ChangeLog   [plain text]

2004-03-24  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* NEWS: fill 1.70 section.
	*, texi2html.spec: update version.
	* regenerate, now it doesn't want config.guess.

2004-03-23  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	*, texi2html.spec: add a spec file usefull to build 
	a rpm.
	* doc/ install texi2html.html in $(datadir)/texinfo/html 
	as discussed on the texinfo/automake mailing lists.

2004-03-22  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* get language files before testing for language hash.
	* add a rule for

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* NEWS: Add section for 1.70 release.
	* Update for 1.69 dev version.
	* configure: Regenerated.

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* NEWS: Add date to 1.68 release.

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* NEWS: Update Automake & Autoconf versions in developer info section.

2004-03-20  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: Ignore the distribution archives.
	* (texi2html_SOURCES): Add and use to avoid having to
	maintain two lists of files.
	* Update to version 1.68 for release.
	*, configure: Regenerated.
	* doc/stamp-vti, doc/version.texi: Regenerated.

2004-02-26  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	*, texi2html.init: change $DOCUMENTDESCRIPTION to
	$DOCUMENT_DESCRIPTION for consistency.
	if $ENCODING is '' don't put it in the headers.
	add a new entry to $Texi2HTML::THISDOC: 'title_texi', the title
	with texinfo @-commands.
	* examples/chm.init: don't convert to utf8 in the html files 
	generated (unless the encoding is really utf8), but produce 
	utf8 in hhc, hhk and hhp files whatever the encoding is.
	* doc/texi2html.texi: update.

2004-02-23  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* ask for a version above 1.7 for automake.
	* regenerate with automake 1.8.2 autoconf 2.59.
	*, texi2html.init, examples/chm.init: add a new variable
	$DOCUMENTDESCRIPTION. If it is undef, @documentdescription is used
	or the long title. If it is set but empty no description <meta> element
	is used, if it isn't empty, the value is used in the description
	<meta> element.

2004-02-11  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* add texi2html.init and l2h.init
	to the distribution.

2004-02-11  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* use the manual name (file basename) as default output
	directory when split.
	* NEWS, Tests/ update.

2004-02-11  Derek Price  <>

	* Tests/GermanNodeTest/.cvsignore, Tests/index_table/.cvsignore,
	Tests/macros/.cvsignore, Tests/sectionning/.cvsignore,
	Tests/ccvs/.cvsignore, Tests/nodes_texinfo/.cvsignore,
	Tests/texi2html/.cvsignore, Tests/texinfo/.cvsignore,
	Tests/viper/.cvsignore, Tests/viper_monolithic/.cvsignore,
	Tests/xemacs/.cvsignore, Tests/xemacs_frame/.cvsignore,
	Tests/formatting/.cvsignore: New files to suppress warnings about files
	created by the test scripts.

2004-02-11  Derek Price  <>

	* (bin_PROGRAMS): Move...
	(texi2html_SOURCES): Remove unused variable.

2004-02-10  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* put the code related with cross references in the 
	main namespace.
	* remove,

2004-02-10  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	* put cross manual reference and unicode related
	functions in the main program (instead of,
	Don't add no-... options when there are allready the options added.
	*, remove.

2004-02-07  Patrice Dumas  <> 

	*, make global variables lexical
	* texi2html.init: output header if there is only one section.
	* Tests/: more tests for the new cross references scheme.
	* doc/: use a newer texinfo.tex. Be texi2dvi friendly.
	* Tests/ comment out check-local, it isn't ready.

2004-02-06  Derek Price  <>

	*, Declare some otherwise undeclared
	variables as global variables.

2004-02-06  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/ (txt): New targets to convert .texinfo files into
	* doc/.cvsignore: Ignore texi2html.txt.

2004-02-06  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init,, 
	when called with --test, @today value is fixed.
	Find the relative path leading back to the current directory from
	the output directory, such that the path to the image files are right.
	Use a ref on the Texi2HTML::Config hashes such that changing the
	hash used is easy. This is used in and for expansion of nodes in external refs.
	Add special styles early.
	A new variable NEW_CROSSREF_STYLE. If true the new scheme for html 
	cross refs proposed onthe texinfo list is used for @ref.
	* Tests/formatting/test_refs.texi, Tests/formatting/cross_refs.init: 
	new files used to test the new cross ref scheme.

2004-02-03  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: call the $index_summary_file_* 
	function references for all the indices, even those not printed. 
	* examples/chm.init: enhancements based on the Peter Verhás
	implementation ( and languages codes based on the docbook 

2004-02-03  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: add $EXTENSION variable, holding
	the extension for files.
	Add $Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'file_base_name'} and
	$Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'destination_directory'} such that it is possible
	to construct file and directory names in init files.
	Add $finish_out function reference called at the end of document
	Add $index_summary_file_begin and $index_summary_file_end to ease
	special index files generation.
	* examples/noheaders.init: perform better when split.
	* examples/chm.init: new init file to generate chm files (after 
	compilation by a windows application, leads to windows help files).
	After José Fonseca (jrfonseca at users dot berlios dot de) work on 
	an older texi2html.
	* l2h.init: Set NO_SUBDIRS to 1, don't set html version.

2004-01-28  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* reopen styles in preformatted environments.
	When there is a complex format or a table or the like the opened
	styles are kept such that they are reopened when there is a paragraph
	or a preformatted within the format.
	* use the right code point for dotless i.
	* Tests/*: add tests for formats imbricated in style command.
	add tests for latin1 and utf8 encoded files.
	add tests for ifset and ifclear in macros.
	* add the new source files and init files.

2004-01-25  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init,, 
	Handle encodings.
	It is possible to customize what is outputted in string context, when 
	removing texinfo commands.
	Handle @email and @image better in string context.
	Use unicode instead of utf8 in variable names when it is really
	cross_manual_links is done in Texi2HTML::Config in
	in case the perl version is above 5.8, in otherwise.
	add @NODE_FOOTER_BUTTONS for buttons at the footer of nodes. 
	Add two more function references, element_file_name and node_file_name 
	used to customize the file names.
	Don't warn when the character is not a precomposed unicode character,
	as it is possible to have totally valid character, not precomposed.
	Use us-ascii as default charset encoding.
	* examples/book.init: an init file based on the scriptbasic manuals
	file which formats manuals like books (no menu but tables of
	contents for the element under each element).
	* examples/utf8.init: use utf8 in strings.
	* doc/texi2html.texi: document the new elements of the interface.

2004-01-19  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init, examples/*: New variables $DO_CONTENTS 
	Use a hash for the files such that each element may be associated with
	any file name and written down to that file. This should enable
	customization of the file names.
	print_Top_header and print_Top_footer are called from the main program. 
	Add Texi2HTML::THIS_ELEMENT holding the current element structure.

	* doc/texi2html.texi: document the new variables and the new interface
	with a hash reference for style @-commands.

2004-01-12  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: --- and `` are kept in first arg of 
	uref and email 

2004-01-11  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: parse arguments separated with , in
	main program. 
	Use a new interface for style commands with a hash instead of a string.
	The old interface is still available.
	Give a type to the style_map commands (accent, style, simple or
	Normalise spaces for @url, @uref and @email.
	Handle better ignored regions end (at end of file or before @).
	Don't reinject @-commands after closing paragraphs.
	Add a hash for commands if paragraphs should not be done in these

2004-01-04  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: handle @flushleft and @flushright
	like normal formats and do something special at the end of line
	for @center.
	Put the @-command name in the paragraph_style stack (not the align
	use a new function reference init_out instead of set_buttons_text
	and set_body_text, called just before the outputting is done.
	Handle a lower level element appearing before a higher level element.
	*, examples: call or prepare for calling of ascii_accents
	instead of rewriting the function each time.
	* examples/utf8.init: prepare for transcoding in utf8.
	* Tests/sectionning/section_before_chapter.texi: test for sectionning
	element before chapter.

2003-12-16  Peter Pentchev  <>

	* don't use symbolic refs at all, instead eval the
	code (for the style functions) or use a local glob for the filehandle.

2003-12-15  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: add hashes for the ascii
	representations of @-commands and a function for ascii accents.
	Give style functions the style @-command stack.
	New function duplicate_state to be used when special text is expanded
	within a normal context.
	substitute_line accepts a $state argument.

