NEWS.3.5   [plain text]

                   What's new in screen-3.5 ?

* Texinfo manpage! Thanks to Jason Merrill.

* Screen now has a very large 'configure' script. If you have
  problems with the resulting configuration please send mail to

* Stackable overlay planes.
  All commands are available even if you work with an overlay. Thus
  you can be in copy/paste mode on several windows!

* Unification of key bindings and screen commands. All keys now generate

* Screen now reads/writes only in asyncronous mode.

* Ansi parser speedup code resulting in much faster output of text.

* Changed the rc file syntax. Commands now directly affect the current
  window. The default settings are changed with 'def...' commands.
  The 'set' keyword no longer exists.
  Please run the 'newsyntax' script on your old screenrc files!

* Emacs style isearch added to copy mode. Try ^A ESC ^R screen ^R ^R
  to locate the last three occurences of the word 'screen' in the
  history buffer.

* New command 'silence'. Alarms the user whenever there was inactivity
  for a specified amount of time on a certain window.
  Useful if you want to wait for a compilation to end.

* Much better margin handling:
  Screen now handles autowrapped lines correctly in the redisplay and
  copy/paste functions.

* New commands for pastebuffer management:
  'copy_reg' copies the pastebuffer to a register,
  'ins_reg' pastes a register,
  'register' fills a register with a string,
  'process' stuffs a register into strings input queue.

* Autonuke feature. Flush the output buffer if the window gets
  cleared. Enable this with 'autonuke on'.

* Modifications to save memory: Empty attribute and font lines don't
  get allocated. This is very useful if you have a lage scrollback.

* Multi display support:
  You can now attach from more than one terminal to a session with
  the '-x' option.

* New option '-S' to specify socket name.

* Experimental multiuser support added:
  You can start screen in multiuser Mode by prepending the socket
  name with a '/' (or by the command 'multiuser on').
  If another user wants to attach to the screen session, he can do
  this by prepending the socketname with 'screenuser/'.
  Of course he must be in the access control list for a successful
  attach (see the acladd/acldel command).
* Extension to the 'screen' command: You can now specify tty lines
  instead of programs. This can be used for console management.
  Added the command 'break' to send a break to the tty line.
  Not really a new feature, but terminal initialisation  now works
  on suns.

* Input/output filters added. This has been implemented to allow the
  user to configure an open tty line, but got soon exended to allow
  all sorts of filters. For more information read the explanation
  of the 'exec' command in the man page and check the ''

* Screen can now be started detached (screen -d -m -S sockname).
  This is usefull if you want to start screen in your /etc/rc file
  (e.g. as a console multiplexer)

* Console grabbing added ('console on' command). 

* Windows can now be selected by akas, too. (Per default bound to the
  >'< key.)

* New terminal capabiliteise CS/CE for cursorkey control.

* setenv/unsetenv commands added.

* Expansion of environment variables ($VAR) and terminal capabilities
  ($:TC:) in the screenrc files and detach messages.
  Example: pow_detach_msg "Session of \$LOGNAME \$:cr:\$:nl:ended."
* New commands:
  'hardcopydir' and 'logdir' to change the output directories,
  'partial' and 'allpartial' to make screen only refresh the line
  containing the cursor if a window is selected (useful for slow
  modem connections).

* Cleanup of the provided termcap/terminfo file. Please install
  the new one!

* The program 'terminfo/checktc.c' does a visual check of a
  termcap/terminfo entry. Please try it before calling screen and
  in a screen session.

* LOTS of bugfixes and code cleanup.

Thanks to all the beta testers who helped porting screen to at least
the following platforms: Ultrix, SunOS, Solaris, BSD43, linux, NEWSOS,
Irix, OSF/1, Harris CX/UX, hpux, dynix/ptx, AIX.
And even more thanks to the brave who attempted to use the 'exec'
command features.

    Donnate patches, bugreports, suggestions, money, beer & pizza to