TODO   [plain text]

This file contains a list of things yet to be done (see also in doc/IDEAS):

* Create detailed texinfo documentation (see in doc)

* add sample init files for different layouts
  - use events (onmousover, etc) for anchors
  - use style-sheets for formatting of various elements (like @example,
  - xhtml with in line style
  - Singular manual style
  - How complicated could it be to get a creation of XML, what about SGML ?

* document css classes, and have similar classes with makeinfo
-  makeinfo classes:
ul menu, 
ul index-cp index-*, 
div node (navigation bar), 

- texi2html classes:
table index-cp index-*, 
table menu, 
h3 node
ul toc,

- same classes:
pre verbatim, 
pre example display...,
table cartouche, 
small dots, small enddots, 
div contents shortcontents, div footnote, 
h? unnumbered chapter appendix...,
h1 settitle (title before contents, if not set by titlefont),
h1 titlefont (@titlefont),

* use <link> for navigation, maybe wait before this is done in makeinfo
(see and

* Document Texi2HTML::THIS_ELEMENT

* Test the back path stuff for images.

* Test refs with no unicode support.
  Test for @ commands in refs, and refs in ascii 8 bit/utf8 manuals. 

* look in texinfo/htmlxref.cnf for cross refs.

* add a configure switch --with-encode

* handle right things like
-> error with @item on same line than @table
@table @emph
@item line
@end table

@printindex cp

* in chm.init (Jose Fonseca)


The numbers are a bitmask of the enabled buttons. The ones here are
IMO a good default. In the future you may also add that as an
option, as the Docbook XSL stylesheets do (see in
all the CHM related parameters one can change).