2003-12-10  Patrice Dumas  <>

	those files a bit more up-to-date and correct typos.
	* doc/IDEA: removed, the content was obsolete or in TODO.
	* add no-... options for the options needing it.
	echo less options with --help.

2003-12-10  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init, TODO: add hashes for unicode encodings
	of accented letter and characters.
	A function cross_manual_links can expand node name according to the 
	proposal I made on the texinfo-pretest list (currently unused).

	* examples/utf8.init: add an init file for outputting of utf8 encoded

2003-12-05  Derek Price  <>

	* Suggest `--help' rather than `-help' in error messages.

2003-12-05  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* @sp without arg is considered to be @sp 1
	* Tests/formatting/formatting.texi: add test for @sp
	* TODO: begin a list of UTF8 characters corresponding with accented
	texinfo letters, in order to implement cross manual references scheme
	described on the bug-texinfo mailing list and maybe output utf8.

2003-12-02  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* don't collect @copying lines in the first pass
	but in the second.
	Use the same mechanism to collect @copying, @documentdescription
	and @titlepage lines.

2003-12-01  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* new option -macro-expand which generates a file 
	with expanded macros and @include.
	don't close environments until last pass, except for @verb, raw
	environments and macro stuff.
	* texi2html.init: use @emph instead of @i in strings.

2003-11-25  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: format titlepage lines, resulting
	text is put in $Texi2HTML::TITLEPAGE. Use a new function reference
	$titlepage to finalize $Texi2HTML::TITLEPAGE.
	titles, subtitles and authors are put in arrays in 
	$Texi2HTML::THISDOC{'titles'} and so on...
	All the skipped commands are kept for the second pass.
	Handle @noindent and @exdent like other skipped commands. A new
	type of skipped commands 'whitespace' with newline skipped
	and 'space' no newline skipped.
	change name of functions to default_`function'.

	* examples/roff.init: add a roff formatter added.

2003-11-20  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: Echoes error messages when loading
	init files.
	Keep spaces in menu entries and menu descriptions.
	Clean menu entries code.
	When handling menu entries, give the formatted node, the name and 
	the remaining of the line to the formatting functions.
	In enumerate give the style of the enumerate, the item number and 
	a prepared number or letter to the formatting functions.
	Don't keep the enumerate style in the text.

2003-11-18  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: change protect_html to protect_text.
	More arguments given to paragraph, preformatted region, list item,
	table item formatting functions, usefull when the paragraph or
	preformatted region is within a table or list to give more possibility
	for use of the formatting command appearing with the table or
	itemize command.
	Handle better new lines.
	new formatting function, normal_text, used to process ---, --, '' and
	new formatting function, empty_line used to format an empty line,
	leave the empty line as is by default.
	2 new formatting functions are used when the macro isn't handled
	by the normal functions: unknown and unknown_style.
	give the file name to the image.

	* doc/texi2html.texi, Tests/*: sync with code.

2003-11-11  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* the format is applied by a customizable function.
	More arguments (index name, entry) given to the index label 
	formatting function.
	When menus are not expanded, don't keep @menu or @end menu.
	* texi2html.init: warn when an accent is associated with a
	wrong argument. Produce valid html entities only.
	* texi2html.init, Use @-commands in internationalized
	strings, not html.
	* i18n/fr, i18n/es, i18n/pt: use @-commands instead of html.

2003-11-07  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: remove unusefull arguments to
	functions formatting paragraphs.

2003-11-06  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* the style is applied by a customizable function.
	* examples/noheader.init: style with no headers.

2003-11-05  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* don't add the leading command if it is a simple 
	command to all the paragraphs in itemize and add it before the 
	paragraph or preformatted section.

2003-11-05  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init: in itemize, apply the command to the
	inside of the paragraph or preformatted section.
	titlefont don't open paragraphs.

2003-11-02  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* keep texi as is in @image and protect html characters.
	accept @| as macro, but remove it.
	cleaning of code for commands with texi kept as is
	* doc/formatting.texi: add test of flushleft, flushright and center

2003-11-02  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* -- and so on are kept as is in @image except
	for alt text. Use alt text. File for image is really used, too.
	handle better @inforef.
	* doc/clean.texi: add formatting/clean.texi, a test for code 
	acceptable by makeinfo without error.

2003-10-28  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* doc/texi2html.texi: add informations about internationalization

2003-10-28  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* if not split and there is a leading directory 
	specified with --out, create that directory.
	If a directory creation fails, abort.
	test the writability of the results directory, even when it is
	the current directory.

2003-10-28  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* doc/: remove unneeded .texi files, now included in texi2html.texi.
	*, doc/ include info file in distribution.

2003-10-26  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* support for @verbatiminclude. When split use the
	-output specification in every cases.
	* texi2html.init: use `&bull;' instead of `*' for node menu entries.
	* fixes for the inclusion of files in packages.
	* doc/texi2html.texi: add the explanation of the default for all the
	variables. Explain how the strings are customized and how 
	internationalization works.

2003-10-19  Patrice Dumas  <>

	*, texi2html.init, examples/html32.init: don't expand
	html automatically, only if it is in @EXPAND. Put html in @EXPAND.
	USE_ISO is now in the default case, but false in html32.init.
	new hash, %iso_symbols for USE_ISO symbols. Rewroted in the public
	domain in texi2html.init. Use iso symbols in preformatted environment
	When removing texi @-commands with arguments (@table, @deffn...) are
	better handled. Ignore content of @anchor, @footnote, @*ref when 
	removing texi.
	* doc/texi2html.texi: merge content of doc/custpage.texi, 
	doc/custhtml.texi in doc/texi2html.texi.
	* Tests/formatting/formatting.texi: test for all the constructs in 
	the @copying/@end copying section (to test remove_texi).

2003-10-17  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/stamp-vti, doc/version.texi: Regenerated.

2003-10-17  Derek Price  <>

	* (do_text): Compile-once flag is okay as long as the
	pattern portion (left side) of a s/// statement is free of change.

2003-10-15  Patrice Dumas  <>

	* doc/custhtml.texi, doc/custpage.texi: sync with current code
	(no more $ADDRESS but $end_page, only 2 functions for references).
	* -- in normal text is changed in -
	---, -- '' and `` are kept as is in @code, @kbd and so on.

2003-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/texi2html.texi: Use @code{} for Perl vars.  @var{} is for user
	supplied data to commands and function calls and the like.  Fix EOL
	indiscretion in the three index macros.
	* doc/stamp-vti, doc/version.texi: Regenerated.

2003-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/custhtml.texi, doc/custpage.texi, doc/texi2html.texi: Misc
	revisions to Pat's major revisions.  Some global changes and reviewed
	through section 4.3.  Consolidate copyleft notice into a macro.
	Consolidate variable and option references into macros which include
	an index reference.  Make use of appropriate macros from version.texi
	rather than relying on manual updates.
	* doc/stamp-vti, doc/version.texi: Regenerated.

2003-10-14  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/.cvsignore: Add files.

2003-10-33  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Tests/formatting/formatting.texi: test for --- and `` in various

2003-09-23  Patrice Dumas <>

	* NEWS: More changes taken from the conversion of the singular 
	manual init file.

2003-09-23  Patrice Dumas <>

	* NEWS: Note more changes.
	* Tests/*: Test for novalidate.

2003-09-22  Derek Price  <>

	* NEWS: Reorganize.  Note some more changes.

2003-09-21  Patrice Dumas <>

	* package i18n/en
	* doc/testkb.texi doc/umalaut.texi: remove these test files, they are 
	now in Tests/formatting

2003-09-21  Patrice Dumas <>

	* source 'Config' file in the configuration directories 
	instead of texi2htmlrc and ~/.texi2htmlrc for the system wide and
	user configuration.
	* language files are the files appearing in the 
	i18n directory. Use 'en' for the file with english strings.

2003-09-17  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init, change 'about (this page)' to 
	'about (help)' as this appears in the title= of the <a> element.
	ignore @afourlatex, @afourwide, @firstparagraphindent, @exampleindent,
	handle @definfoenclose, @kbdinputstyle, @novalidate, @centerchap (but 
	without centering), @documentdescription.
	add -no-validate option.

