vms   [plain text]

 * config.h -- configure various defines for tcsh
 * All source files should #include this FIRST.
 * This is the config file for VMS-POSIX systems

#ifndef _h_config
#define _h_config
/****************** System dependant compilation flags ****************/
 * POSIX	This system supports IEEE Std 1003.1-1988 (POSIX).
#define POSIX

 * POSIXJOBS	This system supports the optional IEEE Std 1003.1-1988 (POSIX)
 *		job control facilities. says so in $posix/unistd.h ...

 * VFORK	This machine has a vfork().  
 *		It used to be that for job control to work, this define
 *		was mandatory. This is not the case any more.
 *		If you think you still need it, but you don't have vfork, 
 *		define this anyway and then do #define vfork fork.  
 *		I do this anyway on a Sun because of yellow pages brain damage,
 *		[should not be needed under 4.1]
 *		and on the iris4d cause	SGI's fork is sufficiently "virtual" 
 *		that vfork isn't necessary.  (Besides, SGI's vfork is weird).
 *		Note that some machines eg. rs6000 have a vfork, but not
 *		with the berkeley semantics, so we cannot use it there either.
#undef VFORK

 * BSDJOBS	You have BSD-style job control (both process groups and
 *		a tty that deals correctly
#undef BSDJOBS

 * BSDTIMES	You have BSD-style process time stuff (like rusage)
 *		This may or may not be true.  For example, Apple Unix
 *		(OREO) has BSDJOBS but not BSDTIMES.

 * TERMIO	You have struct termio instead of struct sgttyb.
 * 		This is usually the case for SVID systems, where
 *		BSD uses sgttyb. POSIX systems should define this
 *		anyway, even though they use struct termios.
#define TERMIO

 * SVSVREL	Your machine is SVID compliant (Sys V, HPUX, A/UX)
 *		NOTE: don't do this if you are on a Pyramid -- tcsh is
 *		built in a BSD universe.
 *		Set SVID to 1, 2, or 3, depending the version of System V
 *		you are running. Or set it to 0 if you are not SVID based
#define SVSVREL	0

 * YPBUGS	Work around Sun YP bugs that cause expansion of ~username
 *		to send command output to /dev/null
#undef YPBUGS

/****************** local defines *********************/

# define _POSIX_SOURCE

#ifndef vax
# define vax

#ifndef VAX
# define VAX

#ifndef _VMS_POSIX
# define _VMS_POSIX

#define NO_CRYPT

/* Avoid conflicts with the standard library */
#define glob		vms_glob
#define globfree	vms_globfree


#endif /* _h_config */