToString Trim UCase
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained URLDecode URLEncodedFormat URLSessionFormat Val ValueList
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained Week Wrap WriteOutput XmlChildPos XmlElemNew XmlFormat
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained XmlGetNodeType XmlNew XmlParse XmlSearch XmlTransform
syn keyword cfFunctionName contained XmlValidate Year YesNoFormat

" Deprecated tags and functions.
syn keyword cfDeprecated contained cfauthenticate cfimpersonate cfgraph cfgraphdata
syn keyword cfDeprecated contained cfservlet cfservletparam cftextinput
syn keyword cfDeprecated contained GetK2ServerDocCount GetK2ServerDocCountLimit GetTemplatePath
syn keyword cfDeprecated contained IsK2ServerABroker IsK2ServerDocCountExceeded IsK2ServerOnline
syn keyword cfDeprecated contained ParameterExists

syn cluster htmlTagNameCluster add=cfTagName
syn cluster htmlArgCluster add=cfArg,cfHashRegion,cfScope
syn cluster htmlPreproc add=cfHashRegion

syn cluster cfExpressionCluster contains=cfFunctionName,cfScope,@cfOperatorCluster,cfScriptStringD,cfScriptStringS,cfScriptNumber,cfBool

" Evaluation; skip strings ( this helps with cases like nested IIf() )
syn region cfHashRegion start=+#+ skip=+"[^"]*"\|'[^']*'+ end=+#+ contains=@cfExpressionCluster,cfScriptParenError

" <cfset>, <cfif>, <cfelseif>, <cfreturn> are analogous to hashmarks (implicit
" evaluation) and have 'var'
syn region cfSetRegion start="<cfset " start="<cfreturn " start="<cfelseif " start="<cfif " end='>' keepend contains=@cfExpressionCluster,cfSetLHSRegion,cfSetTagEnd,cfScriptType
syn region cfSetLHSRegion contained start="<cfreturn" start="<cfelseif" start="<cfif" start="<cfset" end=" " keepend contains=cfTagName,htmlTag
syn match  cfSetTagEnd contained '>'

" CF comments: similar to SGML comments
syn region  cfComment     start='<!---' end='--->' keepend contains=cfCommentTodo
syn keyword cfCommentTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX TBD WTF 

" CFscript 
syn match   cfScriptLineComment      contained "\/\/.*$" contains=cfCommentTodo
syn region  cfScriptComment	     contained start="/\*"  end="\*/" contains=cfCommentTodo
" in CF, quotes are escaped by doubling
syn region  cfScriptStringD	     contained start=+"+  skip=+\\\\\|""+  end=+"+  extend contains=@htmlPreproc,cfHashRegion
syn region  cfScriptStringS	     contained start=+'+  skip=+\\\\\|''+  end=+'+  extend contains=@htmlPreproc,cfHashRegion
syn match   cfScriptNumber	     contained "\<\d\+\>"
syn keyword cfScriptConditional      contained if else
syn keyword cfScriptRepeat	     contained while for in
syn keyword cfScriptBranch	     contained break switch case default try catch continue
syn keyword cfScriptFunction	     contained function
syn keyword cfScriptType	     contained var
syn match   cfScriptBraces	     contained "[{}]"
syn keyword cfScriptStatement        contained return

syn cluster cfScriptCluster contains=cfScriptParen,cfScriptLineComment,cfScriptComment,cfScriptStringD,cfScriptStringS,cfScriptFunction,cfScriptNumber,cfScriptRegexpString,cfScriptBoolean,cfScriptBraces,cfHashRegion,cfFunctionName,cfScope,@cfOperatorCluster,cfScriptConditional,cfScriptRepeat,cfScriptBranch,cfScriptType,@cfExpressionCluster,cfScriptStatement

" Errors caused by wrong parenthesis; skip strings
syn region  cfScriptParen       contained transparent skip=+"[^"]*"\|'[^']*'+ start=+(+ end=+)+ contains=@cfScriptCluster
syn match   cfScrParenError 	contained +)+

syn region cfscriptBlock matchgroup=NONE start="<cfscript>"  end="<\/cfscript>"me=s-1 keepend contains=@cfScriptCluster,cfscriptTag,cfScrParenError
syn region  cfscriptTag contained start='<cfscript' end='>' keepend contains=cfTagName,htmlTag

syn cluster cfmlCluster contains=cfComment,@htmlTagNameCluster,@htmlPreproc,cfSetRegion,cfscriptBlock

" cfquery = sql
unlet b:current_syntax
syn include @cfSql <sfile>:p:h/sql.vim
unlet b:current_syntax
syn region  cfqueryTag  contained start=+<cfquery+ end=+>+    keepend   contains=cfTagName,htmlTag
syn region  cfSqlregion start=+<cfquery[^>]*>+ keepend end=+<\/cfquery>+me=s-1 matchgroup=NONE contains=@cfSql,cfComment,@htmlTagNameCluster,cfqueryTag

" Define the default highlighting.
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_cf_syn_inits")
  if version < 508
    let did_cf_syn_inits = 1
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>

  HiLink cfTagName 		Statement
  HiLink cfArg 			Type
  HiLink cfFunctionName 	Function
  HiLink cfHashRegion 		PreProc
  HiLink cfComment 		Comment
  HiLink cfCommentTodo 		Todo
  HiLink cfOperator		Operator
  HiLink cfOperatorMatch	Operator
  HiLink cfScope		Title
  HiLink cfBool			Constant

  HiLink cfscriptBlock 		Special
  HiLink cfscriptTag 		htmlTag
  HiLink cfSetRegion 		PreProc
  HiLink cfSetLHSRegion 	htmlTag
  HiLink cfSetTagEnd		htmlTag

  HiLink cfScriptLineComment	Comment
  HiLink cfScriptComment	Comment
  HiLink cfScriptStringS	String
  HiLink cfScriptStringD	String
  HiLink cfScriptNumber	     	cfScriptValue
  HiLink cfScriptConditional	Conditional
  HiLink cfScriptRepeat	     	Repeat
  HiLink cfScriptBranch	     	Conditional
  HiLink cfScriptType		Type
  HiLink cfScriptStatement	Statement
  HiLink cfScriptBraces	     	Function
  HiLink cfScriptFunction    	Function
  HiLink cfScriptError	     	Error
  HiLink cfDeprecated	     	Error
  HiLink cfScrParenError	cfScriptError

  HiLink cfqueryTag htmlTag
  delcommand HiLink

let b:current_syntax = "cf"

" vim: ts=8 sw=2