2003-09-15  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init, add &$Texi2HTML::Config::one_section
	for formatting of document with only one section.
	find when an element is the first element on a page.
	add &$Texi2HTML::Config::end_section, called when an element is 
	finished unless it is the end of a page and do less in print_section
	Don't use $ADDRESS anymore. 
	Change &$Texi2HTML::Config::external_ref such that it is easier to

2003-09-13  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init, mark strings of buttons, about, 
	definitions and footers for internationalization.
	new function reference $set_buttons_text used to generate the
	button text hashes dynamically (for internationalization).
	require all files in i18n/* for languages.
	* i18n/fr: translate strings related with buttons, about,
	definitions and footers in french. 

2003-09-12  Patrice Dumas <>

	* remove \ from strings when finding out strings
	to translate.
	* i18n/fr: translate strings related with references.

2003-09-12  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: 0 is accepted as a value for
	the reference arguments.
	rewrite from scratch the functions handling references in .init 
	files to put them in the public domain. Avoid string concatenation
	to ease internationalization.

2003-09-11  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init,,,
	The ideas come from Derek.
	new script used to manage translation files.
	remove -i18n switch. 
	parse source files to extract strings to be translated.
	complete these strings with the element of %$template_strings
	in and fill the i18n/template file with 
	these strings in the 'en' language hash.
	With the 'all' arg given to the template is 
	regenerated the language files are updated and merged in is pasted in
	give arguments to the string to be translated: when something
	like %{arg} appears in the string and { 'arg' => 'some string'}
	is given as second argument, %{arg} is replaced by 'some string'
	after retrieval of the translated string.

2003-09-06  Patrice Dumas <>

	* images, AUTHORS: add images from the Singular project.

2003-09-06  Patrice Dumas <>

	*,, texi2html.init: new handling of 
	languages in documents.
	instead of using the hash reference $Texi2HTML::I18n::WORDS for
	translation of words, call &Texi2HTML::I18n::get_string (more
	precisely use &$I, a reference on the function). The strings
	are the real english strings and not identifiers.
	The date formatting depends on the language.
	Use translations for months and not a months array.
	Put translations in one file per language and not in
	Those files are in the i18n directory. They are to be concatenated
	in the file which is required or pasted in texi2html.
	Add a switch -i18n for the specification of a management command
	related with internationalization: if the command is merge, 
	the files in the i18n directory are concatenated into;
	if the command is update the files are updated with their own 
	informations and the list of valid strings appearing in,
	invalid strings are obsoleted but kept.
	* add a test for internationalization.

2003-09-05  Patrice Dumas <>

	* detect @item on @itemize and table line to avoid
	infinite recursion.

2003-09-04  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: handle better @itemize and @table,
	by appending the text appearing on the format command line.
	Use %special_list_commands to inhibit calling the formatting command
	on an item in a given format command.
	if '-' is given to the -output option, output on STDOUT.
	Find more format command mismatches, and handle better formats not

2003-09-02  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Tests/macros/glossary.texi: test for nested macros definitions

2003-08-29  Patrice Dumas <>

	* support nested macro definitions.

2003-08-29  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init, hide m_cedilla.
	new handling of definition commands, with a specification of the
	definition line parsing.
	get HTML attributes from hash values of %format_map and %style_map.
	Simplify the handling of tables. The default is to use %format_map
	or otherwise a user defined function, $table_list.
	All the css commands are in %css_map. 'pre_style' in $complex_formats
	is taken from %css_map.
	handle @sp.
	Remove $Texi2HTML::STOC_LINES (use $Texi2HTML::OVERVIEW), remove
	$Texi2HTML::TOC (use $Texi2HTML::TOC_LINES), remove $T2H_TOP.
	use references on arrays everywhere (instead of arrays) for
	Use OVERVIEW consistently.
	use $docu_top when needed, instead of $docu_name.$docu_ext, which
	is wrong if -o is used.
	prepare index entries label text in main program.
	rewrite from scratch most of the function in .init files to put 
	them in the public domain.
	expand macros in macro arguments.
	\ protects @end macro in macros body. This may be wrong.
	ignore space and newline following a region opening command.
	rename -css-file to -css-include.
	Add 'This' to the hashes for buttons, icons and so on.
	Add option -toc-links, create links from headings to toc entries
	with 9 lines from 
	Martin Herbert Dietze <>
	macros are expanded in macro arguments, taking care of context (in
	@verbatim, @ignore, @comment...).
	Don't remove empty lines from output.
	Reenable handling of -idx-sum.
	* Tests/*: add tests for macros expansion in macro arguments, and
	for command line option style which are not default.
	* examples/*: use code in the public domain.
	In makeinfo.init use makeinfo style for index formatting.

2003-08-29  Derek Price  <>

	* (helpOptions): Prepend a second `-' before options.

2003-08-29  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/stamp-vti, doc/version.texi: Regenerated.

2003-08-11  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init, don't always open paragraphs 
	in tables and such, only when needed.
	option -output obsoletes -out_file and -subdir. It is the
	same than -out_file when output is not split, and the same than
	-subdir when it is split.
	Handle empty indices.
	Handle better @-commands with letters mixed with other characters.
	Be more carefull about NUMBER_SECTION, such that nothing is numbered
	when it is false.
	Support for @documentencoding.
	* Tests/*: add tests from the doc directory in formatting.
	* doc/*: add a section about installation and make the manual more
	makeinfo friendly. 

2003-08-04  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init, Tests/, Tests/ccvs: don't expand info
	section in default settings. Expand info sections for the xemacs
	manual, the viper manual and the texinfo manual. 
	The cvs manual is updated.

2003-08-04  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: pass line numbers to all the 
	functions echoing error messages and use these line numbers
	in error messages. Some error messages rewrited.
	Correct tag for sectionning commands in case raisesection or
	lowersection were used.
	-P option prepends before the document directory, and use an
	array, @Texi2HTML::Config::PREPEND_DIRS.
	Add options --ifhtml, --ifinfo and so on (similar with makeinfo
	options). It is also possible not to expand html now.
	Add entries for xml.
	when a region is expanded the corresponding ifnot region isn't.
	Add support for -css-file option which does the same than in 
	makeinfo (parse the file, and echo the @import part before the
	texi2html css rules, the rules part after the texi2html css rules).
	If split at node and NODE_FILES is true but USE_NODES is not,
	the correct file nema is used for nodes not associated with
	sections and a redirection file is made.
	ignore spaces or not for def*index, pagesizes, syn*index properly.
	bugfixes: line beginning by any command not ignored begins a 
	paragraph, don't ignore text before macro with unknown character).
	no empty style in pass_text.
	misc element have always a navigation printed at foot.
	* Tests/*: add singular test, test for css files, test all html
	formatting and macro within another macro.

2003-08-04  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: don't remove empty line in the 
	second pass, pass_structure.
	collect line numbers/file name/macro expanding text in pass_texi.
	pass these informations down to pass_structure.
	take care of arguments not provided in some @-commands (no file
	in @image, no node in @inforef and so on).
	remove unneeded code in macro text expansion.
	remove leading spaces and newlines in macros arguments.
	add support for @\ (ignore).
	put code extracted from and placed in texi2html.init,
	covered by the GPL back to
	Document the API between and texi2html.init, i.e.
	document how the formatting functions called by
	should behave.
	add print_section_header to format section headers.

2003-08-01  Patrice Dumas <>

	* add option '-noexpand' as a synonym for '-no-expand'
	like Derek suggested.

2003-07-31  Derek Price  <>

	* (T2H_OPTIONS->{'no-expand'}): Remove useless linkage.

2003-07-31  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: A new option -no-expand which does 
	the reverse of -expand.
	Text before the first @node or sectionning command is 
	outputted as part of the first section. A new option enables the 
	reverse: if -ignore-preamble-text is set (variable 
	$IGNORE_PREAMBLE_TEXT) this text is ignored.
	Handle macros appearing in that part of texinfo files (@direntry
	and @dircategory ignored, @shorttitlepage handled).
	Ignore everything at the beginning of the file until \input or an
	@-command preceded by optionnal spaces.
	better handling of @titlefont.

