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		<title>Your Website</title>
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			<div id="title">
				<h3>Your website.</h3>
			<div id="caption">
				<h1>Create and publish your own website quickly and easily using iWeb, Pages, and many other applications available<br />
					for Mac OS X.</h1>
			<div id="text">
				<p>It’s a snap to create and publish your own website from your Mac. When your site is ready, it’s just as easy to publish it.</p>
				<p>Open System Preferences and click Sharing, then select Web Sharing.</p>
				<p>You’re done. Your site is now available on your private network at home or work.</p>
				<p>If you’re connected to the Internet, your website can also be available to friends everywhere. Just send them the address shown in Sharing preferences.</p>
				<h2>Apache Power</h2>
				<p>Web Sharing is built on the <a href="">Apache</a> web server, an industry standard technology included with Mac OS X. For more information about the Apache web server, see the <a href="/manual/">Apache manual</a>.</p>