occam.vim   [plain text]

" Vim filetype plugin file
" Language:	occam
" Copyright:	Christian Jacobsen <clj3@kent.ac.uk>, Mario Schweigler <ms44@kent.ac.uk>
" Maintainer:	Mario Schweigler <ms44@kent.ac.uk>
" Last Change:	23 April 2003

" Only do this when not done yet for this buffer
if exists("b:did_ftplugin")
let b:did_ftplugin = 1

"{{{  Indent settings
" Set shift width for indent
setlocal shiftwidth=2
" Set the tab key size to two spaces
setlocal softtabstop=2
" Let tab keys always be expanded to spaces
setlocal expandtab

"{{{  Formatting
" Break comment lines and insert comment leader in this case
setlocal formatoptions-=t formatoptions+=cql
setlocal comments+=:--
" Maximum length of comments is 78
setlocal textwidth=78

"{{{  File browsing filters
" Win32 can filter files in the browse dialog
if has("gui_win32") && !exists("b:browsefilter")
  let b:browsefilter = "All Occam Files (*.occ *.inc)\t*.occ;*.inc\n" .
	\ "Occam Include Files (*.inc)\t*.inc\n" .
	\ "Occam Source Files (*.occ)\t*.occ\n" .
	\ "All Files (*.*)\t*.*\n"