2003-07-29  Patrice Dumas <>
	*, texi2html.init: if split, top and misc elements (about,
	toc, ...) always have a bottom navigation panel.
	If there is no @top and the @node Top isn't associated with any section
	it is considered to be the top element.
	The top name is Top when there is no name nor title (previously was
	"Untitled Document").
	bugfix: top element handled as top even when it is the last element.

2003-07-22  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init, examples/*: add support for @cartouche
	and @titlefont.
	preliminary support for css. All the element needing style have a 
	class attribute. The commands which are associated with a class by
	makeinfo have that class too. The styles are in the <head> in <style>.
	A new init file, inlinestyle.init, should be used when style 
	attributes within html elements are wanted.
	A new option, "-U value" does the same than "@clear value" (makeinfo
	has that option, too).
	A new configuration variable L2H_HTML_VERSION for the html version 
	passed to latex2html.
	@tex or @math don't start a new paragraph.
	* Tests/*: test for @raisesections and @lowersections, and for 

2003-07-11  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Tests/ccvs: update cvs manual. This should fixe the issue of rcs 
	tags expanding in html manual files in ccvs_res.
	* Tests/*: sync with code. Add missing test result files.
	* Tests/ add new test subdirs. Better cleaning.
	* l2h.init: add init file for latex2html.

2003-07-10  Derek Price  <>

	* Tests/nodes_texinfo/--and-hyphenation.html: Removed this accidentally
	added file at Pat's request.

2003-07-10  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, Tests/ command line option names use '-' 
	instead of '_' between words (for example dump_texi becomes dump-texi).
	* Tests/*: remove unneeded html and passfirst files.

2003-07-03  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, *.init: use a separate namespace for the config
	variables: Texi2HTML::Config. Use the Texi2HTML:: namespace for
	variables set in texi2html and used in the init files subroutines.
	Use Texi2HTML::LaTeX2HTML namespace for latex2html related code.
	Use Texi2HTML::I18n namespace for internationalisation.
	Variables related with latex2html are removed from texi2html.init
	and put in l2h.init.
	harmonize function names style (all like get_index and not GetIndex).
	*, install examples init files in shared 
	try to find init files in the current directory, then the .texi2html 
	user directory, the local texi2html directory and lastly the shared
	texi2html directory.

2003-06-17  Patrice Dumas <>

	* error messages go to STDERR instead of STDIN
	* Tests/ add -x to perl invocation to avoid perl trying
	to execute @PERL@. Small fixes.
	* Tests/README: added README file in Tests to explain how to make

2003-06-16  Derek Price  <>

	* NEWS: Add some of Patrice's features, note new AC/AM versions, note
	--enable-maintainer-mode requirement.
	* (all): Remove automake supplied target.
	(texi2html): Update dependencies.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Update these.
	(MAINTAINER_CLEAN_FILES): Remove automatically included files.
	(TEXI2HTML): Remove unused variable.
	(AC_ARG_PROGRAM): Remove call - AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE handles it.
	(T2H_VERSION): Rename to...
	(PACKAGE_VERSION): avoid extra cruft since Autoconf already sets
	this automatically.
	(T2H_DATE): Rename to...
	(PACKAGE_DATE): ...this in keeping with Autoconf naming convention and
	set it automatically using mdate-sh.
	(extrasub): Remove uneeded cruft.
	(AM_MAINTAINER_MODE): Call this macro to make things easier on
	inexperienced users.
	(AC_OUTPUT): Move these files into...
	(AC_CONFIG_FILES): ...calls to this macro and update some calls to set
	the executable bit on files which need it.
	* s/@BANGPERL@/! @PERL@/g;
	* texi2html.init: Correct opening comment.
	* s/@BANGPERL@/! @PERL@/g;
	* Tests/ (test): Rename to...
	(check-local): ...this to conform with Automake requirements & GNU
	(clean): Rename to...
	(clean-local): ...for compatibility with Automake.

	* Regenerated.
	* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
	* configure: Ditto.
	* Tests/ Ditto.
	* doc/ Ditto.

2003-06-16  Patrice Dumas <>

	* @include replaced by an empty line
	no end of line after last line when expanding macros
	include of files within lines expanded from macros happen
	at the right place
	better handling of format command in section names and of empty 
	raw formats (like @html@end html)
	* Tests/*: sync with code
2003-05-20  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: split pass_texi in 2 pass. pass_texi
	rearranges texi expanding macros and values, removing comments.
	pass_structure remove unneeded empty lines and find out the structure
	of the document.
	use a different formatting for menu entries in other environments than 
	cleaning of code.
	use close_stack in all the passes to close environments not rightly
	closed. Fix some places where stack wasn't closed rightly.
	New direction, 'NodeNext' and 'NodePrev' which contains the prev node 
	and next node which may be different from Next and Prev for sections.
	use style font-size:smaller in pre instead of <font> for smallexample 
	and friends to produce valid html.
	spaces and arguments following commands are removed or kept in the 
	same way than makeinfo does.
	* Tests/*: add tests for environments not closed. Sync with code.

2003-05-09  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: refs to other manuals conforms to 
	makeinfo with separated files for nodes.
	If  $T2H_NODE_FILES (-node-files) is true one file per node is created
	which redirects to the real file or is the node file (if T2H_SPLIT
	at node), to allow for cross manual references.
	Add a T2H_NO_TEXI hash similar with T2H_HREF, T2H_NODES...
	and T2H_THISDOC{title_no_texi} to have a texi free and thus html free
	text for nodes/sections/title to be used in the <title> which element
	which cannot contain other html elements. Also usefull for files with
	node names generation.
	t2h_set_body_text and t2h_protect_html put in texi2html.init to be
	able to make changes more easily.
	$T2H_TOC_LIST_STYLE is used for style in toc. Makes customisation
	easier too.
	* examples/html32.init: init file for html 3.2 generation
	* Tests/ add validation
	* Tests/*: tests for files with node names generation

2003-05-07  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: put a label in splitted index.
	splitted indices which are not at the level of splitting are kept
	in the same file but in different sections.
	different horizontal rules are global variables.
	functions formatting index summary and index entry split between 
	a function in and smaller functions doing the real
	formatting in texi2html.init.
	no formatting is done in texi2html.init.
	heading appears in documents with only one section.
	if $T2H_SEPARATED_FOOTNOTES is false (-noseparated_footnotes)
	the footnotes are on the page they appear. More possibility
	of customization of footnotes (insert things before and after each
	footnotes and all footnotes).
	use top file for the top element even when there is no @top section.
	when there is a top element and splitting, no other element than
	the top element appear in the top file.
	* examples/makeinfo.init: format footnotes like makeinfo
	* examples/xhtml.init: init file for xhtml
	* Tests/ little fixes
	* Tests/*: all tex stuff taken from verbatim_html and put in tex.texi.
	tests for index entries in top and before top.
	tests for documents with only one section or node or no node.

2003-05-02  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: 3 split commands: split at
	chapter, section or for every node (previously node and section 
	where the same than node now).
	specific section footer.
	find prev and next like makeinfo.
	new directions, for nodes: NodeUp (up for node) and Following (next
	node in reading order).
	if in detailmenu menu entries are not used to find next and prev.
	only one Top in nodes and anchors. Any case combination accepted
	for any reference.
	don't close { when not associated with an @command.
	reintroduced code for counting words.
	new possibilities for buttons. If this is a ref to a scalar, the
	text appears in navigation. If it is an array, the first element
	is a direction used for the href, the second element is a scalar
	ref for the text (see makeinfo.init in examples for an example).
	* Tests/*: test for recursive nodes references and other little
	* examples/*: new directory for examples of config files. There
	is a file which tries to have an output which looks like makeinfo
	--html output (makeinfo.init).

2003-04-30  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: add the node as element when there 
	is a @printindex split accross pages between node and section.
	* Tests/*: tests for documents with indices in top and between node
	and section.

