NEWS.3.9   [plain text]

                   What's new in screen-3.9.15 ?

* unicode combining character support

* new encoding: chinese GBK

* new 'backtick' command and string escape to embed command
  output into e.g. the hardstatus line

                   What's new in screen-3.9.13 ?

* altscreen support from Gurusamy Sarathy

* new command "maxwin" to set a limit on the number of windows

* new keys in copy&paste mode: 'B' and 'E'

                   What's new in screen-3.9.11 ?

* windowlist, bound to ^A"

* support for other encodings, e.g. big5, koi8r, cp1251
    new commands 'encoding', 'defencoding'
    'register', 'readreg', 'readbuf', 'writebuf' now understand
    an extra encoding parameter

* support for double utf-8 characters

* lots of new string escapes and extensions to existsing ones:
    %LD, %LM, %Lw, %W, %-w, %+w, %H, %f, %F, %l, %=, %<, %>

* new commands: 'source', 'eval', 'deflog', 'ignorecase', 'setsid'

* command key classes: 'bind', 'command' and 'help' understand
  a '-c <class>' parameter. See the man page for examples

* new login state: always - don't remove slot even if screen gets

* 256 color support (experimental)

* configurable time format string (for ^At)

* config option to use localized month/week names

* new option '-h' for hardcopy: also dump the scrollback buffer

                   What's new in screen-3.9.9 ?

* new '-X' option to send commands to screen sessions.

    screen -X echo Hi...

* added a possibility to change the attributes/color in caption or
  hardstatus strings:

    caption always "%3n %{r}%t%{-}%? @%u%?%? %{g}[%h]%{-}%?"

* new 'dinfo' command to show what screen thinks about your terminal.

* new 'attrcolor' command to map attributes to color codes:
    attrcolor u "-u b"
    attrcolor b "r"

* support for UTF-8: new commands 'utf8', 'defutf8' to change the
  encoding of a window, plus a '-U' option to tell screen that
  your terminal sends/receives UTF-8 codes.

* support for 16 colors.

                   What's new in screen-3.9.8 ?

* new command 'resize' to resize regions (aka split windows), try:
    bind = resize =
    bind + resize +1
    bind - resize -1
    bind _ resize max

* new argument for 'focus': up, down, top, bottom

* X11 mouse tracking support

* Support for the "new color model", aka "background color erase":
    the bce/defbce commands change the color model of the current
    window/new windows.

* experimental rxvt OSC sequence support (used to set a background
  picture or to change the default colors), disabled by default.

                   What's new in screen-3.9 ?

* real multiuser support
    A window can now be displayed on more than one attached displays.
    Screen does all the necessary clipping if the window size doesn't
    fit the display.
    New command:
      ^AF - fit the window size into the display size.

* split screen support
    A display may now host multiple windows.
    New commands:
      ^AS - split horizontally. This add another region to the display
      ^A<Tab> - move the focus to the next region
      ^AX - kill the current region
      ^AQ - kill all other regions

* hardstatus emulation support
    The last line of the display may now be used as a hardstatus
    line if the terminal doesn't have the 'hs' capability.
    New commands:
      hardstatus [always]lastline
      hardstatus [always]message
      hardstatus [always]ignore

* configurable window seperator and hardstatus strings
    The window (region) seperator and the hardstatus can be set to an
    arbitrary string containing screen's % escape sequences.
    The window's hardstatus is just another escape sequence, '%h'.
    New commands:
      hardstatus string [string]
      caption string [string]
    The default strings are "%h" (hardstatus) and "%3n %t" (caption).

* permanent window seperator
    The window seperator can be set to stay on screen even if
    the display contains only one region
    New commands:
      caption always
      caption splitonly

* many new escapes
    %c - current time HH:MM (*CHANGE*: this was %w in screen-3.7)
    %C - current time HH:MM in 24h format
    %l - the load of the system
    %h - hardstatus of the window
    %w - all window names
    %W - all window names except the current window
    %u - all other users on this window
    %? - the part to the next %? is displayed only if an escape
         expands to an nonempty string.
    %: - "else" part of %?
    Some escapes like %c may be qualified with a '0' (like %0c)
    to make screen use '0' instead of space as a filler.
    Others understand a length qualifier, like %3n.
    If escapes like the current time are used as hardstatus/caption
    string screen will update them so that you can always have
    the current time onscreen.
    *CHANGE* ~ is no longer used as bell character, use ^G instead!

* logfile timestamps and flush timeout
    New commands:
      logfile flush <secs>
      logtstamp [on|off]
      logtstamp string [string]
      logtstamp after [secs]

* configurable breaktype
    You can now choose one of TIOCSBRK, TCSBRK, tcsendbreak.
    New commands:

* other new commands:
    hstatus - set the window's hardstatus

* optional builtin telnet.
    This is useful if screen is used as frontend to a terminal
    multiplexor. Use //telnet to access the builtin telnet program,
    as in: 'screen //telnet host [port]'

* remote detach and reattach change:
    '-d' is now ignored if the screen is already detached and you
    want to reattach. You can also use '-RR' to make screen use
    the first session found if more than one session is available.
    Thus '-d -RR' or '-x -RR' always gets you a screen.

* support for history compaction
    You can tell screen to suppress trailing blank lines when
    scolling up text into the history buffer. (Wayne Davison)
    New command:

* optional Braille support. If you can read Braille and have one of
    the devices listed in README.DOTSCREEN, please compile with
    -DHAVE_BRAILLE and let us know if this feature is useful.