2003-04-29  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: add $T2H_MENU_SYMBOL before nodes in 
	menu and optionnaly before unnumbered section names in menu entry.
	next are not menu childs but next node in menu.
	it is possible not to have next or prev for node.
	any case combination of top is accepted in nodes, menus and 
	nodes directions. Not changed in anchors and refs (makeinfo shows
	that kind of inconsistencies too).
	the top_element it the @top section, then the Top node 
	and last the first element.
	'(file) node' and '(file)' accepted in menus and nodes references.
	better looking verbose output.
	* Tests/*: tests for documents without sections and double top

2003-04-28  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: No heading for top, as print_Top 
	allready does it.
	if $T2H_USE_NODES (command line -use-nodes) is set, the nodes are
	used as sections when they are not associated with a section.
	find sections structure before handling nodes.
	no more use of menu level for structuring.
	@html sections don't close paragraphs.
	* Tests/*: tests for document structure. Sync with code.

2003-04-23  Patrice Dumas <>

	* when there is no section nodes are used instead
	* .cvsignore: add autom4te-2.53.cache and
	* Tests/.cvsignore: create .cvsignore for Tests
	* Tests/ccvs: update to latest cvs manual

2003-04-22  Patrice Dumas <>

	* constants declared early as they are used in 
	texi2html.init (at least $WARN is used)
	*, Tests/, Tests/ add .passfirst  
	and .2 files in regenerate and clean
	* Tests/*: results of tests added

2003-04-10  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: labels were put 2 times in special
	sections (Top, about, toc...).
	in vtable, ftable and table, even with an empty first item we
	begin a <dd> as only <dd> and <dt> are allowed to follow <dl>.
	Right labels are put in special sections and files are omitted
	when the href is on the same file.
	change &#156; to &oelig; and &#140; to &OElig; (as tidy do)
	* Tests/*/nodetest.texi: test for more simple special commands

2003-04-09  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: formatting put in texi2html.init
	hrefs to anchors and index entries which are in footnotes are right
	scan_texi changed to have a stack
	verbose and debug goes to STDERR
	unusefull empty lines removed
	new option -dump_texi used to debug, dumps the result of pass_texi
	to a file
	menu_comments are always preformatted
	better handling of @math and @sc
	* Tests/*: a little more things tested.

2003-04-04  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: deffn and the like better handled
	preformatted sections are closed when there is a new format
	and reopened right after the format such that there is no
	validation error. The preformatted state is kept within
	menu, deff body, simple formats, tables, with tt instead of
	pre for terms, as pre isn't allowed in dt, but not in 
	simple macros are better handled when texi macros are removed
	or in preformatted sections.
	copying/end copying and insertcopying handled
	@head_lines containing things which should be before the navigation
	panel are used to get the labels for elements.
	first page of index is handled like a normal format
	* Tests/*: more tests for imbrications.
2003-04-02  Patrice Dumas <>

	* footnotes better handled, they have a separated
	stack, state and text.
	footnotes, anchors and refs can be mixed with better results.
	$value{_title}... have only their texinfo expanded during
	pass_texi, including values, macros and so on and the html
	is generated during pass_text.
	* Tests/*: minor changes, more tests.

2003-04-02  Patrice Dumas <>

	* macros splitted by 3 paragraphs are better handled.
	more isolation of formatting.
	better generation of index keys from commands, with more macros
	replaced by the right letter or symbol.
	better handling of @things{} in preformatted sections.
	preformatted sections handled with a new format, preformatted (similar
	with what is done for paragraphs). Some validation errors avoided.
	commands for tables are handled.
	index entries have the right file/id from their place.
	The files are omitted from hrefs when the href points to the same file.
	* Tests/*: formatting/imbrications.texi added. Sync with code.

2003-03-27  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: rewrite of the parsing of texi
	and of the handling of sectionning.
	pass0 is now pass_texi. It still only generates texinfo.
	pass_texi now also collects informations from sectionning commands
	index entries, printindex commands.
	pass1 through pass4 are now in just one pass, pass_text.
	between pass_texi and pass_text, the information is used to figure
	out the document and indices structure.
	pass_text reparses the texinfo generated by pass_texi and
	produces html. All the formatting is done in isolated subroutines
	such that it is easy to change the formatting witout bothering
	with the parsing.
	pass_text uses scan_line to process a line.
	A stack is used which holds opened macros and formats. Thus the 
	html is always closed and should be valid.
	The document structure seems right with this approach, unnumbered 
	sections are at the right level and indices don't break the document
	structure anymore.
	* Tests/*: more tests for the @macros. Other minor modifications.
	sync with new code.

2003-03-06  Patrice Dumas <>

	* added  the licence
	*, texi2html.init, check function
	put in T2H_EXPAND is now an array such that
	more than one type may be expanded
	* added a new pass before the other ones, pass0 and
	a function scan_line0 used in that pass. During that pass the
	ifhtml, ifnot*, the comments and multiple empty lines, the macros, 
	values and includes are handled. No html is generated. the
	different things that are expanded can now be within a line and 
	not necessarily at the begining of the line.
	The handling of values and macros is not changed.
	scan_line handles more constructs (newlines (still bugged), 
	verbatim, html and tex, deffn (incomplete)).
	new function close_stack which might be used to close the things 
	forgotten by users or between paragraphs.
	new function substitute_text which uses scan_line to render
	arbitrary text.
	little improvements in menu comments handling.
	accent_map/do_accent should handle all the accents.
	* Tests/ minor changes.
	* Tests/*: regenerated tests to keep in sync.
	added formatting/imbrications.texi to test for imbricated things.
	* configure, added

2003-02-28  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init, options specifications
	moved from texi2html.init to, such that texi2html.init
	resembles a regular user init file. internationalization move
	from texi2html.init to 
	* added substitution of within
	* configure, doc/,, aclocal.m4, 
	Tests/ regenerated with automake-1.6.3, autoconf-2.53

2003-02-24  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Tests: small fixes, more tests showing brokeness of texi2html
	for some features and info and tex differences. 
	A change in texinfo.txi to permit handling of verb despite some 
	substitutions have allready been done
	* add comment about the formats in texinfo 4.5
	setlocale is used in case of tests to avoid change in ordering of 
	indices while testing against a reference file
	footnotes refs and image handled by parse_line, which calls a 
        sub routine (do_footnote, do_ref or do_image).
        for footnotes, _$doc_num instead of $docu_doc
	appended tp keep track of the file of the footnote, such that it 
	is easier to match. 
	instead of <!--::${section}::--> added before printindex, _$sec_num 
	is appended to printindex, to keep track of the
	section number.
        images extention is taken from the @image tag if available
        everything which was splitted accross pass2, pass3 and pass4 is
        now done in pass2.
        in pass3 only very little cleaning is done, pass4 is removed.
2003-02-21  Patrice Dumas <>

	* added handling of overbar accent @= is transformed
	in =
	the handling of multi lines macro is done in a function, scan_line
	which scans a line, keeping a record of the text allready ready,
	the macro stack and a state which for now only contains 'verb' if in
	@verb macro. The @verb macro is handled by this function (but since
	things have allready been substituted, it cannot give the right 
	result easily)

2003-02-19  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: T2H_DEFAULT_button_icon_img behaves
	better when it has some undef arguments
	the variables which may be redefined by the user are now global. 
	They are grouped in texi2html.init, and also in the Declaration in and sorted by class.
	new elements in %T2H_THISDOC for items which are global but shouldn't
	be redefined by the user (instead of $T2H_HOMEPAGE, $THISPROG...).
	t2h_Init_global has been removed and the code scattered according to
	the principles above
	other minor fixes

2003-02-18  Patrice Dumas <>

	* handle @verbatim, and @html differently. Added 
	push_until function which shift from a lines array and push to another 
	array until @end tag. Remove PROTECTTAG
	remove unneeded push of index entry for vtable or ftable which
	created 2 indices entry
	* Tests: added more tests

2003-02-13  Patrice Dumas <>

	* avoid using $_ in functions, as it is a global
	variable, use my variables instead
	* Tests/ if called with arguments, the test specified by 
	the arguments is the only one done
	* Tests/*: add, more subdirectories, synchronise
	reference files with changes in the code

2003-02-12  Patrice Dumas <>

	* add prototype for the functions ; remove
	& in front of functions ; remove the unusefull main()
	and Unprotect_texi functions
	* Tests/, Tests/ add regenerate target to 
	redo the reference files
	add test with tidy, remove cvs/rcs tags when doing diffs

2003-02-11  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Tests/, Tests/ changes to reflect change
	in directory name for the cvs manual from cvs to ccvs

2003-02-11  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: unused variables removed
	use_bibliography removed, lots of global variables made lexical.
	open renamed open_file to avoid clashing with perl builtin.
	remove sub init_input, the initialization is done in the 
	script itself.
	add meta http-equiv="Content-Type" tag for the charset

2003-02-06  Patrice Dumas <>

	*, texi2html.init: some unused variables removed
	use_acc not used anymore, accents are always handled
	Remove a lot of global variables. Use global lexical or lexically
	scoped variables (with my) when possible. Pass variables as arguments
	when the function is in texi2html.init
	bugfixes: frame target is the top file, and not the toc file
	during pass1 some lines where pushed in @lines2 instead of @lines
	* Tests/ ignore CVS directory when doing diffs

2003-02-03  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Remove handling of setref which is a TeX macro. The 
	corresponding texinfo macro is anchor.
	Remove an unneeded protect_texi
	*,, Tests/, Tests/ Tests/*:
	Files used for testing added, texinfo manuals and the html results for 
	some of the texinfo manuals

2003-01-30  Patrice Dumas <>

	* fix nesting of multi line style macros (previously,
	<kbd>my thing<kbd><code></code> (or something approaching)
	no style substitution is done in indexes (indexes are already good
	html). Added %sec2index which is undef for a section name not in index,
	1 if the section name is in index.
	the value of $docu_doc set if $T2H_OUT was set (option -o) wasn't 
	used to define docu_doc_file, thus the output file was the basename 
	of the texinfo file with extension appended, and not $T2H_OUT.

2003-01-28  Patrice Dumas <>

	* fixes in the handling of characters which are 
	special in html (&, "), involving some rewriting/replacements 
	of other functions which were bugged
	normalise_node now really uses protect_html
	new function protect_space_style used to normalise nodes without
	calling protect_html

2003-01-24  Patrice Dumas <>

	* fixes for @multitables:
	size detection, elements out of bounds are ignored
	@item and @tab may appear anywhere within table lines

2003-01-22  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Ref to info files are handled correctly
	@ref{(perl)Top} is transformed into @ref{Top,,,perl}.
	Any character is allowed in menu comments
	In menu, lines begining with * which are not menu entries are allowed
	and treated as comments
	Added a style handle for @bullet (do_bullet) such that @bullet{text}
	is handled
	Cedilla are now accepted in node names. Added protect_cedilla and
	unprotect_cedilla functions.
	*, texi2html.init: Add -test option which sets 
	$T2H_TODAY $T2H_USER $THISPROG to given values. This is in order 
	to be able to compare with reference files for testing purproses.

2003-01-16  Patrice Dumas <>

	* @H{a} is changed in a'' and not &aacute; which was 
	wrong, as there are 2 acute accents on @H{a}.

2003-01-09  Patrice Dumas <>

	* Suppress warnings for undefined patterns or 
	variables when running with -w

2003-01-08  Patrice Dumas <>

	* texi2html.init: small typo in a french word corrected
	* @dotless macros are processed before accents
	constructs like @'{a} are handled, typo in variable names corrected

2002-06-25  Derek Price  <>

	* texi2html.init,
	Miscellaneous HTML improvements, towards strictness and
	easier transition to XHTML later; lowercase elements and
	attributes, avoid using deprecated elements and attributes,
	always quote attribute values, avoid use of minimized
	attributes.  Internal cleanups.
	(Patch from Ville Skyttä <> through
	Adrian Aichner <>.)

2002-06-08  Derek Price  <>

	* configure: Update to a new development release number.
	* NEWS: Add news template for next release.

	* Regenerated.
	* doc/stamp-vti: Ditto.
	* doc/version.texi: Ditto.

2002-06-08  Derek Price  <>

	* Update Texi2HTML date.
	* NEWS: Update for new release.
	* .cvsignore: Add autom4te.cache for new version of Autoconf.

	* Regenerated.
	* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
	* configure: Ditto.
	* doc/ Ditto.
	* doc/stamp-vti: Ditto.
	* doc/version.texi: Ditto.

2001-11-27  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* (pass5): Improve wording to say "# writing X
	sections ...".
	* (next_doc): Skip over $docu_top_file and issue

2001-11-25  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* texi2html.init (T2H_InitGlobals): Improve documentation.
	Prepend $T2H_ADDRESS, which contains nothing but the address now,
	with "by".
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_page_foot): Prepend
	$T2H_ADDRESS, which contains nothing but the address now, with
	* texi2html.init (T2H_PRE_ABOUT): Ditto.
	* texi2html.init (T2H_AFTER_ABOUT): Make it a lexical.
	* Remove trailing whitespace from lines.  Use
	protect_html of HREF and NAME.  Use /o where possible in
	* (T2H_HOMEPAGE): Get rid of newlines.
	* (T2H_ADDRESS): Move to texi2html.init.
	* (pass1): Fix severe top node matching bug.  
	* (do_uref): Don't markup obviously bad uref.
	* (t2h_anchor): Use protect_html to allow
	double-quoting of all html attributes.

2001-11-19  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* texi2html.init: Initialize T2H_INCLUDE_DIRS to the empty list.
	* (LocateIncludeFile): Don't look in ., unless it's
	part of T2H_INCLUDE_DIRS.

2001-09-18  Derek Price  <>

	* (T2H_HOMEPAGE): Use new link.
	(T2H_AUTHORS): Direct to for maintainer.
	(T2H_ADDRESS): Default to "an unknown user".

2001-09-18  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/.cvsignore: Add several files generated by pdftex.

2001-09-18  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/ (texi2html_TEXINFOS): Remove version.texi - AM
	includes it automatically.
	(texi2html.html): Include version.texi as a dependency.
	(texi2html.pdf): Use pdftex to create instead of ps2pdf - hyperlinks!

	* doc/ Regenerated.

2001-09-18  Derek Price  <>

	* Bump package version number.
	* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Bump required Automake version to
	* doc/texinfo.tex: New File.
	* TODO: Add note about `make distcheck' being broken and about lack of
	a comprehensive test suite.

	* Regenerated using Automake 1.5.
	* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
	* configure: Ditto.
	* doc/ Ditto.
	* doc/stamp-vti: Ditto.
	* doc/version.texi: Ditto.

2001-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* texi2html.init (T2H_WORDS_FR, MONTH_NAMES_FR): Add French
	(Patch from Dumas Patrice <>.)

2001-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* (AVAILABILITY): Add detail.

2001-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* .cvsignore: Add `texi2html.1'.

2001-09-17  Derek Price  <>

	* texi2html.1: Removed this file since it is generated by configure.

2001-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* INTRODUCTION: Fix email addresses and links.
	* README: Ditto.
	* NEWS: Update.

2001-08-10  Derek Price  <>

	* doc/ Made a few changes so we can build in a dir other
	than $(srcdir).
	(Bug report from Richard Pixley <>.)

	* Remove some useless comments.
	* doc/ Simplify some targets which Automake already knew
	how to handle.

	* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
	* configure: Regenerated.
	* Regenerated.
	* doc/ Ditto.

2001-01-20  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* INTRODUCTION (http): Typo fixes.
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_toc_frame): Improve wording.
	* Avoid newlines around URL in $T2H_HOMEPAGE.
	* (pass1): Remove incorrect "node is undefined ..."
	warnings (as pointed out by (Larry Jones) in
	* (Sec2PrevNode): Fix bug of calculating next node
	instead of previous.
	* (main): Provide Windows NT workaround for $T2H_USER
	until getpwuid gets implemented there.

2000-11-15  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* Comment out warnings pragma which, according to (Larry Jones), is not available in

2000-11-12  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* doc/custhtml.texi: Fix @node and @menu commands according to
	feedback from makeinfo and texi2html, which reports undefined
	nodes now.
	* doc/custhtml.texi (CustHTMLBody): Ditto.
	* doc/custhtml.texi (CustHTMLBodyText): Ditto.
	* doc/custhtml.texi (CustHTMLAfterBody): Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi (TipsNewDesign): Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi (CustPagePhil): Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi (CustPagePhilNav): Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi (CustPageMiscPage): Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi (CustPagePageHeadToc): Ditto.
	* doc/custpage.texi (CustPagePageHead): Ditto.
	* doc/initfile.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/initfile.texi (InitFileBasics): Ditto.
	* doc/reference.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/reference.texi (Refptocframe): Ditto.
	* doc/stamp-vti: Updated.
	* doc/texi2html.texi: Ditto.
	* doc/texi2html.texi (Top): Ditto.
	* doc/texi2html.texi (Indexvr): Ditto.
	* doc/version.texi: Ditto.

2000-11-12  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* texi2html.init: Re-format file according to M-x cperl-set-style
	RET C++ RET.  Following subs are affected by re-indentatition and
	bug fixes due to use of warnings pragma.
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_section):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_Top_header):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_Top):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_misc_header):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_misc):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_chapter_header):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_chapter_footer):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_InitGlobals):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_page_head):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_page_foot):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_foot_navigation):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_button_icon_img):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_navigation):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_frame):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_toc_frame):
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_about_body):
	* Re-format file according to M-x cperl-set-style
	RET C++ RET.  Add pragma:
	use warnings;
	Following subs are affected by re-indentatition and bug fixes due
	to use of warnings pragma.
	* (LoadInitFile):
	* (SetDocumentLanguage):
	* (l2h_Init):
	* (l2h_InitToLatex):
	* (l2h_ToLatex):
	* (l2h_FinishToLatex):
	* (l2h_ToHtml):
	* (getcwd):
	* (l2h_InitFromHtml):
	* (l2h_FromHtml):
	* (l2h_ExtractFromHtml):
	* (l2h_Finish):
	* (l2h_InitCache):
	* (l2h_StoreCache):
	* (l2h_FromCache):
	* (l2h_ToCache):
	* (pass1):
	* (EnterIndexEntry):
	* (IndexName2Prefix):
	* (GetIndexEntries):
	* (byAlpha):
	* (GetIndexPages):
	* (GetIndexSummary):
	* (PrintIndexPage):
	* (PrintIndex):

2000-11-05  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* (getOptions): Correct typo found with "use strict;".
	* texi2html.init: Convert from dynamically to lexically scoped
	* texi2html.init (pretty_date): Ditto.  This sub is defined in as well!
	* Ditto.
	* (l2h_FromHtml): Ditto.
	* (pass1): Ditto.
	* (pass2): Ditto.
	* (pass3): Ditto.
	* (pass4): Ditto.
	* (update_sec_num): Ditto.
	* (open): Ditto.
	* (next_line): Ditto.
	* (html_debug): Ditto.
	* (debug): Ditto.
	* (do_email): Ditto.
	* (do_math): Ditto.
	* (do_uref): Ditto.
	* (apply_style): Ditto.
	* (substitute_style): Ditto, except $_.
	* (t2h_anchor): Ditto.
	* (pretty_date): Ditto.  This sub is defined in
	texi2html.init as well!

2000-11-05  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* (pass1): Generate valid HTML for <a name=...>
	anchors produced for @itemx?.

2000-11-05  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* texi2html.init: Eliminate bare-word use of variable T2H_OPTIONS.

2000-11-05  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* Use strict pragma to detect potential bugs.
	Declare local variables (currently 396!).  Fix HTML syntax in
	$complex_format_map.  Eliminate bare-word use of variables
	(eg. use $T2H_LANG instead of T2H_LANG).
	* (GetIndexSummary): Remove <br> after <table>.
	* (Sec2NextNode): Re-write section-number regexp for
	readability and to make cperl-mode happy.
	* (Sec2PrevNode): Ditto.
	* (main): New sub encapsulating top-level code.
	* (pass1): Ditto.  Re-write texinfo comment regexp
	for readability and to make cperl-mode happy.  End HTML <p> before
	@printindex, <dl>, and </dl>.
	* (pass2): Ditto.  Quote <table> attributes.
	* (pass3): Ditto.
	* (pass4): Ditto.  Remove </p> before first paragraph!
	* (pass5): Ditto.
	* (open): Use no strict "refs" to allow symbolic
	* (apply_style): Ditto.

2000-11-04  Adrian Aichner  <>

	* texi2html.init ($T2H_DOCTYPE): Add SystemLiteral to identify the
	canonical DTD.
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_about_body): Fix HTML syntax of
	Subsubsection One-Two-Three example.
	* Close HTML <p> before HTML <table> and HTML
	<dl>.  Correct handling of texinfo menu comment lines.
	* (protect_html): Simplify.  This subroutine was way
	too smart!  Use Character entity references (eg &lt;) instead of
	Numeric character references (eg. &#60).
	* (unprotect_html): Use Character entity references
	(eg &lt;) instead of Numeric character references (eg. &#60).

2000-09-14  Eric Sunshine  <>

	* doc/ Added missing doc/ since its absence
	  caused 'configure' and make targets (such as 'distclean') to bomb.

2000-09-14  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* applied patches/fixes from  Eric Marsden <>.
	  o DTD now at the beginning of the document
	  o default language to 'en' wasn't working which led to empty LANG=""
	    in <BODY>
	  o missing </FONT> in footer blurb
	  o when the ToC was generated in some cases, the code used
	    <UL></UL> to indent, but didn't have any <LI> tags.  <blockquote>
	    is now used in such cases, instead.

2000-09-11  Eric Sunshine  <>

	* Fixed severe macro expansion bug.  Macro argument
	  parsing code did not handle nested braces ('{' and '}') at
	  all, thus valid macro invocations such as
	  "@mymacro{Hello @emph{there} @strong{world}.}" would fail.
	  Prior to this fix, @mymacro would be handed the argument
	  "Hello @emph{there", which is clearly incorrect.  Now @mymacro
	  correctly receives "Hello @emph{there} @strong{world}." as its
	  argument.  This fix also deals properly with the protected brace
	  sequences \{, \}, @{, and @}.

	* Fixed severe macro expansion bug.  Macro argument
	  parsing code did not handle arguments split over multiple lines,
	  such as "@mymacro{Hello \n world.}".  Now it correctly handles
	  macro invocations split across any number of lines, and properly
	  flags an error at the correct location if the user forgets the
	  closing brace '}'.

	* Fixed formatting errors in expansions of @SPACE,
	  @TAB, and @NL (where SPACE, TAB, and NL represent the actual
	  space, tab, and newline characters).  The Texinfo manual
	  explicitly states that each of these sequences should expand to a
	  "printable" space in the [rendered] output.  The example given in
	  the manual shows that "Spacey@ @ @ @ example" should expand to
	  "Spacey    example".  However, texi2html was only emitting the
	  insignificant whitespace ' ' and '\n' into the HTML output which
	  did not properly preserve the hard spaces in "Spacey    example".
	  Now each of these directives expands to '&nbsp;' instead.

	* Made aesthetic improvement to the output of @file{},
	  @option{}, and @samp{}.  The argument string is now quoted with
	  ` and ' _after_ the style has been applied.  For instance,
	  @samp{perl} now expands to "`<samp>perl</samp>'", whereas it used
	  to expand to "<samp>`perl'</samp>".  In my tests, this change
	  results in more aesthetically pleasing rendered output on various

2000-08-16  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* Bug fix from: "joseph" <> should be 'require'd, but checked is still texi2html.init.

2000-08-14  Karl Heinz Marbaise   <>
        * new command line switch (Test purposes only!)
          to show new layout in HTML for @def stuff.
        * Texinfo-Documentation updated.
          - New chapter about ``customizing HTML'' started.
          - multiple files instead of one.
          - subdirectory doc.

2000-07-27  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* Fixed Getopt::Long::Configure("pass_through") for
	older versions of Getopt::Long which do not support his function.

2000-07-11  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* implemented @documentlanguage:
	  - sets language of document, unless overwritten by -lang, or 
	    explicitly set $T2H_LANG

	* introduced T2H_OBSOLETE_OPTIONS to prevent obsolete options to 
	  ambiguate current options
2000-07-09  Karl Heinz Marbaise   <>
        * Texinfo-Documentation:
          - fixes from Peter Moulder <> incorporated
            into manual.
          - Updated Manual
            o improved
            o indices for options, variables of script.
            o much more.
        * texi2html.init:
          - improvements for different languages
            (month names, words in different languages).

2000-07-05  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* Provided CVS anonymous read-access to Texi2html:
 cvs -d login
 cvs -d co Texi2html
 Passwd: texi2html
	* Provided CVS write-access to Texi2html: contact me for
2000-07-01  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* primitive support for some toher def stuff (needs to be fixed,
	* Distribution: Incorporated texi2html.texi authored by Karl Heinz
	Marbaise <> (THANKS!)
	* Updates to reflect new cmd-line options

	* Rewrote handling of command-line options:
	- based on (My), and Getopt::Long
	-help now works and is up-to-date
	-help 1 lists also "not-so-important" options
	-help 2 lists also obsolete options
	- the following options were renamed: (old options still work, but 
	  are marked as obsolete)
	    verbose            ==> Verbose
	    section_navigation ==> sec_nav
	    output_file        ==> out_file
	- the following options are obsoleted (still work, though):
 	    no-section_navigation ==> -nosec_nav
	    use_acc		  ==> ALWAYS use accents
	    expandinfo		  ==> -expand info	
	    expandtex		  ==> -expand tex
	    no_verbose            ==> default case
	    monolithic            ==> default case
	    split_node            ==> -split section
	    split_chapter         ==> -split chapter
2000-06-27  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* Fixed bug in anchor generation (reported by various people who
	noticed that @anchor may not be on one line with @item)
	* Fixed infinite loop on missing '@end macro'
	* -expandinfo and -expandtex command-line options
	for backward compatibility

	* texi2html.init: Use ISO 639 language codes for keys in $T2H_LANG 

2000-06-26  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* new command-line options:
	 -nonumber, -nomenu to unset the default -number -menu

	* As suggested by "Richard Y. Kim" <>:
	insert <A NAME="#nodename"></A> for each
	nodename in a document (nodename is exactly as in texinfo
	* From: "Richard Y. Kim" <>
	  o $T2H_FRAMES internal boolean variable which defaults to 0
	  o -frames command line option which changes $T2H_FRAMES to 1.
	  o If $T2H_FRAMES is 1, then two additional files are output.
	    If mydoc.html is output normally, then mydoc_frame.html
	    and mydoc_frame_toc.html files are output.
	  o The functions T2H_print_frame, and T2H_print_toc_frame are used to
		generate contents of these files.
	  o The T2H_DEFAULT_print_frame and T2H_DEFAULT_print_toc_frame
	    (defined in texi2html.ini) do the following:
       mydoc_frame.html is the short file with <FRAME> tags.
       mydoc_frame_toc.html is basically the short table of contents
       which goes on the narrow left frame.
	* @,{c} --> &ccedil;

2000-06-23  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* released version 1.63
	* texi2html.init (T2H_DEFAULT_print_page_head): 
	  make <html> tag very first thing in every file
	* fixed macro quoting and special cases of macro invocation
	* from "Richard Y. Kim" <>:
	    o handle \} in macro arguments
	* from
	    o Changes to facilitate CSS
	    o -toc_file option for those who want the TOC to be index.html
	    o Config variable $T2H_HREF_DIR_INSTEAD_FILE:
	       if set (e.g., to index.html) replace hrefs to this file 
               (i.e., to index.html) by ./
	* index generation after value substitution

2000-05-31  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* for def_map stuff <A NAME=..> before output
	* applied patch from "Richard Y. Kim" <>
	                for @refs with 2 or 3 args: use 3rd or 2nd argor
			section (in that order) as text for reference.

2000-04-18  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* Applied patches of <> to
	make texi2html work with older versions of Perl

2000-04-13  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* fixed unmacro
	* distribution: applied patches from Peter Moulder and Teun
	* fixed "Duplicate section found" -- section may now have
	duplicate names
	* fixed bug related to $T2H_AVOID_MENU_REDUNDANCY

2000-04-12  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* release 1.62 
	* added $T2H_NODE_NAME_IN_MENU for enforcing node
	names in meny entries, and $T2H_AVOID_MENU_REDUNDANCY to
	avoid display of duplicate meny entry information

2000-04-11  Olaf Bachmann  <>
	* fixed two small bugs reported by (</TR> in menu, <P> after itemize).
	* implemented @ftable, @vtable
	* index generation reimplemented: 
	  - Can be split over several pages, depending on the value of
	  - typesetting in fixed-width font is observed
	* texi2html.init: T2H_IDX_SUMMARY either set or not set, takes no

2000-04-08  Peter Moulder  <>

	*, Generate texi2html in
	configure script instead of Makefile.  (Due mostly to
	Teun Burgers.)

	* README, TODO,, texi2html.init,
	Misc. documentation changes.

2000-04-07  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* texi2html.init: $T2H_INDEX_CHAPTER introduced: 
	  if set, use this chapter for Index button, else
          use first chapter whose name matches 'index' (case insensitive)
	* fixed atuomatic pointer creation for appendix chapters
	* fixed handling of menu entries with description going into the
	  next line, use numbered section names, if $T2H_NUMBER_SECTIONS
	* texi2html.init: $T2H_TOP_HEADING for explicitly specifying
	  heading of top node
	* fixed handling of headings (no new page on -split section)
	* fixed bug in index (generation of section names)
	* stoc in _ovr.html within BLOCKQUOTES
	* get rid of bullets in ToC, if $T2H_NUMBER_SECTIONS

2000-04-06  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* fixed bug in creation of index entries (eval of section names) 
	* fixed table within itemize and parapgraphs
	* surpress <P></P> when within <pre>
	* allow @include within top node

2000-04-03  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* texi2html.init: By default, T2H_TOP_FILE is set to '' 
	* $docu_top=$T2H_TOP_FILE || $docu_name. $docu_ext;

2000-03-31  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* $complex_format_map for complex enclosing
	constructs where which: 
	* texi2html.init:$T2H_EXAMPLE_INDENT_CELL,
	customizing indent/font size of block-enclosing texinfo command
	(@example, @format, @display, etc).
	* Release version 1.61.

2000-03-29  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* Cleaned up and added loading of init file (when is run) such that it can directly be used as script
	(otherwise, debugging is much harder).

	* fixed getpwuid 

	* Added T2H_print_chapter_header, T2H_print_chapter_footer for
	more fine-grained control of T2H_SPLIT eq 'chapter', added option
	-section_navigation, $T2H_SECTION_NAVIGATION to suppress output of
	navigation panels per section

	* Changed naming and and calling convention of customizable subs:
	They all have prefix T2H_, are called with &$T2H_, are assigned by 
	$T2H_<name> = \&T2H_DEFAULT_<name>.

	* texi2html.init: Incorporated changed of Peter Moulder:
2000-03-27  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* debian/*: deleted
	* Incorporated changes of Peter Moulder
	* Automatic node pointer creation added
	* @enddots, @exclamdown, etc added

2000-03-26  Peter Moulder  <>

	* texi2html.init: Address a couple of weblint/tidy warnings.

	* texi2html.init:
	* The init file is inserted into the executable at
	build time (see

	* Source each of @sysconfdir@/texi2htmlrc and
	$HOME/.texi2htmlrc if it exists, after processing texi2html.init
	but before anything on the command-line.
	Allow -split_chapter, -split_node, -monolithic options, which is
	what previous versions of texi2html used.
	Support `@command{...}'.
	Add --help, --version options.
	-sidx isn't used, so comment out.

	* New files.

	* Change version number from 1.60Beta to 1.59.2.

	* debian/*: New files.

	* Extract the man page into a separate file.  At the
	moment, the man page is even installed separately (with having `.so @MANPAGE_PATH@' in place of the
	manpage).  Conceivably we could add a configure option to
	construct everything as one file like we used to; just replace
	that text with `@EMBEDDED_MANPAGE@', which would be replaced with
	either the existing `.so @MANPAGE_PATH@' or with texi2html.1
	contents the way texi2html.init is done.
2000-03-14  Olaf Bachmann  <>

	* center @image by default, can be overwritten by

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